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In 1947 Thomas Andrew Hamilton listened to the Test Cricket which finished in a draw.


Jan 1 1947: While I live will I praise the Lord; I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being. Psalm 146 Verse 2. That is a promise the psalmist made & if we look back over the past & consider the wonderful way God has protected & provided for us & answered our prayers we should be in the same spirit of thankfulness & praise to Him. Alex worked at the shop all day. Jack McAuley helped him part of the time. Jessie was at work. Max heat 87.

Jan 2 1947: Alex worked at the shop for a while this morning. Jessie got a day off. Alex drove all of us, including Jack McAuley to Tambourine. We left here about 10a.m. & after calling at Hardy Brothers & got nails for Hughie & Fred, who are erecting the Military building Hughie bought & a few other short delays, arrived on Eagle Heights about 1p.m. We had our lunch & then went to the flats & saw May, Leila & Janet, also Mrs. Hartley & a Mr.& Mrs. Pound & their son. Hughie & Fred met us near the Falls & after a chat with them Alex & the others all went for a walk around the Falls, had tea at the little kiosk & arrived home at about 7.45p.m. after a very pleasant day 86.

Jan 3 1947: Jack went to town this morning, Joan & Peggie Miller went after dinner. They all left here 5.30p.m. for a swim in North Pine River & then spent the evening with Percy & Fanny. 9p.m., Roy, Dulcie, Anna & Murial have just called in for a few minutes. 86.

Jan 4 1947: Jack & Rennie Reid & their lovely baby girl came to see us this afternoon, they are down from Rockhampton on holidays. Janie Wayper was here & remained for tea. I gave her J.A. Smith’s final instalments & interest for his purchase of her house & allotment at Chermside. Jack, Jessie & Joan have gone to the pictures. Jack Wayper came for Janie about 8p.m. Janie gave me a letter to hand to Mr. Smith, introducing him to Mr. Bickmore, who holds the Deed for safe keeping. 88.

Jan 5 1947: I attended a.m. service. Vic & Ethel had dinner with us. Alex drove Mary, Jessie, Joan, Jack, Vic & Ethel to Redcliffe after dinner, they called on Eddie & Mary. 80.

Jan 6 1947: A very quiet day, no visitors. I listened in to the English Cricket Test Match played in Melbourne this afternoon, while I was reading & knitting. 82.

Jan 7 1947: Another quiet day with few callers. I listened in to the finish of the Test Cricket Match played in Melbourne this afternoon, it resulted in a draw. Very oppressive day. 87.

Jan 8 1947: I sent Janie’s letter to Mr. J.A. Smith. Joan & Peggie Miller went to town this morning, Peggie had tea & spent the evening with us. Murial came in this afternoon & Mary cut a dress for her. 88.

Jan 9 1947: Some thunder this morning, but no rain. There was heavy rain & hail at Redcliffe. Mrs. Denning spent the evening here. Jessie & Joan went to the C. Endeavour meeting. Joan is still on holidays. I am still knitting away at washers etc. 88.

Jan 10 1947: We had a very heavy shower about 3a.m. Mr. C. Stewart called to see us this afternoon & he is real well & happy. He is now living in a Church of England Home for Aged Men at Toowong. We had a heavy thunder shower while he was here, he got the 3p.m. bus home. Jack & Joan went to town 2p.m. Joan took my Elgen watch back to Hanson’s, as it is no use since they repaired & cleaned it last Dec. Jack & Jessie went to the pictures this evening. 87.

Jan 11 1947: The wireless & iron point got deranged yesterday. Norm Tune, an electrician, came this morning & fixed it up. Alex & all the others have gone to Vic & Ethel’s for tea & social gathering this evening. 86.

Jan 12 1947: At home all day. Rev. B. Davey & Peggie had dinner with us & spent the afternoon here. Peggie remained for tea & went to church. Hughie called to see me for a few minutes. Roy & Dulcie called & had a sing song. 84.

