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Chronology of St Flannan's Zillmere 1953 – 2003

40,000 BCE: The Aboriginal people occupied the land on which Zillmere is built.

1953: 16th March - Fr Greene came as first parish priest.

1953: 12th April Sunday - first mass was celebrated in the old residence.

1953: 10th May - First baptism was Susan Smith (First parishioner to join the Mercy Order).

1953: 16th August Sunday - First time First Communion held – some twenty children.

1954: 12th February - Holy Spirit Sisters arrive.

1954: 29th March - The school opened in the church - 91girls and 51 boys in four grades.

1954: 28th November - The church and hall and presbytery were blessed and opened.

1956: 29th June – St Vincent de Paul of St Flannan’s Conference founded.

1957: 8th June - Permission for an evening mass and the end of mass at Boondall.

1958: October - The Blue School or High School of three rooms was opened.

1959: September October - First Planned Giving Program.

1960: The old shed in which Fr Greene lived became the Tuckshop and Grade 1 Classroom.

1960: 1st May - The first gravel tennis court opened.

1964: 19th April - The new brick convent was blessed and opened.

1964: June/July – Change from Latin to English in the Mass – Fast one hour for communion.

1964: 13th August - Fr Michael Green killed by a motor vehicle while shopping at Aspley.

1964: 6th September - Fr Martin Doyle from Greenslopes appointed as PP.

1967: 25th June - New brick block of four classrooms costing $19,340. The State Government was paying the interest charges on the building loan. (State Aid)

1969-1977: - Three new brick classroom blocks were added in 1969, 1972/3 1977 - $230,000.

1970: – Catechists formed to teach RE to Catholics in State Schools - Parish Finance Committee probably formed about this time.

1973: 7th October - Mr Al Arnall, to be a principal of St Flannan’s.

1974: Fr Doyle set up discussion groups of about 8 to 10 persons in the parish to try and involve the laity in the planning and running of the parish - 6 evening and 1 day groups.

1974: Fr Michael Campbell appointed assistant priest.

1976: 22nd February – Communion in the hand commences.

1976: 26th February - The P & F Assn formed with Ron Williamson as the first President.

1976: March - Lenten Discussion Program of 1976. (Possibly the first one?)

1976: 7th April Wednesday – Third Rite of Reconciliation celebrated for the first time – over 400 people attended. Parents & families of First Communicants offered 3rd Rite in November.

1976: December - Fr Michael Campbell transferred to Wilston.

1977: 9th January - Fr Martin Doyle to Burleigh Heads and Fr Brian Heenan came as PP.

1977: 9th October – Open meeting to discuss where are we going as a parish.

1977: 13th November – Rock Masses commenced.

1978: 2nd July - The 25th Jubilee of the parish of Zillmere North - Open Air Mass.

1978: October – Liturgy Groups trained and started.

1978: 26th November – School Library costing $71,300 opened.

1979: St Flannan’s Caring Community begins – In 1990 it changes to Care and Concern -First visitation on 27/9/1979; CC mass began in 1980; The Annual Picnics began in 1981.

1979: 4th July - Fr Gerry Heffernan appointed Assistant Pastor.

1979: 5th August - School jubilee - has 535 pupils one HS sister and 20 lay staff.

1979: 4th September – First meeting of the Parish Council.

1980: – First Flarana Fair - held on 19/4/1980 with convenor Doreen Dobbins and Secretary Max Green. Profit $9000 up $3,000 on 1979 (Bulletin 27/4/1980)

1981: The Year of the Disabled – Awareness masses commenced.

1981: RCIA began at St Flannan’s.

1981: Bulletin 15th March announces the Ashes to Easter Lenten Program.

1981: May – Folding doors in hall, a new roof and tennis courts lights.

1982: Fr Heffernan transferred & Fr Mark Kelly ordained at St Flannan's & Fr Kevin Carey appointed as Assistant Pastor.

1982: Nov/Dec - The final professions of Sr Susan Smith RSM & Sr Margaret Smith RSM.

1983: January - Fr Carey transferred and Fr Peter Dillon appointed Assistant Pastor.

1983: December – New front and patio built on the Presbytery.

1984: Parish Office computerised under Marnie Dann the Parish Secretary.

1984: 9th September – Training of Ministers for the distribution of Communion under both kinds.

1985: Computers installed in school library – also TVs in classrooms.

1985: January – Both tennis courts resurfaced at a cost of $6,100.

1985: 10th February – Holy Spirit Sisters withdrew from the parish.

1985: 17th February – First meeting of Antioch at St Flannan’s.

1985: 24th March - Opening of refurbishment of church & new entrance.

1986: January – James Zanotto did his fourth year Seminary placement in the parish.

