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T.A Hamilton may well have been superstitious — he did not buy a fresh diary for 1913 but instead used another 1912 diary, amending the year and the day on each entry. On August 11 1913 his coach building was bought by the Chermside Engineering and Manufacturing Company Ltd but T.A continued sourcing orders for them. There was no time for fishing; T.A. spent the rest of the year building houses on his and other allotments in Sandgate.


Jan 1 1913: Extra entry from 30th Dec. 1912: William & Clemant Prentice (Jnr) came to spend a week or two with us. (No entry for Jan 1st. 1913. )

Jan 3 1913: Cash to M.J. for Hughie 40/-. Eddie came home from Woombye; Johnnie McC. came with him; Hughie met them at Northgate.

Jan 4 1913: Cash to Hughie 5/-. I gave Janie Hamilton 2/6 for Foreign Missions.

Jan 6 1913: I called on Stott & Hoare’s re Rebecca taking full course of lessons, shorthand, typing, book-keeping ec; got prospectus.

Jan 8 1913: I wrote to A. Brown, Beaudesert, stating I will send his fore carriage & wheels from Woolloongabba to Rathdowney Station tomorrow & will send his a/c later.

Jan 9 1913: Hughie lent me 5/-.

Jan 10 1913: I gave Frances 2/6 for Home Missions. Received letter from Stott & Hoare re Rebecca taking lessons. I rung them up and stated she would start next Monday for full course.

Jan 11 1913: Mr. Bulling gave me from Mr. E.J. Emery, 4 weeks payment ₤3-10-0 due Jan. 4th & 8/- paddocking due Dec. 7th last. I gave Mr. Bulling 1/- for collecting. Mr. J. Wirth on a/c 20/; given to Mother. Eddie owes me ₤19-10-0 after settling for feed, shoeing ec; this includes his new gig. He also owes 17/3 Lodge dues which I paid Dec. 30th last.

Jan 13 1913: Received from Messrs. Atthow & McGregor by post Mrs. Christena Beneke’s Will for me to have signed & witnessed. Cousins W. & C. Prentice went to spend a week with their aunt and other friends in Brisbane.

Jan 14 1913: Cash to Hughie 15/-.

Jan 15 1913: Mr. G. Couradi (Jnr) & I settled up for feed, timber & shop a/c to date, also Sandgate rates. I owe share of paddocking at Mr. Couradi’s place.

Jan 16 1913: William Hamilton & I went over to Mrs. C. Beneke’s and witnessed her mark on Will drawn up by Messrs. Atthow & McGregor. We called & seen Mr. Rainey on our way home; he showed his fowl & ducks to us, he has a splendid lot of both.

Jan 17 1913: Mr. Joseph Wirth 20/- on a/c purchase of property at Chermside; sent to Mother. I gave Hughie 8/- to pay A. Cranston for breast plate & bit. Alex & Hector came home from Woombye & Hunchy with morning train. Eddie went to Zillmere & met them. I handed Mrs. C. Beneke’s Will to Mr. W.J. Attow at his office.

Jan 18 1913: Cash to Hughie 12/- & to Eddie 5/-.

Jan 19 1913: Cousins William & Clem. Prentice returned here after spending about a week with their aunt in the Valley. William complained of being poorly, but went to church this morning.

Jan 20 1913: Cousin Johnny McClintock went home this morning; Eddie drove him to Zillmere.

Jan 21 1913: I took cousin William Prentice to Doctor Clowes, who prescribed for him. He says it is indigestion that ails him. I got medicine at Mr. Hawkes’s. I sent cheque for ₤4-10-0 to Mr. John A. Scott with Mr. G. Couradi this morning. Mr. Couradi thought he would be around to see him where he is building and he would hand him cheque. Cash to M.J. on Hughie’s a/c 40/-.

Jan 22 1913: Mr. G. Couradi said Mr. Scott had not called on him yesterday, so he left my cheque with Mr. G. Herman for him. Mr. G. was going to Sandgate today & might see Mr. Scott. I rung up Mrs. Scott & let her know re Mr. Herman’s cheque.

Jan 23 1913: Hughie cash 5/- for calls on Kedron Bus Shares.

Jan 25 1913: Mr. Joseph Wirth ₤1 on a/c purchase of property in Chermside; sent to Mother. Cousins W. & Clem. Prentice went home this evening; Eddie drove them to Zillmere. W. paid for doctor & medicine 10/-. Elsie Early & John Atkins were married in Methodist Church Chermside by the Rev. W. Dinning; church crowded.

Jan 30 1913: Cash to Hughie 20/-. Sold bay horse I got from G. Mann to Kedron Omnibus Co. for same money as I gave for him ₤5 & 1 week feed 5/-.


Feb 1 1913: Mr. Joseph Wirth on a/c purchase of property at Chermside 20/-; sent to Mother. Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery 3 weeks due Jan. 25th ₤2-12-6.

Feb 3 1913: From Mr. Bulling for E.J. Emery payment due Feb. 1st 17/6, paddocking 4/-.

Feb 5 1913: Mr. Bulling gave me cash from E.J. Emery rent 17/6, paddocking 4/- (to Bulling 6d), both due Feb. 1st. I drove Fanny & Clara to Zillmere Station this morning; they are gone to Montville & Woombye for a holiday.

Feb 6 1913: Joseph Wirth on a/c purchase of property in Chermside 20/-; sent to Mother.

Feb 7 1913: I got 35 bags mixed chaff ordered by Mr. Couradi & paid the carter 7/-, also 6d. over.

Feb 8 1913: Cash to Eddie 20/-. Mr. Sammells told me he heard there was to be a private meeting of M. Cock’s creditors. I went & asked Mr. Willis if it was there. He had not heard of it but would find out & let me know. Mr. Bunhill & I took 10 bags of the chaff to Mr. Couradi, J. Hamilton got 5 bags.

Feb 10 1913: Mr. Willis rung me up & stated he had found out that there was to be a meeting of M. Cock’s creditors at Whites Mercantile Office this afternoon at 4p.m., I attended the meeting. After a considerable amount of discussion it was decided to adjourn till 3p.m. tomorrow to get Promissory Notes endorsed to pay creditors, giving him 2 years without interest.

Feb 11 1913: Re M. Cock; he stated at meeting this afternoon he could not succeed in getting P.N’s endorsed. It was then suggested by the Chairman (Mr. Spencer) that the whole be sold and the affair wound up, seeing his people & the Executors in T. Cock’s Estate set so little value on the business. After a good deal of information had been drawn from the Solicitor (Mr. Dreory) for the Estate and he had consented to waive priority rights of Bill of Sale for 12 months, it was decided to appoint 2 of the largest creditors as a committee and put an approved Co-Manager with M. Cock and run the business; Committee to have full power to close the business when they think fit.

Feb 12 1913: Mr. Heath called & had dinner with us, also Mrs. H. Lane, Mrs. Shackson & her little daughter. Mrs. Lane settled her old standing a/c.

Feb 13 1913: I called & seen Mr. & Mrs. Emery this evening. They promised to pay 2/6 per week for our paddock at Northgate, commencing from next Monday. Mrs. Orm & her 4 daughters, who are on holidays at Sandgate in R. Knox’s house, came to see us today. She gave M.J. 40/- for the 2 weeks rent to give to Mr. Knox. Janie went to Sandgate with Mrs. Orm. T. Hilton started to make Hellidon Spa Co. lorry.

Feb 14 1913: I gave Mr. R. Knox the 40/- 2 weeks rent left by Mrs. Orm for him yesterday; he promised to give receipt. Beckie went from town to Mrs. Orm at Sandgate this evening; she intends staying till Monday morning & then going to town.