Jan 13 1947: Jack McAuley left here about 9a.m. for his home in Newcastle, Alex drove him to the tram. Joan commenced work this morning after long holidays. Jack has been with us since the 21st of Dec. last. We had a very heavy shower & thunder about 3.30a.m. 87.

Jan 14 1947: Cold breeze all day. 79.

Jan 15 1947: Very cold all last night & early this morning, we required an extra blanket. 80.

Jan 16 1947: Ideal weather. 80.

Jan 17 1947: I received a letter from cousin Charlotte McClintock, letting me know they received a book I sent by post for them to read. Also a letter from Mr. J.P. McCrystal, Commission Agent Nundah, stating owing to illness of his wife & himself he had to give up business. He recommended his successor Mr. D.W. Nickel, who has taken over his business. Hughie rung up & let him know I would let Mr. D.W. Nickel collect for me. Joe, Beckie, Doug & Ronnie came to see us this evening. 85.

Jan 18 1947: I received a letter this morning from Mr. D.W. Nickel, stating the sump at Northgate house requires attending to, as it is in a bad state. I have known that for some time, but can’t get anyone to do the job. Colin Butt called & told us his Grandmother died at East Brisbane Hospital at 12.15 today. Hughie Carseldine called, I sent a cheque to his Father for Maggie’s accommodation to date. 86.

Jan 19 1947: I attended a.m. service. The Hemmingway Male Quartet gave four items, Rev. B. Powell was the preacher, the church was full. Very strong N.E. wind. 86.

Jan 20 1947: The Rev. C.W. Morsley’s wife was cremated at the Mt. Thompson Crematorium at 9.45a.m. & Mrs. H.H. Butt snr. was buried in Lutwyche Cemetery after service at the house at 11.15a.m. Rev. B. Powell conducted both services. I wrote a letter to cousin Charlotte. Hector & Doris came to see us this evening. A very strong cold S.E. wind all day. 82.

Jan 21 1947: Clara & Heather came to see us this afternoon. Church choir practice resumed after holidays, Alex & all the others attended. Jessie remained home today. Cold gusty S.E. wind & a few drops of rain. 81.

Jan 22 1947: Jessie remained home today. Very cool showery & windy day, S.E. wind. 77.

Jan 23 1947: Jessie remained home today. Cousins Ida Lowe & her husband came to see us for a while late this afternoon. His holidays are about finished & he is being sent to a rail station at Townsville. It rained nearly all last night & today, with cyclonic strong gusts coming from all directions. 76.

Jan 24 1947: Jessie went to her work this morning. Lovely cool cloudy day. 76.

Jan 25 1947: Joan went to town & got her eyes tested & ordered new glasses. She done shopping & got my Elgen watch from Hansen’s. Cyclonic squalls & rain all last night & steady light rain most of today. 75.

Jan 26 1947: I attended a.m. service. The Rev. B. Davey came home with us for dinner. Jim, Grace & their two boys came to see us this afternoon. 82.

Jan 27 1947: FOUNDATION DAY – Public Holiday. Alex & Joan left here for Woombye, where our Methodist Cricket Team are playing a friendly holiday match with the Woombye team. (Later news), Chermside won by 71 runs. The dailies are full of the terrible news of damage done by the cyclone & heavy rains, from Caloundra to Tweed Heads. Shipping & airway traffic all upset, boats swamped & broken up on the shores ec. A lovely fine day. 86.

Jan 28 1947: The papers are still full of news & photos of damage done, thousands of people on holidays are marooned at Coolangatta & other south coast resorts. Tents blown to pieces, houses unroofed, railway lines flooded & rails washed out of place, all road traffic stopped, farms flooded & many people rescued by boats, a few drowned. Brisbane escaped wonderfully. 81.

Jan 29 1947: Cousin Tom McClintock let Alex know that his house at Alexandra Heads would be vacated next Saturday & if he wanted a holiday he could have it for three weeks. Alex has accepted the offer. 83.

