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Stately Home to Car Sales Yard

Paul Maggs home on Gympie Road

Maggs family home was a landmark on Gympie Road, Kedron. It stood beside the road and the large spreading verandas anchored to the large white concrete pillars presented an imposing sight to the passing traffic.

Beside the house was a two rink lawn bowling green where the Maggs family and friends played bowls. Paul Maggs was a longtime player and was Patron of the Windsor Bowls Club.

Paul Maggs was a tanner and had his Bristol tannery was at the eastern end of Kedron Street only a short distance from the house. It was built on the banks of the small creek that flowed beside Gallagher's tannery on the opposite side of Gympie Road.

This small area of Kedron housed the tanneries of Stephen Pill and James Slaney.

In about 1927 Paul Maggs built his family home on Gympie Road between Kedron and Sport Streets taking up the whole block. Photo courtesy of Maggs family.

The Plans of Glenora

The house, Glenora, was built of brick and was spacious. This reconstruction of the plan was done by Jim Gibson a grandson-in-law and an architect. He drew the plan from photos, memories and the size of bricks. Counting the number of bricks in the photos he was able to derive the measurements of the old home. (Courtesy of Jim and Nola(nee Maggs) Gibson)

Although Glenora was a stately home in Kedron it was like the homes of other tannery owners, it was near the tannery. Probably far enough away to avoid the smell but close enough to keep an eye on production at the tannery.

Car Sales Yard

Gympie Road had about 22 car sales yards between Rode Road and Kedron Brook, but some have been resumed for the new Bus Freeway.

Estate Agents look on the car sales yards as a sort of short term business in that they exist until someone buys them to build more permanent structures, usually with several floors.

A sales yard replaced a well known family home, commerce replaced domesticity. The house must have taken a lot of maintenance, there was both a maid's bed room and a large sitting room. The house was demolished in the 1960s