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Gray's Farm 1962

Dad had been shown how you could get rich from gherkins from a bloke he met at the pub. We checked out this one and a quarter of an acre lot and saw that it would be too much for us to maintain. Gherkins are cucumbers picked when they are about 7cm long. They grow round 2cm per day. Longer than 7cm and they were not worth nearly the good money the ideal size brought in. they had to be picked on the right day and the Golden Circle cannery would buy all we produced. Unfortunately our crops were sickly in Aspley due to a lack of molybdenum in the soil. We found this out after the great strawberry crop never made it. Nematodes affected root crops‚ too bad, the carrot crop looked promising. The only success were tomatoes, the year of the glut, and my parsley.

Grays farm at Aspley
Looking over gherkin patch towards new house started in 1962.