Feb 15 1913: Hughie met Fanny & Clara at Northgate Station this evening; they got back from Montville & Woombye.

Feb 19 1913: Mr. & Mrs. Wallin & family paid us a visit this evening; we had a very pleasant evening. Mr. Joseph Wirth asked me to give him ₤3 and allow him to cancel his agreement in purchase of property in Chermside. I advised him not to forfeit and offered him plenty of time to pay, but he urged me to take it off him or he would try & sell his interest in it to someone else, which he was trying to do already. I gave him 30/-, he returned Agreement & all receipts; I promised to give him the other 30/- next Saturday. A. Bunhill told me he would be finishing up next Saturday. A young blacksmith (Mr. Burrell) called to see if there was any chance of a job; I engaged him for next Monday.

Feb 20 1913: Cash to M.J. on Hughie’s a/c 20/-. Eddie razor strop 1/-.

Feb 21 1913: I paid 10/- calls Kedron Bus Co. Cash to Hughie for calls 5/-, later 1/6.

Feb 22 1913: Joseph Wirth called today; I paid him the 30/- according to promise, balance re cancellation of Agreement. He gave me receipt & letter of satisfaction.

Feb 24 1913: From Mr. G. Bulling on Mr. Emery’s a/c 35/-, 2 weeks payment due 15th inst., also 2/6 for 1 week’s paddocking due same date. Cash to M.J. on Hughie’s a/c 40/-. Mr. C. Russell started work as Improver to shoeing & smith work.

Feb 25 1913: Cash to M.J. on Eddie’s a/c 20/-.


Mar 1 1913: Cash to Eddie 30/-. Borrowed from Eddie later 25/-.

Mar 4 1913: Cousins Robert & Frank Morrison Jnr. came to spend some holidays with us. I went with Mr. A. Heath & introduced him to Mr. Atthow, as he wanted his advice on recovering commission due to him by the Pianola Co. in Queensland. Mr. Atthow undertook to write them for a settlement.

Mar 5 1913: Cousin Clem & M.A. Prentice came to see us today and are staying at James’s place tonight.

Mar 8 1913: Mr. G. Early & Mrs. Atkins tendered Fanny a Kitchen Tea party in the Chermside School of Arts this evening, owing to her approaching marriage on the 15th inst. There was a large attendance and numerous presents.

Mar 11 1913: Mr. Bulling paid for Mr. Emery 3 weeks instalments due Mar. 8th ₤2-12-6 & 7/6 for paddock due same date; I gave him 1/6. Hughie paid me for feed to date 50/-. I bought the young mare “Dolly” from Hughie for ₤7 & paid for her; also gave Hughie 40/- on a/c of what I owe him.

Mar 12 1913: I paid deposit of ₤5 to Rowe Limited for Fanny’s wedding reception to be held in School of Arts next Saturday afternoon. There was a social in the church this evening, given by the attendants and choir to farewell Fanny. They presented a lovely block & butter dish to her, also a pair of beautiful fruit dishes on a/c of Mr. & Mrs. Couradi Snr. I interviewed Dr. Clowes re continuing with our Lodge. After a long chat he consented to do so, on condition that the corner of Hamilton Road to Nundah be his distance excepting mileage be paid on day of visit, at the rate of 5/- per mile or fraction thereof.

Mar 15 1913: Frances was married to Percy J. Carseldine 2.30p.m. by the Revs. R. Stewart & W. Dunning in the Methodist Church Chermside; beautifully decorated, there were a lot of people who could not get inside. Breakfast in Chermside School of Arts; 107 sat down. Lovely weather, everything went off as well as could be desired. They left for Southport about 5p.m.

Mar 18 1913: Mr. Buchanan Snr. of Wooloowin died about 7a.m. Mr. Waynard came out and inspected our shop, tools, general stock & plant, on behalf of the Directors of the Chermside Engineering Company, with a view of them purchasing it. I promised to give in writing the lowest price & particulars. Cash for Eddie’s boots 3/6, razor strop 1/-. Cash to collector for ambulance 5/-.

Mar 19 1913: Mr. Buchanan Snr. Wooloowin was buried at Nundah Cemetery this afternoon ; M.J. & I went to the funeral.

Mar 20 1913: Cash to M.J. for Hughie 30/- & 15/- to himself to pay M. Cranston for cramps, also ₤4-10-0 to Hughie to settle with Eddie. I now owe Hughie ₤47 after he has settled everything to date. To Hughie later 28/- for wages till next Saturday & 12/- cash.

Mar 21 1913: GOOD FRIDAY. Hughie left here with Twinkle & Eddie’s sulky at 3.30a.m. and drove May Carseldine to Tambourine Mountain; they are having holidays till Monday next.

Mar 22 1913: Eddie & I are square with all a/c’s to date, including today’s wages ec. I drove Mary Ann to Zillmere Station this morning. 2 bags of chaff from Mr. G. Couradi, some of last lot.

Mar 24 1913: Hughie & May got home about 6p.m. from Tambourine Mountain.

Mar 25 1913: Alex took Nigger to J.S. Barker’s paddock this morning & brought her home this evening.

Mar 26 1913: Mr. G. Bulling paid for E.J. Emery 35/- rent, 5/- paddock due 22nd inst. I gave him 1/- commission. Frank & Robert Morrision came from their uncle’s place to stay a few more days with us before they go home.

Mar 28 1913: Hughie, Eddie & Hector went to Mosquito Creek, Sandgate, with their cousins Frank & Robert Morrison. They got a boat & had a day’s fishing ec.

Mar 29 1913: Mr. O. Hauff took new lorry to Helidon Spa Water Co.; will charge 10/-. Cash to Eddie 10/-.

Mar 31 1913: Hughie’s Lodge dues 17/3, Eddie’s Lodge dues 17/3. Eddie drove his cousin Robert to Zillmere this morning; he went home and Frank is remaining a little longer with us.


Apr 2 1913: I drove to the Federal Deposit Bank to meet Mrs. Knudsen, according to arrangement with her last week. I got there at 10.45a.m. & waited nearly an hour but she did not turn up. I called at her house on my way home & she was out. Mr. C.F.W. Newman paid ₤3 & 6/9 interest; purchase of his allotments as per agreement; I gave it to Mother.

Apr 3 1913: Mrs. Knudsen came out this afternoon & said she had understood it was today I was to meet her at the Federal Bank instead of yesterday. However she had been to the bank and got the business fixed up. Mr. Miller Jnr. from Kingaroy called re having wider tyres on the lorry wheels; I told him they would cost about ₤3-10-0.

Apr 4 1913: Cash to M.J. for Hughie 40/-. Load of chaff came from town 35 bags.

Apr 8 1913: Mr. G. Couradi got 5 bags of the chaff, which came out on the 4th inst. He said he had got the bill for the lot and it was 4/6 per cwt.

Apr 10 1913: James, Willie & I went to the Albert Hall to hear Mr.& Miss Rench address a meeting on the objects & benefits of the Overseas Club; we went by bus & train.

Apr 14 1913: Eddie cash ₤5. Eddie & I started for Toowoomba Show this morning.

Apr 16 1913: I came home from Toowoomba this evening.

Apr 18 1913: I went to Burleigh Heads this morning; Mr. W. Dalton met me at Booningba Station; we camped in his tent. Intend having a week’s holiday & go home next Saturday week 26th inst.

Apr 19 1913: Eddie came home from Toowoomba this evening.

Apr 24 1913: Mr. Joseph Wirth came back to his place next to the hall today. He intends carrying out his original agreement if possible, as I gave him the option of picking it up where he left off.

Apr 26 1913: Captain Currie paid 24/- rent of store room for cadets rifles ec. I came home from Burleigh Heads this evening with Mr. W. Dalton. Hughie met me at Melbourne Street Station; we had a splendid holiday.