1985: August - Fr Dillon transferred & Fr John Chalmers appointed Assistant Pastor.

1986: The Hospitality Ministry commenced.

1987: Networking commenced.

1987: June - Fr Heenan celebrates his 25th Anniversary of ordination.

Late 1980s: Alcoholics Anonymous arrived at St Flannan’s.

1988: January – Australia Day mass held under the Camphor Laurel tree.

1988: 9th February - Fr Paul O'Shea ordained at St Flannan's.

1988: August - Fr Chalmers leaves for overseas study.

1989: January - Fr Tony Hallam appointed Assistant Pastor.

1989: February – GROW organisation starts meeting in the St V de P room.

1989: March – Sr Judith Murphy arrives as Parish Pastoral Assistant.

1990: September - Fr Brian Heenan resigns - Parish Assembly was held to decide on what was wanted in the successor to Brian Heenan.

1991: 1st January - Fr Ashley Warbrooke appointed PP.

1991: Sacramental Program Team formed.

1991: July - Brian Heenan appointed as Bishop of Rockhampton.

1991: Fr Hallam transferred to Cathedral.

1991: November – Identify our goals for the next five years meeting. Working groups set up. Finance Committee meets regularly every two months.

1992: April - Findings of working groups presented to the parishioners.

1992: July – Jim O’Brien seminarian finishes pastoral time at St Flannan’s.

1992: 13th December – Mary Ford finishes at the school after 16 years – 15 as APRE.

1993: March: Social Club formed.

1993: 25th April - the first meeting of the newly constituted Parish Finance Council.

1993: Life Long Learning Task Force set up and the first unit commenced in June 1994.

1993: 30th July - Parish Community & Administration Centre costing $112,000 was opened.

1993: September - Shalom commenced and the first issue was December 1993.

1993: October - Parish Facilitator Pat Mullins begins work for six months.

1994: January – Sr Moira Sheedy arrives as Parish Pastoral Worker.

1994: 12th February – Sr Judith Murphy’s farewell as Parish Pastoral Worker.

1994: 18th March – Pat Mullins finishes six months contract work.

1994: 15th May - First female altar server Jaci Smith.

1994: The First Hey Hey It’s St Flannan’s.

1995: March: Evaluation of Parish Ministries.

1995: 26th June - Ordination to the Deaconate of Nguyen Van Vinh -priest 18/11/1995.

1995: October - Parish Family Groups formed.

1996: August - Fr Ashley begins Sabbatical till August 1997.

1996: 1st September – Fr John Kilinko welcomed.

1996: 22nd November – Mike Lalor, Principal after 10 years leaves for Brighton.

1997: Doreen Bazzo the new Principal of St Flannan’s.

1997: April – The model for Shaping and Staffing the local parishes chosen.

1997: June? - Anthony Mellor ordained to the Deaconate.

1998: Donated the flood plain along Cabbage Tree Creek to the Brisbane City Council.

1998: 24/5th May - Parish Assembly to plan the future of St Flannan’s – Vision Statements and activity groups formed.

1999: 21st February – Ban on Third Rite - Archbishop Bathersby protests to Rome.

1999: 25th February – Visit to the parish by Archbishop Bathersby.

1999: 28th February – First Sudanese family arrives.

1999: 11th May - Stella and Patrick Looi were killed in a motor accident.

July 1999: Refurbishment of school - Stage 1 was to be completed by the end of 1999.

July 1999: Sr Moira Sheedy LCM finishes as Pastoral Assistant. School finances separated from Parish finances.

1999: 1st August - The annual Open Air Mass or Community Mass was celebrated indoors for the first time.

1999: November - Advent – World Peace Flame at St Flannan’s.

1999: December – Liturgy groups which had been working together with Fr John closed temporarily.

2000: 1st August - Stephen Anderson leaves to travel to World Youth Day in Rome.

2000: 15th October - Parish website has been opened (It died in early 2002 when the parish office computers were updated by the Archdiocese and a new website is proposed.)

2001: 10th June - Another Sudanese family arrives.

2001: November - Parish Assembly to decide on the parish submissions to the Archdiocesan Synod 2003: - Delegates elected to future assemblies.

2001: December: Dooren Bazzo retires as Principal of St Flannan’s.

2002: January - Bob Joyce commences as Principal of St Flannan’s.

2002: 29th April - The opening and Blessing of the new pre-school - along with the refurbished facilities in the school.

2002: 18th May - Brisbane Northeast Deanery Synod Preparation meeting attended by representatives from St Flannan’s at Aspley. Maryrose Hocken elected to attend the Synod 2003 assembly.

2002: July - Luke O’Connor our representative to the World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada.

2003: 1st to 5th May – Archdiocesan Synod – Six delegates from St Flannan’s