Jan 30 1947: Hector had dinner with us today. I gave him my Elgen watch to return to Hansen for further repairs, as it is no use since he first repaired it. He intends calling at Curator’s Office re “Burnie Brae”. He will ring Dr. Lansdown & let him know I intend going away on holidays. I posted cheque for my Land Tax. Joan is 23 today. Hector gave me my bank passbook. 83.

Jan 31 1947: Alex & Mary drove down to Vic & Ethel’s & arranged with Mr. Chalk to come with us to Alexandra Heads for holidays. A lovely cool breeze all day, showers this evening. 82.


Feb 1 1947: Joan went to town & got her new rimless glasses this morning. All hands have had a very busy day packing things up for our holidays at Alexandra Heads. We intend going early tomorrow morning. Some heavy showers. 80.

Feb 2 1947: At Alexandra Heads. We all got up early to go for our holidays. Hector, Doris & Lorna called at Ethel’s & picked up Mr. Chalk, then called for me, got a lot of our luggage & left for the Heads at 7a.m. & arrived 9a.m. Alex & family & a big load of luggage arrived at 10a.m. We heard a good sermon by Rev. J.L. Hobbs by wireless. Alex, Hector & the girls went for a swim. Cousins Bob & Elsie brought up a nice lot of grapes. They had three girlfriends with them. Heavy showers day & night.

Feb 3 1947: At Alexandra Heads. Hector, Doris & Lorna left for home yesterday at 6.30p.m. Some very heavy showers through the night & early this morning. All of us had a good sleep-in & breakfast at 8.30a.m. Alex took all of us for a drive to Mooloolaba, he & the girls went into the surf for a bath, there were lovely big breakers. Mary done some shopping & got some fresh fish for tea. Light showers this morning.

Feb 4 1947: Alex drove all of them to Mooloolaba for a swim. Mary got some fresh fish for our tea. It has been a lovely cool cloudy day, one or two very light showers.

Feb 5 1947: Alex & the girls went for a swim. Mary got some fresh fish for tea. We had been listening to the Test Cricket Match England v Australia played in Adelaide. England made 360 in their first innings, Australia made 387 in their first. Some showers early this morning, fine day. Brisbane heat 82.

Feb 6 1947: At Alexandra Heads. Some smart showers this morning. England made 340 in their second innings for 8 wickets & closed their innings. Australia went in & made 215 for 1 wicket in 3 ¼ hours. We are having lovely weather for our holidays. Brisbane heat 84.

Feb 7 1947: We are all having a real good time, plenty to eat & plenty of sleep, reading, writing, knitting, tatting, talking ec ec. Some heavy showers through last night.

Feb 8 1947: Alex & Joan went to watch the cricket match Woombye v Nambour, Woombye won. The R.C. priest was captain of his church team. Showers at night.

Feb 9 1947: Alex, Mary & the girls attended 9.30a.m. service in the Methodist church here. We had Congregational Church, the Presbyterian & R.C. by wireless. Cousins Robert & Elsie were here for a while this afternoon. Percy Pringle came just before Rob & Elsie left. He brought cousins Willie & Charlotte & others, they remained for tea. 16 of us sat down, a happy family. They did not come empty handed, they brought fruit, vegetables ec.

Feb 10 1947: At Alexandra. Alex took all the others for a drive to Nambour. I did not feel fit for the drive. They called at Percy & Hilda’s place on their way home, after doing some shopping, & had afternoon tea with them. They had their midday meal in Nambour. Some showers last night & this morning.

Feb 11 1947: Mary, Jessie & Joan paid a visit to Mr.& Mrs. Corell (next door) by request. They had a very enjoyable time & afternoon tea. Percy A. Dalton’s funeral notice was in the “Courier Mail” yesterday & today. Heavy showers early this morning & light rain this afternoon.

Feb 12 1947: Rain, rain, rain, nearly all last night & all day today & terrible strong N.E. wind & very rough sea. I got a letter from Hughie & one from Mr. Daniel McAuley enclosed in it. He let me know J.A. Scott sent statement & cheque for rent collected. Mr. Nickel also sent cheque & statement for what he collected. Hughie banked both cheques to my credit.