May 1 1913: I went to Woombye to see cousin Annie McClintock re valuing her coachbuilding business & tools, as she intends selling it. I went over & seen uncle & all friends there this afternoon. Tommy, Willie & I valued all machinery, tools, property ec after tea; tools ₤100, business ₤150, property ₤350; would give lease at 20/- per week.

May 3 1913: Mr. Joseph Wirth on a/c purchase of property at Chermside 20/-; I gave it to Mother. He has made a fresh start to pay off the balance he owes.

May 6 1913: Mr. E.W. Harris came out from town this evening & stayed all night with us.

May 7 1913: I received 3 cases of goods from Henry Box & Son Melbourne, containing bolts, lamps ec. Sent them letter acknowledging same, also signed P.N. for their a/c dated May 1st. for ₤10-0-4 due Sept. 5th next at Q.N. Bank, Queen Street, Brisbane.

May 12 1913: Mr. James Wilson of Nundah started work as general wheelwright with us today at ₤3 per week.

May 14 1913: Cash to Hughie 40/-. W. Hamilton & I drove out to South Pine to inspect E. Beneke’s engine & saw bench; he wants truck made for engine & saw bench improved. Magdalene Prentice came out this evening to stay a few days.

May 15 1913: Cash from Hughie 10/-. Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Brassington had dinner with us , also Mr. Stewart Hamilton.

May 17 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for Mr. E.J. Emery interest due 13th inst. ₤9-1-1, 2 weekly payments due 10th inst. 35/-, 2 weeks rent of paddock 5/-; to Mr. Bulling commission 2/-.

May 20 1913: Cash to Eddie to pay his insurance ₤5, cash to Hughie 20/-.

May 21 1913: Mr. Stumm, candidate for Federal Parliament, held meeting in School of Arts this evening; good turnout & meeting, the Hon. Blair & Tolmie, also Mr. Bridges were present, Mr. W. Wallin Jnr. in the Chair. I gave Mrs. Hackett 10/- subscription to fund for building new English Church in Chermside.

May 24 1913: Mrs. J. Wirth on a/c purchase of property in Chermside ₤1; sent to Mother.

May 27 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery two weeks payments due May 24th 35/-, rent of paddock 5/-, insurance premium due 28th June next 16/-. I paid G.B. 1/- commission. Cash to Hughie 5/-. Eddie sold his mare “Connie” to George Gray for ₤14. He credited my a/c with that amount & I will pay Eddie.

May 29 1913: James, Charlotte, Janie, Jack Wayper & young O’Hagen went to Bribie this morning; they expect to be there about one month building house.

May 31 1913: Mr. Willis Arthur, Ray Butt his cousin, Hughie, Hector & I covered booth with bushes & fixed up forks ec for swings for Sunday School Picnic next Tuesday. Eddie & Alex took their Uncle James’s horses to Mr. Lemke’s paddock. Great Federal Election Day for Senate Representative & Referendum.


Jun 2 1913: Due today ₤6 to F. Hackett, half years interest on ₤200, Police Station.

Jun 4 1913: Cheque written out for ₤13-10-0 (to cash) for F. Hackett interest due 2nd inst., Police Station ₤6 & interest due 9th inst. ₤7-10-0 on E.J. Emery’s place at Northgate.

Jun 5 1913: Sent cheque to Mr. F. Hackett this morning ₤13-10-0 written out yesterday. I owe Hughie ₤54-12-0 after he has settled up his accounts for everything to date. Eddie’s share price of gig ₤6-3-9.

Jun 6 1913: Cash to M.J. on Hughie’s a/c 20/-. Rev. E. Brown on Hughie’s a/c for music lessons 22/-

Jun 7 1913: G. Bulling for E.J. Emery 17/6 weekly payment due May 31st. & 2/6 rent of paddock. I paid him 6d commission.

Jun 9 1913: Due today to Mr. F. Hackett ₤7-10-0, half years interest due on ₤250, E.J. Emery’s place at Northgate paid on the 5th inst.

Jun 10 1913: I met Mr. J.T. Shaw in town; he gave me a cheque for ₤12-10-0 to hand to Mr. Willis.

Jun 11 1913: We had an informal Teachers Meeting in the church this evening, to settle accounts in connection with children’s picnic. Present the Misses Willis (2), R. Butt, Harold Hack, Joe Packer & myself. I gave Mr. J.T. Shaw’s cheque of ₤12-10-0 to Miss M. Willis; she promised to give it to her father and get him to send receipt to Mr. Shaw.

Jun 12 1913: Cash to M.J. for Hughie’s a/c 15/-. One case of H.P. axles arrived today from Henry Box & Son.

Jun 13 1913: I signed P.N. ₤10-16-0 in favour of Henry Box & Son, Melbourne due Oct. 5th next, in settlement of their a/c dated June 2nd, axles & lamps. P.N. payable at Q.N. Bank, Queen Street, Brisbane, signed T.A. Hamilton. Cash to Hughie 10/- & 4/- on a/c E. Burrow’s wreath.

Jun 14 1913: J. Wirth 10/- payment on property; given to Mother. Cash to Eddie 20/- & 4/- on a/c Burrow wreath.

Jun 17 1913: Cash to M.J. on Eddie’s a/c 10/-.

Jun 19 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery, 2 weeks payments 35/- & 5/- rent of paddock. Paid G.B. 1/- commission.

Jun 23 1913: I paid Kedron Omnibus call 11 to Mr. Sammells 10/-, also Hughie’s 5/- due this month.

Jun 24 1913: Mr. G. Bulling on a/c for E.J. Emery 17/6.

Jun 25 1913: Cash to Hughie ₤2-10-0.

Jun 28 1913: M.J. & I went to Mrs. Buchanan’s (Snr) funeral this afternoon to Nundah. Mr. Joseph Wirth on a/c purchase of property in Chermside as per agreement; 30/- sent to Mother. Mr. Wirth left his Naturalization Certificate with me to give to Mr. W.T. Atthow for safe keeping.

Jun 30 1913: Hughie Lodge dues 17/3, Eddie Lodge dues 17/3.


Jul 2 1913: Mr. C.F.W. Newman paid ₤3-6-0 principal & interest on property at Chermside as per agreement. I had no stamp, but paid him 2d; he promised to put stamp on receipt; sent to Mother. I went to Bribie on S.S. Koopa this morning, lovely trip. There were a lot of parents & school children on board. James, Janie & J. Wayper met me at wharf about 1p.m., had about 2 hours there. C.J. came home with me, arrived at Kainday Wharf at 6p.m., got cab to Central Station, caught the 6.9p.m. train to Wooloowin, got bus & got home at 7p.m.

Jul 5 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery 17/6 due June 28th.

Jul 12 1913: Mr. Joseph Wirth cash on a/c purchase of property at Chermside as per agreement 30/-; given to Mother.

Jul 13 1913: Eddie drove me out to see Mr. S. Simpson, Bald Hills, who is very ill. We went after school in Eddie’s gig & “Twinkle”.

Jul 14 1913: Hughie drove Mr. W. Bailey to North Pine, South Pine, Aspley ec to see customers re taking up shares in our business. He drove “Twinkle” & knockabout gig.

Jul 15 1913: I paid Hughie’s insurance ₤4-2-0. Sister Maggie came to town with me; we had “Twinkle” & Hughie’s sulky. We had our sight tested at Greenfields; Maggie ordered 2 pairs of glasses at 25/- each. M.J. posted recipe to Mrs. Simpson, Bald Hills for extract of raw meat. I wrote out cheque for John A. Scott, Sandgate ₤4-2-0 being payment & interest due on 1 allotment July 6th 21/3 and on other 3 allotments 67/3 due July 21st.

