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Introduction to the Lesson Ideas

The Chermside and Districts Historical Society (CDHS) website contains a wealth of detailed research about the people, ideas, place and events in Chermside and the surrounding Districts from before settlement up to today. This research is well documented through photos, diaries, letters, maps and oral histories. Our aim is to assist teachers in the delivery of SOSE through a number of targeted classroom activities, in the form of Lesson Ideas, using the Chermside and Districts Historical Society website as a resource for information and evidence.

The information contained on the website provides a resonant resource for the teaching of SOSE in the middle years as it supports the investigation of ideas, events, place, cultures and systems.

Lesson Ideas can be used in any order and are an ideal way to provide student activities that support your SOSE units. They can also be adapted to suit the different learning requirements of individual classes.

Each Lesson Idea has an associated student worksheet that can be used as assessment item. These worksheets can be completed in school time or given to students to complete at home.

Lesson Ideas can be used to:

a) Support SOSE units of work that target specific essential learnings:

Ways of Working

  • Collect and organise information and evidence
  • Communicate descriptions, decisions and conclusions, using different text types for specific purposes and the conventions or research-based texts.
  • Evaluate sources of information and evidence to determine different perspectives, and distinguish facts from opinions

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Time, Continuity and Change
  • Place and Space.

b) Provide an opportunity for students to use their ICT skills when participating in social and environmental inquires