Feb 13 1947: At Alexandra Heads. I think we will all remember last night, the cyclonic wind & rain came from all directions & blew through every crevice in the outside walls of the house. The roar of the sea was like distant thunder, when the great waves crashed against the shore the earth of the house trembled. Great reports of floods & damage done in many places & it is still blowing & raining but not quite so bad. 73.

Feb 14 1947: The rain has eased off, we have had light showers. The wind has changed to S.E. & it is much cooler. The sea is very rough & clouds low. We are having a real rest holiday with plenty to eat. We have had plenty of fresh fish nearly every day since we came. The baker calls with good bread, the milkman with good milk, the fruiterer with good fruit & even the sanitary man has attended to us.

Feb 15 1947: The weather is improving, it has been fine most of the day, S.E. wind nice & cool, showers at night. I posted a birthday card to Mrs. A. Goward for the 18th, she will be 57 on that date. She always sends kind wishes for my birthday which is on the 17th. 74.

Feb 16 1947: Maggie was taken to Eddie & Mary’s to spend a month with them. A fine, bright sunshiney day, cloudy & heavy rain at night. Alex, Mary & girls went to 9.30a.m. service. We listened in to Rev. Wheller 11a.m., he gave a splendid sermon. I sat on the beach seat with some of the others in front of our house for a while this afternoon. Cousin Archie & family saw the others after I had left them & he had a talk with them. 78.

Feb 17 1947: At Alexandra. I thank God for allowing me to live 87 years today & surrounding me with loving kindness & tender mercies from my birth to this present time. I often wonder why I am spared so long, especially since I am unable to do any manual work, but I am quite resigned to His will, as I know all things work together for good to them that love God. Another bright sunshiney day & heavy rain last night. I got telegrams from Percy & Fanny, Mrs. A. Goward with birthday greetings & one from Hector & family.

Feb 18 1947: I posted a letter to Percy & Fanny with cheque for Maggie’s accommodation. Mary, Alex & I went to see cousin Barbara this afternoon. Her daughter Eva Richardson came in while we were there, also Mr. Richardson, daughter Jean 15 and son Keith, 1 year & 9 months, they have three other daughters. May & her husband live with her Mother, they have a daughter 15 months. Barbara is 77 & is fairly well at present. Ted came in while we were there also. 82.

Feb 19 1947: Percy Pringle & family (except Lindsay) & Fred Skerness came to see us yesterday evening. We had a very pleasant time & finished with a good supper. Fine day but rather warm. 85.

Feb 20 1947: Another fine day, rain at night. 75.

Feb 21 1947: Alex bought a lovely fresh parrot fish 2 ½ pounds for 3/9. We are having fresh fish nearly every day since we came here. Alex got a letter from Hector saying he & Doris would be here about 9a.m. tomorrow to take some of us & our luggage home tomorrow. It has been a busy day, scrubbing, cleaning & packing up. Lovely fine day.

Feb 22 1947: All had breakfast earlier than usual & got some of our things packed up. Hector & Doris arrived here at 8.45a.m. After refreshments, most of them went for their final swim & done some shopping at Mooloolaba, then we had our dinner, got everything fixed up & started for home at 4.42p.m. Mr. Chalk & I & a lot of luggage went in Hector’s car. He kept behind Alex, who had a blowout which delayed us about ½ an hour. We arrived home at 8p.m. & were thankful to God for the lovely time we have had & the safe arrival home.

Feb 23 1947: Mary & I remained home all day, the others went to church a.m.& p.m. Vic & Ethel had dinner with us. Peggie came home with Jessie & Joan & remained for p.m. service. 83.

Feb 24 1947: I have had a busy time attending to all correspondence ec which came while I was away. We have had a lot of callers, a policeman came to check our names on the Electoral Roll. Murial showed us a lot of photos she got while on holidays in Sydney. Norm Tune fixed the light in the kitchen, Ronnie Smith brought tickets, the grocer, baker, milkman & others attended to our wants. A lovely cool cloudy day. 78.