Jul 16 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery, 2 weekly payments due July 12th 35/-.

Jul 17 1913: Cash to M.J. on Hughie’s a/c 20/-.

Jul 18 1913: Mr. J.J. Burgess gave me 10/- application money for ten shares in the Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Company Limited. I gave the above to Mr. Sammells.

Jul 21 1913: Hughie went to Hunchy for a week’s holiday; Eddie drove him to Northgate this morning. Cash to Hughie 10/-. I attended Director’s Meeting Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Company Limited in their registered office Wickham St. at 3p.m. Principal business was re purchase of Mother’s coach building business at Chermside. I promised to accept their offer of ₤100 deposit & balance in quarterly P.N. of about ₤45 & interest added at the rate of 5% per annum.

Jul 25 1913: Cash to Eddie 40/-.

Jul 29 1913: From Mr. G. Bulling for Mr. E.J. Emery 35/-, payment due till 26th next. Cash to Eddie to pay Cranston for bike 32/6.


Aug 1 1913: Eddie pr. lamps for gig 15/-, wing boards & irons 15/-; he exchanged gig to J.W. Smith for filly. Cash to Hughie 10/-.

Aug 5 1913: I got grey suit from Mr. T.T. Barry; he made it for ₤2, my own material. I signed & posted P.N. ₤14-1-2 to Henry Box & Son, Melbourne, due Dec. 5th.

Aug 6 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery 17/6 due Aug. 2nd inst. I drove to Northgate; Mr. Bulling & I inspected my property adjoining Mr. Henzell. I told Mr. Bulling he could let Mr. Henzell have the 2 allotments adjoining his for ₤220, clear of commission, offer open till next Monday only. W.J. Smith settled with me for Eddie’s heifer ₤2 & Hector & Alex heifer ₤2-10-0; I owe it to them.

Aug 8 1913: Mr. H. Weynard came out this morning. He, Mr. Sammells, Eddie & I took stock; we did not get finished. The Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Company Limited intend taking our coach building business over & starting next Monday. I drove Mr. Weynard home.

Aug 9 1913: Cash paid for Hughie & Eddie to Mr. T.H. Baker for Bishop’s Coach Builder’s Catalogue 20/- & 12 months subscription for monthly magazine 15/-. Cash to Hughie 10/-. Mr. W.E. Sammells & I finished taking stock; it amounted to ₤229-18-9.

Aug 11 1913: The Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Company Limited took charge of our business today, Mr. H. Weynard as Manager. He was out at 8a.m. this morning.

Aug 12 1913: I received note from Mr. W.T. Atthow this morning, asking me to call at my earliest convenience re Engineering Co. taking over our business. Got pair new shoes from Reineke 14/-.

Aug 13 1913: Eddie, Alex, Hector & I went to Exhibition today.

Aug 14 1913: I called on Mr. W.T. Atthow re agreement, sale of business to Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Aug 15 1913: Called on Mr. Atthow re agreement sale of business.

Aug 16 1913: Called on Mr. Atthow re agreement, sale of business, but he was not in. The Sec. (Mr. W.E. Sammells) paid ₤100 to me, deposit on business by cheque Commonwealth Bank of Australia. I cashed it & banked in Q.N. I gave Mr. S. cheque for ₤2-10-0 commission. Mr. A. Hauff brought his brother-in-law Mr. Hush of Kingsthorpe, to see me. I handed Mr. Sammells 7/- from Mr. Harvey for step reprs. & washers on van.

Aug 18 1913: I called on Mr. W.T. Atthow & gave him rough sketch of land leased to the Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; attended a meeting of Directors in Mr. W. Bailey’s office. Gave Mr. John Smith cheque for ₤5, payment for 6 paid up shares in the Kedron Omnibus Co. Limited. I paid John King ₤4-8-9 bill for chaff. I sent letter to cousin W. McClintock, letting him know that Joseph Wirth would work for him for 20/- per week & food if he could do with him.

Aug 19 1913: I went to town with Mr. J.J. Burgess & signed transfer of 13 allotments at Zillmere in Mr. W.J. Atthow’s office. He handed me cheque for ₤65 in settlement. Joseph Wirth started work with me this morning, to work for a few days at 5/- per day, so that he would have a few shillings to pay his fare ec if cousin Willie should engage him.

Aug 20 1913: Mrs. Knudsen came to see me re a/c she got from Moreton Rabbit Board; she was greatly displeased about it. I arranged to go with her to the office about it tomorrow. I wrote a letter for her to E.W. Anderson, Hilswick House, Hilswick Shetland, Scotland; she made me take 20/-. Our Anniversary Tea meeting was held in our church this evening; we had a good meeting.

Aug 21 1913: I drove Mrs. Knudsen to Moreton Rabbit Board office & we got things fixed up with the Clerk. I had to give the Clerk a letter, stating that the a/c sent to Mrs. Knudsen for stock return 1910 by the C.P.S. Redcliffe, was for cattle on agistment by owners of under 50 head each. We went to Haynes’s and had lunch; we met Beckie there & she had lunch with us, then Mrs. K. & I drove to see Mrs. Shields Snr., who lost her sight a few months ago. She was very pleased to renew our acquaintance again. I got letter from cousin Willie, saying he would take J. Wirth on and meet him at Woombye Station Saturday morning if that would suit. Cash to M.J. for Hughie.

Aug 22 1913: I owe Hughie ₤56-3-3, after he has settled everything up to date. Joseph Wirth finished with me at midday, so that he would get his things fixed up to go to Woombye tomorrow morning, as he is starting work for cousin Willie McClintock.

Aug 23 1913: I drove J. Wirth to Zillmere Station; he is going to work for cousin W. McClintock at Woombye. W. Mc. sent us a case of oranges.

Aug 25 1913: Mr. G. Bulling paid 52/6, 3 weeks payments for E.J. Emery. I met Mr. J.J. Burgess at Zillmere as arranged and we pegged out allotments which he bought off me. Alex commenced work for the Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Limited this morning.

Aug 26 1913: I opened a/c in the Federal Deposit Bank, Queen St. this morning & deposited ₤65 (Mr. J.J. Burgess cheque).

Aug 28 1913: Mr. G. Couradi & I drove to the market to arrange for some feed, but it was too dear. Told Mr. Robinson to send some out when it is reasonable. I met Mr. Davidson & Mr. Sammells at Mr. W. T. Atthow’s office re agreement with C.E. & M. Co.; got things arranged satisfactorily & we all had lunch at Haynes’s.


Sep 1 1913: Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery 17/6.

Sep 2 1913: J. Carr put curtains on our wagonette & lined the inside of top. Labour only 20/-, material cost about 35/-. Nigger was taken to J.S. Barker’s paddock.

Sep 3 1913: Got 69 bags of chaff from Robinson cost ₤47-3-0. I paid driver cartage 14/- & himself 1/-.

Sep 4 1913: I repaired fence between Police paddock & bus stables paddock.

Sep 5 1913: I paid A. Houghton 25/- for giving our wagonette one coat of paint, lining & varnishing it. Material 10/- also material from Spencers for curtains ec 34/5, paid to shop a/c. Councillors J. Krimmer, C. Burgess, Mr. Willis & Mr. J.J. Burgess met & inspected road on each side of J.J. Burgess’s allotments at Grants Road Zillmere, which I sold to him. We gave him permission to plough & form water tables and use material for filling up. Also to get some soil from Mr. Duckurty’s hill. Then we inspected paddock adjoining Mr. Panskie’s proposed to be cut up & suggested alternatives to plan.

Sep 6 1913: J. Hamilton paid me 8/11 for 3 bags chaff, some of what I got from J. King. Chermside Cricketers Married v Singles; Married 76 two innings, Singles 82 one innings. I gave Sect. Mr. McKellar 5/6. I paid Janie 2/6 for Foreign Missions. I gave Mr. McKellar 5/6 subs. for Chermside Cricket Club.

Sep 8 1913: G. Couradi got 6 bags chaff, got from Robinson 3rd inst.

Sep 10 1913: I paid 11/6 for Hughie’s & Eddie’s tennis racquets. I bought tool cash 2/3, oilstone 3/6; bought violin bow 7/6, paid for Beckie’s boots to Mr. Webb 3/-. I gave notice to factory & shops office of Mother ceasing business.

Sep 11 1913: I went up to Frank Morrison’s place this morning. Eddie drove me to Northgate, I took mail coach from Palmwoods, cost 1/6. I led horse while Robert done some ploughing & helped him to get cow home. Eddie was in bed with measles.

Sep 12 1913: Barbara, Eliza, Mervin & I drove up to Montville & had a good look around. I saw Mr. H.J. Short; he told me he was very well satisfied with his wagon and was sorry he had written to me complaining that it was heavy to pull. J. Hamilton got 6 bags chaff, got from Robinson 3rd inst. (3/- per bag).

Sep 13 1913: Cousin Frank, Mary Ann, Mervin & I drove to cousin Annie’s place this morning and had dinner with her. I went over to uncle’s place this afternoon, found all fairly well. P. Carseldine got 1 bag chaff, got from Robinson 3rd inst. (3/- per bag).

Sep 14 1913: Cousin Charlotte’s birthday. Margaret Ann & Tommy Prentice paid visit, also Arthur Lunn & his wife, Percy & Barbara Hungerford & family. I went to church with cousin Willie this evening; Rev. Prouse presided. A very good sermon, there was a good attendance.

Sep 15 1913: I helped cousin Willie to pick & pack 14 cases pines this morning. I rode out on wagon with Willie after dinner to Cousin Annie’s. She asked me to advertise her business for sale as she had not got anything done in the matter so far. I left Woombye by train 3.15p.m., got to Northgate 5.30p.m., had dinner with Percy & Fanny. Hughie met me there & drove me home, found all well, went over & seen Mother & Maggie. Mr. W.J. Smith called & took our wagonette & left his sulky & ₤25 in payment.

Sep 16 1913: I called on Mr. G. Couradi; we went to Nundah & then to town together. Arranged to start building house on our allotments Raymond St., Sandgate next Thursday. I gave Mr. Sammells orders for C.E. & M. Co. Ltd. from J. Love, A. Lunn & R. Sheaves. Mr. G. Bulling paid 35/- for E.J. Emery.

Sep 17 1913: Mr. G. Couradi & I settled up all a/c’s, excepting Sandgate rates, to date for feed ec. I sharpened 2 crosscut saws for C.E. & M. Co. Ltd., G. Couradi’s & my own. They are to charge 1/6 each & I charge them 9d each. Mr. Sammells gave me 10 Promissory Notes on a/c C.E. & M. Co. Ltd. as per agreement, to be signed. Total amount ₤458-17-3.

Sep 18 1913: Mr. G. Couradi & I started building house on our allotments, Raymont St., Sandgate. I drove Dolly & pony dray, took load of timber, old iron, tools ec., put up frame of W.C., set out for house stumps & put 8 in. Worked from 8.30 till 3.50 (6 1/3 hours). Called on Mr. H. Andrews re sulky & wagon.

Sep 19 1913: Called on Mr. H. Andrews, showed him second hand hooded sulky. He asked me to call again next week & he might order new sulky. Mr. Couradi & I dug holes & fixed 16 stumps from 8.35 till 3.15 for house at Sandgate, no timber arrived yet. (6 ¼ hours).

Sep 20 1913: I called on Mr. Knudsen (op W.E. Thomas) re my Northgate property, as he requested me to call. Price, the lot for ₤1,000 or half for ₤500; him to get 5% on ₤500 & 2 ½ on anything over.

Sep 22 1913: I went to town today. We got word by telephone from Poultneys that timber had been sent to Sandgate.

Sep 23 1913: I paid Mr. Sammells 20/- calls No. 13 & 14 Kedron Omnibus Co. Ltd. Mr. G. Couradi & I cut off to level all stumps of house (24) in 3 ½ hours, then got some studs & plates ready; worked 7 ½ hours altogether. I got packet 3” nails from Mr. Grantham for Sandgate job.

Sep 24 1913: Mr. C. & I worked at house at Sandgate, put bottom plates, bearer joists ec down & fastened them of main building; 7 ½ hours. I called on H. Andrews re new sulky, no-one home.

Sep 25 1913: Mr. C. & I worked at Sandgate house; put up all studs, top plates; cut & placed all ceiling joists ec of main building, 7 hours. I called on Mr. H. Andrews & got order for C.E.& M. Co. for new cradle shaft, rubber tyred sulky with hood & child seat (no gong); all other particulars like Hughie’s sulky, time about 6 weeks, price ₤39, terms about ₤25 when finished, balance a little later. I got order from Mr. T. Bruce for C.E.& M. Co., cut tyres on pony dray for next Saturday. I gave him price for new dray, similar to his own but larger ₤17.

Sep 26 1913: Mr. C. & I, Sandgate house, put up plates & struts back verandah & kitchen. After getting them ready, morticed & put up bottom plate of front verandah & got posts partly ready; 6 ½ hours.

Sep 27 1913: I handed Mr. Waynard written orders for H. Andrews’s new sulky ₤39. C. Neilson for wheels, axle ec, T. Bruce cut tyres 10/- & I gave price for new dray ₤17. I went to town, got Eddie’s suit at T.T. Barry’s, advertised cousin Annie’s Coachbuilders business, 6 insertions in “Telegraph” 4/-, called at Trout’s shop & got permission to get particulars of his beef wagon, drove to his yard & got same. Rained all afternoon & night.

Sep 29 1913: Mr. G. Bulling paid 35/- on E.J. Emery’s a/c due 27th. Mr. G. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 7 ¼ hours. Hughie’s Lodge dues 17/3, Eddie’s 17/3.

Sep 30 1913: Mr. G.C. & I worked at Sandgate 8 hours. I took 4 bags of chaff, some which I got from Robinson 3rd inst., to Mr. Couradi.


Oct 1 1913: Mr. G.C. & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours. I got packet of 3x8 nails from Early’s. I got R. pine from Mr. Hammer at Sandgate 6”x 1” 3/20 & paid him 6/3. I sent side harness leather, 2 basils, 4 yds collar check, 4 yds yellow saddle cloth, 1 pair plough chains, 3 balls hemp & 3 balls black wax to cousin W. McClintock this morning; paid 1/6 freight from Zillmere.

Oct 2 1913: Mr. G. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours. I got 2 packets 2 x 11 nails at Mr. Grantham’s & two 12” stump caps. I got 2 letters from Mrs. P. Knudsen this evening, asking me to call on her at once as she is sick. I called on her about 7.30p.m. She wants me to arrange with Mr. T. Atthow to call on her & draw up her Will; also to get Dr. Clowes to call & see her. I took the tram & called on Dr. C.; he promised to call on Mrs. K. tomorrow morning. Hughie started taking lessons on violin with Mr. Hardgreaves. Cash to Hughie 10/-.

Oct 3 1913: Mr. C. & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours. P. Carseldine got bag chaff, some of which I got from Robinson Sept. 3rd (3/- per bag). Mr. Webber, plumber, Sandgate, arranged to do the plumbing of house complete for ₤32-10-0. Mr. [ ], painter, Sandgate, promised to give house 3 coats paint for ₤9.