Feb 25 1947: I posted cheque 22/6 to Mr. A.H. Brook (plumber) for stove pipe, hood & stay at Kedron house. Herbie, working for Alex today, brought his dinner & had it here. Horsehair mattress & lovely teaset that Jessie bought yesterday arrived here today. Cool cloudy day, one heavy shower at 11a.m. 80.

Feb 26 1947: Cool showery day & last night. 80.

Feb 27 1947: Cousin Bob McClintock came to see us this morning. He is staying at his sisters, Minnie Smith, while his wife Elsie is in St. Martins Hospital. She has undergone an operation & is getting on well. Joan attended the Conference Home Mission Tea Meeting in the City Hall basement & monster meeting after. Cool, dark day very showery all last night & today. 77.

Feb 28 1947: Mary visited Elsie in St. Martins & Alice Waugh in the Public Maternity Hospital. She has had a son. Joan, Jessie & many others from our church are attending a young people’s demonstration in the City Hall, 6.50p.m. (It is a Monster Centenary Conference) Very dark & showery night & day. 78.


Mar 1 1947: Joan went to town this morning & done some shopping. The “Telegraph” gives account of floods in all directions, traffic of all kinds has been upset & some lives lost. Constant showers last night & today. Our creek is flooded nearly up to our gate. 76.

Mar 2 1947: At home all day. I listened in to Lutheran Church a.m. & Rev. John Young N.S.W. p.m. All the others attended a.m.& p.m. Hector, Doris & Lorna & Hughie came to see us this afternoon. Fine day but very oppressive. 88.

Mar 3 1947: Lindsay has three days off his job this week & Alex is getting him to work for him. He commenced at dinnertime today. Mrs. Jackson was here for a while this afternoon. Fred Bishop has taken Jessie, Joan, Peggie & Bill in to the Conference Ordination Meeting this evening. His brother Jeff is being ordained. Fine day, only one shower. 85.

Mar 4 1947: Herbie & Lindsay are working for Alex today, they were here at dinnertime. A few showers. 82.

Mar 5 1947: Lindsay worked with Alex today. I posted cheque for ₤2-2-0 to the President of the Brisbane Legacy (War Widows & Orphans Fund). Doctor Lansdown called about 4p.m. & gave me a good overhaul & said I am alright. The Rev. Jeff Bishop was married this evening. A few showers. 84.

Mar 6 1947: Mrs. F.A. Drew was buried in the Lutwyche Cemetery this afternoon, Percy & Fanny attended the funeral & called in on their way home. There was a thunderstorm during the time. 9p.m. & still raining & heavy thunder. 84.

Mar 7 1947: Heavy rain all last night, all low land & streets in & about Brisbane were suddenly flooded. Many people prepared to leave their homes (but fortunately the rain ceased). Many that were out could not get to their homes as traffic was suspended for some time. A fairly fine day. 80.

Mar 8 1947: Britain is suffering from blizzards, worse than any ever known before. The accounts in our daily papers would make anyone sorry, it is causing misery & suffering beyond description. Mr. Len Butt drove a lot of the C. Endeavourers for a picnic at Margate Beach, Redcliffe. Jessie & Joan went. Hector & Doris came to see us this evening. A few light showers. 80.

Mar 9 1947: I attended a.m. service. The Rev.W. Lutton preached. Peggie had dinner & tea with us. I listened in to a very fine discourse given in the Independant Church, Collins Street, Melbourne. Some lovely singing. Eddie & Herbie called this morning. 82.

Mar 10 1947: I posted cheque for Sandgate rates. Herbie & Lindsay are working with Alex today. 3.30p.m. We have just got word that cousin Bob McClintock’s wife Elsie died suddenly in St. Martins Hospital 10a.m. where she had undergone an operation about a fortnight ago & was getting on real well. It is a great shock to all of us. I sent my Elgen watch to Hector with Lindsay to get the hands fixed, they catch one another. A few light showers. 80.