Oct 4 1913: I paid P. Maggs ₤1-4-10 for side harness leather for cousin Willie McClintock. M.J. & I called to see Mrs. Knudsen this morning. Dr. Clowes called to see her yesterday; she is a good deal better. I arranged to go with her to Mr. Atthow’s office next Tuesday about 10.30a.m. or 11a.m. if she is fit to go out. I rung up Mr. Atthow tonight & that time will suit him. I called on Mr. Woodcock re order for wagon; he is to see Mr. Denby’s & ring me up on Monday next. M.J. & I tried to get woman to stay with Mrs. Knudsen; we could not get anyone.

Oct 5 1913: M.J. & Hughie went to see Mrs. Knudsen, then went to Nundah and arranged with a Mrs. Hill to go and stay with Mrs. K.

Oct 6 1913: Mr. G. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 7 ½ hours. I took doors from Mr. Reid’s to Mr. Gettermann’s, also timber for house we are building. J. Hamilton got 4 bags chaff which I got Sept. 3rd (3/- per bag).

Oct 7 1913: I went to town this morning; got Mr. Henry Witt’s proper name & address & gave it to Mr. W.T. Atthow, as he is to be a Trustee in Mrs. Knudsen’s Will & myself the other Trustee. I then went to Mrs. Knudsen’s house & drove her to town. We went to Mr. A’s office & she gave him instructions what to put in her Will. I then drove her home & fixed up her rent book; then I drove to Red Hill & called on Mr. W. Woodcock re order for wagon. Inspector Chalk happened to call & we arranged the kind of wagon to be built, about same size as H. Denby’s, which we built for Burrows Bros., Aug.6th 1908; 9ft x 4ft 2” inside, 20” bottom panel, 8” float, 14” top panel, semicircular gables cut out of solid panels, 2 sets canvas covers to take off for washing, double roller brake blocks behind wheels, 2” drabble axles, 4ft 8” & 3ft wheels, 10” x 12” naves, R.E. tyres 2” x 7/8 x ¾, front spring lorry 36x2x6x5/16 & 3/8 back, 48x9x2 1/2 , 5/16 & ¾; price about ₤70.

Oct 8 1913: Mr. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 7 ½ hours. I took 7 pr sashes from Mr. Reid’s to Mr. G. Herman. I gave order to C.E. & M. Co. for new beef wagon for Mr. W. Woodcock, Red Hill, with particulars; price about ₤70. Mr. Webber put roof on our Sandgate house yesterday. Mr. Protherow agreed to put up 2 rail split fence for 10/6 per rod.

Oct 9 1913: Mr. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours; Hector was with us also. I took fanlight to Mr. G. Herman. Mr. John A. Scott gave me a/c for instalments on the allotments near Gordon Hall, Sandgate ₤4-7-6. I gave the C.E. & M. Co. word that Mrs. G.O. Phillips of Zillmere would send her buggy in shortly to be thoroughly repaired & painted; no price given.

Oct 10 1913: Mr. C. & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours. I dug out front stringers for nine steps & nine risers in about 4 ½ hours. Eddie’s mare Queenie had a colt foal by Delevan Wilkes about 9.30p.m.

Oct 11 1913: I sharpened 2 saws for Hughie, 2 for G. Couradi, 1 crosscut for J.S. Barker & 2 saws for myself. Met Mr. W.T. Atthow at Mrs. Knudsen’s house re her Will. Beckie witnessed her signature. Mr. A. & I drove to Ascot, Clara & Beckie took tram. We all saw Mr. Jones fly in his aeroplane; he gave a splendid performance. I paid A. Cranston 25/- for saddlery for cousin Willie McC.

Oct 13 1913: M. G. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 7 ½ hours. I dug out back stringers for nine steps in 3 hours. Mr. Webber fixed up tank today. I took old stove from S. Mison’s to W. Mayers, Sandgate, for Mr. Mayers. A. Cranston got 1 bag chaff, some of Sept. 3rd lot (3/-), paid 17th inst.

Oct 14 1913: G. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours, Hector also. I got packet 2x11 nails at Early’s. I gave C.E. & M. Co. Ltd. order for repairs to Mr. Prentice’s (of Lutwyche) sulky; will amount to near ₤4. I left cheque (₤4-7-6) with Mr. G. Couradi (Snr) for Mr. John A. Scott; instalments & interest on allotments near Gordon Hall. I took about 50ft T & G flooring boards from G.C’s to Sandgate.

Oct 15 1913: Mr. C. & I worked at Sandgate house 7 ¾ hours. I got another packet 2x11 nails at Early’s. I took old stove from Elms house Zillmere, to W. Mayer Sandgate.

Oct 16 1913: Mr. G. Couradi & I worked at Sandgate house 8 hours.

Oct 17 1913: Mr. G. C. & I worked at Sandgate house 8 ¼ hours. I got packet 2x11 nails at Early’s. I took about 150ft T&G flooring boards from G.C’s to Sandgate.

Oct 18 1913: I went to town by bus & train; called on Mrs. Knudsen. Mr. Henry Wilt came in while I was there, read over copy of Will at Mrs. K’s request. I am to instruct Mr. Atthow to make slight alteration, also to write Miss W. Anderson, to put me in communication with Presbyterian Minister of that District. (Order) Asked C.E. & M. Co. to give Mr. Darlington first offer of G.W. Connor’s second-hand tip dray at ₤6. Mr. G. Bulling for E.J. Emery 35/- due 11th inst.

Oct 20 1913: Mr. G. Herman started work at our Sandgate house this morning. Mr. G.C. & I worked 5 ½ hours, G.H. full day. Hector brought message to me that T. Tristram wanted to see me today re new lorry ec; we knocked off at 2.30. I drove to town & got order from T.T. for new lorry exactly the same as last we built ₤52, us to get wagon for him to hire while lorry is being made. Saw C. Lyons, carrier, Thistle Estate. He ordered new lorry, same size as the one we made for A. Sparkes for ₤45, if the C.E. & M. Co. will allow ₤20 for his old lorry. Word to be sent him if order is accepted. I gave orders to C.E.& M. Co. Ltd.; lorry for T. Tristram ₤52, C. Lyons carrier, Thistle Estate lorry ₤45.

Oct 21 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked 8 hours at Sandgate house. I took 3 pieces timber from G.C’s.

Oct 22 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked 8 hours at Sandgate house. J. Wayper started his new house. I took A. Cranston’s pony van & took 4 pair of our windows.

Oct 23 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked 8 hours at Sandgate house. I took James Hamilton’s mare & cart, took J. Wayper’s box with tools & other sundries, also our 5 doors & 2 pair windows.

Oct 24 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked 8 hours at Sandgate house. I got packet 2x11 nails at Early’s. J. Hamilton paid me 30/- for all chaff he has had to date.

Oct 25 1913: I went to town, left Beckie’s boots at Webbs, banked money for James H. & cemetery money also; left old violin at Harvy’s for Hughie. Paid A.H. Hudson Hughie’s instalment on Northgate property, also Miss Carseldine ₤2 each; Hughie gave me the ₤4 & I paid their interest 5/- each. Got Mr. Knudsen’s clock, paid a/c at L. Spencers, called on T. Tristram, got full particulars re new lorry; called on J. King re C. Lyons second-hand lorry, me to examine axles & report to him; ordered 6 bags chaff & 1 bag bran; gave Mrs. Knudsen her clock & she paid me the 5/- & 1/- for myself.

Oct 27 1913: G.C & I worked 7 ½ hours at Sandgate house; G.H. full day. I took all the coloured glass windows (7) & sundry timber from Mr. Read’s & from G.C’s this morning. I gave Mr. Sorenson 2/- to pay the Sandgate Station Master for parcel of locks ec from Smellies.

Oct 28 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked 8 hours at Sandgate house. I took load of boards from G.C’s to make skirting for rooms, also some netting wire from Early’s for G.C. I went to Hammers for 85 banisters & 3x2 R. pine 1/21, 3x2 H.wood 1/5, got 4 rods & washers for steps from W. Mayers. I sharpened my saw after I came home. Mr. Sammells paid me 10/- salary as Lodge Treasurer. There was a nice shower today, put about 1 sheet water in our new tank.

Oct 29 1913: G.C. at Sandgate house 7 ½ hours; G.H. & I 3 hours and the remainder of day removing closets & fowl house & yard. I took glass door from Reads & bundle of scocia from G.C’s.

Oct 30 1913: G.C. worked at Sandgate house 6 hours. G.C. & I worked full day removing fowl house & making fowl run next door. I took stove from W. Myers to new house. Mr. Mayer bought the house & 2 allotments off us for ₤270 & paid a deposit of ₤250 to G.C. The house was finished today & a tenant (Mr. Gray) sent some furniture to it. He is renting it from Mr. Mayer for 13/- per week. G. Couradi & I worked 24 ½ days at house & G. Herman 7 ½ days. I went to Coachbuilders meeting tonight & paid annual subscription 21/-.

Oct 31 1913: J. Hamilton & I worked all day at Mother’s house, repairing it & killing white ants. I bought off A. Cranston 1 mackintosh, 1 suitcase & 1 all wool rug & whip for 27/6; paid for same.


Nov 1 1913: From Hughie 10/- for mackintosh got from A. Cranston last night. G. Couradi & I had settlement re new house. We had ₤30-18-0 each after all a/c’s were paid, also ₤30 each for allotments. J.H. & I worked at Mother’s house till dinnertime; then I worked on till 3p.m., then sharpened 2 saws for G. Couradi & 1 for myself. Mr. Blair called & asked me to give price to Laycock, Littledike & Co. for new van.

Nov 3 1913: Mr. G. Couradi, Mr. G. Herman & I started to build house at Sandgate for Mr. A. Messanger of Nundah; we worked a full day. Mr. Messanger is having two built. Mr. C. took his big mare & dray & took load of timber from his place. I went to see Mr. Slaney this evening re repairs to van & wagon; price for van ₤8-18-6, wagonette about ₤20. I attended Directors meeting Kedron Omnibus Co. Ltd.

Nov 4 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s house; I took Twinkle & gig. I posted particulars & price to Laycock, Littledike & Co. for new van. I attended Council meeting at night.

Nov 5 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s new house at Sandgate. I drove Twinkle & gig.

Nov 6 1913: I paid Harold Hack 5/- for cadet band (my donation). G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s house at Sandgate. We took a lot of 3x1 ½ battens from Hammers with Dolly & gig.

Nov 7 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s new house at Sandgate. I took load of battens from Mr. Hammers with gig & Dolly. I paid Mr. Hammer ₤2-8-6 for all material to date, G.C. to pay me later.

Nov 8 1913: I sharpened lightening saw for Mr. G. Couradi Snr. & rip saw for myself; put handle in axe, went to town, got rule for 1/-, paid J. King for feed 32/3, ordered 12 bags chaff, 1 bushel cracked corn, ½ bag potatoes; called on Mrs. Knudsen, she was out. Had tea with Mother & Maggie. Laycock, Littledike & Co. rung me up & asked me to call next Monday about 1.45p.m. re new van.

Nov 10 1913: G.C. & G.H. worked full day at Mr. M’s house Sandgate. I worked about 5 hours only as I had to go to town by train at mid-day re order for new van from Laycock, Littledike & Co.; got the order for ₤23-7-6.

Nov 11 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s new house at Sandgate. I received letter from J. Wirth today, containing Money Order for ₤3, on a/c purchase of property at Chermside and asking what balance he owes and he intends sending me 30/- every fortnight. I sent reply & receipt, balance now owing after today’s payment is ₤17. Eddie sold the mare he got from Mr. G. McPherson to A. Richards for ₤7 on terms.

Nov 12 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s new house Sandgate.

Nov 13 1913: G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s new house at Sandgate. Mr. G.C. had to go to Poultneys and did not get to Sandgate till after dinnertime; he brought a load of timber with his mare & dray.

Nov 14 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s new house at Sandgate. G.C. gave me cheque for ₤5. Cash to Hughie ₤4. I got cash from Eddie ₤3 (till next Tuesday).

Nov 15 1913: G. Couradi got 3 bags chaff; I now owe him 3 more bags. I went to town by bus & train; banked Lodge money & my own money; got cash for Money Order from J. Wirth; arranged to get the lend of two lifting jacks from Q.M. Co. Got price from L. Spencer for all trimming family wagonette about ₤12. Called on Mrs. Knudsen. Mr. Hulett called & said to go on with new water cart for Toombul Shire Council. I sharpened my 2 saws.

Nov 20 1913: G.C. worked full day at Mr. M’s new house. G.H. & I worked full day putting in stumps for Mr. M’s second new house next to first house; we put in 21 stumps.

Nov 21 1913: Mr. G.C. worked full day at Mr. M’s first new house. Mr. G.H. & I worked 6 ½ hours putting in 7 stumps & levelling & cutting off 27 for second house. We then worked 1 ½ hours laying flooring in first house.

Nov 22 1913: I went to town; called & got 6 clarion foot gongs for C.E.& M. Co. Called & arranged with Mr. W.T. Atthow to get Mrs. Knudsen’s revised Will signed; he took it to her & got it signed; I drove him home. Ordered chaff from Mr. J. King; I promised to send for his sulky next Tuesday & get it done up. I took 2 rent books re Mr. L. Mattison & Mrs. P. Knudsen containing conditions & promise.

Nov 24 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s first house Sandgate. I took some timber from Mr. C’s with Millie & gig. The Chermside Methodist Church people gave a social in honour of Jannie Hamilton’s forthcoming wedding with Mr. J. Wayper. They presented her with a handsome clock & a silver butter dish from the Sunday School. I got cheque from W. McClintock for side leather, material from A. Cranston ec ₤2-15-10.

Nov 25 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s first house. Mr. G.C. took house at Sandgate today & Mrs. C. & family occupied it this afternoon. G.C. put his pony in Mr. G.A. Phillips’s paddock this morning when we were going to work. We are to attend to their cow & have the milk for our trouble. I owe him 3 bags chaff; I am to use it to feed the cow & take them some milk when I go to work in the mornings.

Nov 26 1913: Jannie Hamilton was married to J.H. Wayper this afternoon. The church was nicely decorated and comfortably filled; about 80 guests at Hall for Breakfast; everything went off very nicely. They were married by Rev. T. Brassington; they went to Noosa for their honeymoon. I went to town this morning, banked money in Q.N., also left P.N. there for collection ₤45-11-0. It was from the C.E.& M. Co. Ltd. Mrs. Knudsen came out to see me re letter she got from a Mr. Arthur Sandison, Altona Midyell Shetland Scotland. I wrote a reply this evening. I got the lend of 2 lifting jacks from the Queensland M. Co.

Nov 27 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s first house. I drove G.C’s mare & spring dray & took load of doors & sashes from Mr. Read’s. Mother & I signed Agreement between the Chermside Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Mr. Sammells witnessed our signatures.

Nov 28 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day at Mr. M’s first house. I took a lot of mouldings, stops ec from G.C’s place to new house with Dolly & gig.

Nov 29 1913: Eddie & I settled all our accounts to date. I went to town with Dolly & G.C’s gig; got 12 verandah brackets & 6 fret panels at J. Campbell’s for G.C. & paid for them ₤1-14-6.