Mar 11 1947: Notice of Mrs. Elsie McClintock’s funeral notice is in todays paper. She is to be interned in the Woombye Cemetery tomorrow at 11.45a.m. Alex has arranged to take cousins Ted, Minnie & some others to the funeral. Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning & got the 4.30p.m. bus home. Herbie & Lindsay were here at dinnertime. Jessie remained home, not too well. I got Insurance Notice for “Burnie Brae”. 78.

Mar 12 1947: Cousin Hughie McClintock (from Deagon) arrived here last night to take Ted & Minnie to the funeral today. Alex took Janie Wayper, Fanny & Eddie. Janie & Eddie came here early this morning & all left here about 8a.m. Service was conducted in the Woombye church (Methodist) by the Rev. Chowns at 11.45a.m. More attended than the church could accommodate, more than 30 of our relatives were present. Alex & Eddie got home about 7p.m., after a drive to Maroochydore & Mooloolaba & taking Janie & Fanny home. Herbie & Lindsay were here at dinnertime. I got letter with statement & cheque from J.A. Scott. Mary attended Ladies Church Help Meeting 2.30p.m. Fine day. 82.

Mar 13 1947: The Rev. B. Davey called & had dinner with us. I posted J.A. Scott’s cheque to the bank. A lovely fine day. 80.

Mar 14 1947: Hector, Doris & Lorna came to see us this evening. I gave Hector a cheque ₤15-2-0 to pay my Income Tax, he will also pay my insurance premiums on Belmore Street & “Burnie Brae”. I gave him letter asking Bank Manager to let him have “Burnie Brae” policy no. 229479 for endorsement. I got Joan to ring up Aunty Sarah, as Vic has not been out to see us for a long time. They are all well & intend coming to see us before long. 86.

Mar 15 1947: Hughie rung up my bank & found out that Mr. Earl has not paid any instalment to my credit since Jan. 31st. 83.

Mar 16 1947: I attended a.m. service. The church was filled, about 74 remained for Sacrement, Rev. B. Davey. Vic & Ethel dined with us. Mr.& Mrs. McAuley came at 2.30p.m. Alex took them, Mary & Jessie for a drive to Redcliffe. They had tea here, Alex drove them to tram. Joe, Beckie & Ronnie came while they were away. Dulcie brought John & Alice’s lovely baby boy for me to see. 82.

Mar 17 1947: Lindsay & Herbie are still working for Alex. I sent a cheque to Eddie for Maggie’s accommodation from Feb. 16th to Mar. 16th ₤12. Lovely fine day. 83.

Mar 18 1947: Lindsay & Herbie were here today. Lindsay brought my Elgen watch which Hector had taken to Hansen for further repairs. He has to return to his job & will not be able to help Alex for some time. Very oppressive day, one light thunder shower. 88.

Mar 19 1947: Herbie was here today. Mrs. Jackson brought a Mrs. Smith here this evening, who brought two violins for me to examine & let her know if they are worth repairing, which they are. I advised her to take them to Mr. Kaiser, George St., Brisbane. Fine day. 82.

Mar 20 1947: Alex drove me to Hughie’s shop after dinner to see a butchers new wagon they have just finished. It is a splendid piece of workmanship & the painting decoration is a real work of art. The owner is highly pleased with it. Mr. C. Stewart called to see us this afternoon. Murial practiced some of her songs here this evening. Jessie played her accompaniment. Joan, Jessie & her are to assist with a programme at Wavell Heights Methodist Church next Saturday evening. 83.

Mar 21 1947: Lovely fine day. 81.

Mar 22 1947: Mary H. came to see us this afternoon, she brought some chocolate to Mary & me. Keith came for her about 4p.m. Janie Wayper came & got particulars of the property J.A. Smith bought, the Conveyancer Mr. Bickmore required details which I gave. Aunty Sarah & Eddie came to see us about 8p.m. & we had a pleasant time till 10.45p.m. Jessie, Joan & Murial are away at Wavell Heights Methodist Church Hall assisting with a musical programme. Cool, bright day. 80.

Mar 23 1947: I attended a.m. service. Alex met Mr.& Mrs. McAuley at the tram & they were with us for dinner & tea & attended p.m. service. Rev. B. Davey & his Mother came home with them. Jessie & Joan entertained them with piano & violin by request, after which we had supper & Alex drove all of them to the tram. 76.

Mar 24 1947: A lovely bright day. 78.

Mar 25 1947: The tram line workers have been very busy today, getting things ready for the opening of the service next Saturday. I watched them putting some of the poles up which appeared quite easy. Many men were fixing the wires at the top of the poles & appeared quite at home on their job. Alex has arranged to take Mary, Mr.& Mrs. McAuley & Matron of the Aged Peoples Home for a drive to Nambour, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba & surrounding districts tomorrow. I got Hughie to ring up D.W. Nickel (Agent) & let him know that tenant Willetts had got too far behind with his rent. He promised to let Willetts know he must pay up. 78.

Mar 26 1947: Alex & party as arranged left about 8a.m. & arrived home 9.45p.m. All of them were delighted with the trip. Mr. McAuley has been working with the B.H.P. Corp. for over 35 years & has never had a trip he enjoyed so much. Leila came for me, I had dinner with her & Fred. I had a pleasant afternoon & a look through their place & Roy & Dulcie’s new shop & dwelling which is nearing completion. Ideal weather. 77.

Mar 27 1947: A rail cleaning, or trial tram car came out this morning under it’s own electric power, it is not a passenger tram. A lovely cool day. 76.

Mar 28 1947: One of the latest type tram cars came to the Hamilton Road Terminus for a trial trip at 1.25p.m. Jessie is 25 today & has had a lovely lot of presents. Mr.& Mrs. McAuley had tea with us & expressed their thankfulness for all hospitality given them. They brought presents, we had a pleasant evening, they leave for home tomorrow 11.50a.m. Mrs. Gadsby & Peggie Miller were here also. Chermside tram line is to be opened tomorrow at 3p.m. It has been a very showery day. 74.

Mar 29 1947: Mr. Reid (of Chermside Post Office) called about 11a.m. & asked if I would hold one end of the ribbon when the first tram from Chermside broke through about 3p.m. I consented, as I am the longest resident alive in Chermside. Mrs. Quinn & Mrs. Rainbird were asked to hold the other end, they consented also. The function took place as arranged & was a huge success. Hundreds of people attended & after the speeches, free rides to the old terminus & back. I secured a length of the ribbon & had a ride. The Woombye Cricket Club played our church team here today & gave them a good beating. TRAM LINE OPENED. A lovely bright sunshiney day. 80.

Mar 30 1947: I remained home. I listened in to a student in Melbourne p.m. Alex has just got home 8p.m. after taking Roy, Dulcie, Fred, Leila, their two children & Jessie for a drive to Buderim Mountain, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba ec ec, they left here at 8a.m. The trams have been well patronised today. It is now raining 9p.m. Very dark, cloudy day, one or two light showers. 76.

Mar 31 1947: It rained nearly all last night & today, our creek is flooded up to our gate. 78.


Apr 1 1947: Fine morning, showery evening. Fanny came to see us this afternoon, while Percy went to town. He called for her about 4p.m. A very oppressive day. 82.

Apr 2 1947: Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning & got the 4.25p.m. tram home. Clara came this afternoon & arranged that Jim would come for me Good Friday at 9.30a.m. to spend the day with them. Cloudy day. 77.

Apr 3 1947: Cousin Willie McClintock called in for a few minutes this morning. He & Harold are going to consult a doctor re a skin trouble that is troubling them & Olive is consulting a lady doctor re her trouble. They had not time to call on their way home. Joan is in a bustle getting ready to go for a tour to the Northern Rivers during Easter holidays. Hughie & a lot of his have gone to Tambourine this evening. Fine day, one light shower. 79.