Dec 1 1913: G.C. & G.H. worked full day at Mr. M’s first house. I took load of doors & sashes from Mr. Read’s with G.C’s mare & spring dray. I knocked off at 3p.m. & went to Attewell & Procters for H. wood 8x2 1/9 & R. pine 6x2 1/17; also called at Mr. Messengers for verandah railing & gate posts; I brought them home. Frank Morrison (Snr) came to Sandgate with me. I attended Kedron Omnibus Co. Directors Meeting.

Dec 2 1913: I took load of verandah railing, timber, 2x6x6 gate posts, 5 coloured windows, 4 shade brackets ec to Sandgate with G.C’s mare & dray. G.C., G.H. & I full day at Mr. M’s new house. Sent Mr. T. Hackett ₤6 interest due on Police Station. Mrs. Beneke Snr. died this morning. I attended Kedron Council meeting.

Dec 3 1913: G.C. & G.H. full day at Mr. M’s first house, myself half day. Frank Morrison came to Sandgate with me, I had Millie & gig. I came home after dinnertime & attended Mrs. Beneke’s funeral; M.J. came with me. We then drove to Poultney’s Sawmill and I urged them to send timber as soon as possible for Mr. M’s second house; it is to be loaded and sent away tomorrow. I went to singing practice at church; no attendance, no practice.

Dec 4 1913: G.H. & I worked full day fencing front of Mr. M’s property at Sandgate. G.C. worked full day cutting up D. pine for second house. I took Millie & gig. Posted letter to Mr. J. Wirth with receipt for Money Order for ₤6; he now owes ₤11 on his allotment.

Dec 5 1913: G.H. & I worked full day fencing front of Mr. M’s property at Sandgate. G.C. full day cutting up D. pine for second house. G. Couradi gave me cheque ₤8-9-6, payment James Campbell & Sons a/c for fret panel & verandah brackets 34/6; balance wages to date.

Dec 6 1913: I went to town on 9a.m. bus; F. Morrison came in on same bus. I put cheque in F.D. Bank, paid Blockside & Ferguson ₤7-10-0 interest due 1st inst. & had been forgotten. Called on Mr. G. Phillips (Snr) re survey of property for C.E.& M. Co. Ltd. Will cost ₤3-3-0 per day; I will ring him up when required. Called on Mrs. Knudsen re letter from Miss E.W. Anderson, she could not find letter. I returned letter to her from Mr. Sandison, also gave her copy of my answer to him. Ordered chaff from J. King. I went to School Children’s Concert in School of Arts this evening.

Dec 11 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house. I drove Dolly & gig and took 2 dressed verandah posts from G.C’s place to Sandgate. M.J. & Fanny came down by train and paid a visit to Mrs. C. Also called on Mrs. G. Herman. M.J. came home with me.

Dec 12 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house. I took 3 pine boards 12ft. 6x1 from Mr. C’s house to Sandgate with Millie & gig. F. Morrison came to Sandgate with me & went to town by train after dinner. Millie got out of allotment & Mr. Conradi (Snr) lent me his pony Kittie to come home.

Dec 13 1913: From Mr. G. Bulling on behalf of E.J. Emery 35/-, 2 weeks payment due Dec. 6th. I gave Mr. W.E. Sammells cheque for 23/-, commission on P.N. from C.E. & M. Co. Ltd., also one for groceries a/c ₤5-6-0. Eddie found Millie early this morning near Mr. Catchpole’s, Zillmere and took Mr. Conradi’s pony Kittie home this evening. I went to town, got J. Wirth’s money order for ₤5 cashed at G.P.O., got lining & writing brushes at Buchanan’s for Alex, also varnish & brush for Mr. Protheroe of Sandgate. I set & sharpened saw for G.C. & rip saw for myself.

Dec 15 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house. L. Herman came to Sandgate with me & went to town by train. I drove Millie & gig. I attended Director’s meeting in Mr. W. Bailey’s office C.E.& M. Co. Ltd.

Dec 16 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house; I drove Millie & gig. Frank Morrison came to Sandgate with me and went to town by train. Line surveyed through our paddock today in connection with proposed line from Zillmere Station to Windsor Station.

Dec 17 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house.

Dec 18 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house. The Railway Surveyors were working in our paddock & putting in pegs today.

Dec 19 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house; I drove Twinkle & gig. Took 4x4 H.wood 1/12 1/14 & 10x 1 ½ ¼-3 from Mr. C. Place at Chermside to Sandgate. G.C. & I settled up all a/c’s to date except wages.

Dec 20 1913: Beckie & I went to town with Twinkle & Hughie’s sulky; called at Mrs. Knudsen’s (not home), called on Noble & Shortt re property at Chermside, we have some for sale at present. Called on Mr. Barry, George Street re order for sulky; promised to see me later on. Called on J. King twice, got order from him for new 3 ton lorry 12ftx6ft, pine floor, pole, no seat, cross bar brake, Drabble axles 2 ¼ , good strong lorry springs, round edge tyres 2x 7/8; paint undercarriage yellow, top dark, line undercarriage black: letter Produce (J. King & Co.) Merchants each side & Ann & James Streets (on back); time 2 months or sooner, price ₤45. Sold sulky I got from J.W. Smith to J.A. Scriven without hood for ₤18, sold Mr. Ross’s pony dogcart to Mr. A. Messenger for ₤10.

Dec 22 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked full day second house; I drove Millie & gig. Took parcel from C.J. to Jannie, gave L. Herman ride to Sandgate & home this evening.

Dec 23 1913: Put advert. in “Telegraph” on behalf cousin Annie McClintock for improver blacksmith also striker; I also advertised her business for sale, 6/-.

Dec 24 1913: G.C., G.H. & I worked half day at second house. G.C. gave me cheque ₤6-5-0, wages to date. I drove Dolly & gig, took H.wood 4x4 1/12 1/8 from G.C.’s place. I went to Mr. S. Ross’s & put gong on sulky; they paid me 30/- balance, I had cup of tea with them. Mr. C.F.W. Newman paid me quarters instalment & interest on purchase of allotments due next Jan. 2nd., 1914. Alex went to Hunchey with his Aunty Mary Ann for 3 weeks holidays.

Dec 25 1913: Joseph Wirth called & paid 27/- to settle for side leather from P. Maggs which I sent him, also 1/- for freight. He promised to send the balance owing on property before long, me to send him the transfer & he will send it back after he signs it where it is marked. Percy & Fanny had dinner with us and we all went over to Mother & sister Maggie’s place for tea.

Dec 26 1913: M.J., Eddie, Hector & I had dinner & tea with Percy & Fanny at their place. Hughie drove to Sandgate. Clara & Beckie went to Lilly Clark’s place to spend today & tomorrow with her on holiday. I sharpened 2 saws for Mr. C. & 2 for myself.

Dec 27 1913: Hughie & Eddie drove to Mr. Smith’s, Branch Crk., to look at Eddie’s filly. We put square tank on stand at feed shed. I drove in to see Mrs. W. Gray and took her parcel from sister Maggie. I fixed up our wire fence along Hamilton Road to Nundah, put shade on window of boy’s room ec.

Dec 29 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at Mr. M’s second house. I drove Mr. C’s mare & spring dray; took 3 panel doors, 1 pr french lights, 5 pr windows, 1 fan light, 9 coloured glass windows, from Mr. Reed’s. I attended Lodge meeting at night; paid Hughie’s dues 17/3, Eddie’s 17/3, Percy’s 18/3.

Dec 30 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house. Mr. Bulling called & paid on behalf E.J. Emery 52/6, three week’s payment.

Dec 31 1913: G.C., G.H. & I full day at second house; started early & left off early.