Apr 4 1947: Jim Argo came for me this morning at 9.30a.m. as arranged. I had dinner with them, after which he took me for a drive to the Crematorium. We had a look through it & it’s surroundings are well worth seeing, it is a wonderful institution. We went for a long drive through many of South & North Brisbane suburbs, back to Kedron about 4.45p.m., had tea & Jim brought me home at 8.30p.m. after a very pleasant day. Joan got away at 8a.m. with her friend Francis Dwyer. 77.

Apr 5 1947: Alex has been busy working all day. There has been a lot of callers, it has kept Mary going her hardest. Cousins Willie, Charlotte, Percy, Hilda & John were visiting Charlotte’s brother (Mr. Lunn) who is in hospital & who is very low. They called this afternoon on their way home. Jim & Grace Wayper & their two boys were here also. We all had afternoon tea & a pleasant time together. Jim arranged to call 10a.m. next Monday & drive me to his workshop at Nundah to see his fancy timber work. He is making a fancy timber walking stick for me. 76.

Apr 6 1947: I remained home, listened in to Dr. Wit-Battie of Newcastle p.m. Eddie, Herbie & Keith called for Alex 6a.m., they are going to their cousin Dick’s for their holidays. Vic, Ethel & Peggie had dinner with us after a.m. service, Peggie remained for p.m. service. Mrs. Denning visited us & had a practice on the organ this afternoon. Fine day. 77.

Apr 7 1947: Jim Wayper came at 10a.m. & drove me to his fancy timber workshop at Nundah, where he has a wonderful variety of articles made of beautiful polished timber, for which he gets orders for thousands. He has 6 employees & uses 17 different machines. There is a great scope for artistic designing. Joan arrived home about 6p.m. after her holiday tour & gave a wonderful description of the whole tour. Eddie, Alex, Keith & Herbie arrived here at 10.30p.m. after their holiday trip to see cousins Dick & Mabel McClintock. John Lunn’s funeral to the Crematorium took place this morning. 78.

Apr 8 1947: Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning & got the 4.20p.m. tram home. The Rev. B. Davey had tea with us this evening. There is a farewell social to him in our church this evening, as he is appointed to another circuit in the North. (Later) The Social was well attended & was a great success. Mr. Davey was highly esteemed & presented with books & cash. 78.

Apr 9 1947: Very quiet day, no visitors. Herbie called in & left his bike here on his way to Windsor where he is learning carpentry. He intends leaving his bike & going in and out by the tram. Mary attended Womens Church Help Meeting, I done a lot of knitting. A lovely sunshiney day. 76.

Apr 10 1947: I received statement cheque from D.W. Nickel for rent collected Belmore Street property. (Please excuse my pen for leaking). The Rev. B. Powell called to see us this morning & we had a long interesting talk. A few light showers. 76.

Apr 11 1947: I posted D.W. Nickel’s cheque to the bank. I sent a cheque to Eddie with Herbie for Maggie’s accommodation. Our Chermside trams are being well patronised. Lovely weather. 79.

Apr 12 1947: I sharpened Joan’s scissors, polished my slippers & Sunday boots, gave myself a good scrubbing, cut my nails, done a lot of reading, a little writing & a lot of knitting ec. The Rev. B. Powell conducted a Trustee meeting at 4p.m. to consider the City Council’s proposal to resume 12 feet of our church frontage allotments. Mr. Powell stayed here during the meeting. Herbie came & had a game of tennis this afternoon. Oppressive hot day. 82.

Apr 13 1947: I listened in to Rev. A. Butler, City Tabernacle a.m. Alex drove Mary & I to see Uncle Hugh & Sarah this afternoon. Vic, Eddie, Marian & her daughter Margaret were there, we had a pleasant time, had tea & got home at 7p.m. 82.

Apr 14 1947: Alex & Jim Wayper presented to me a lovely polished fancy timber (Mulga) walking stick. Jim made the stick which Alex ordered. Lovely fine cool day, rain through the night. 77.

Apr 15 1947: Cousin W. McClintock’s 80th birthday. I posted cheque for rates to City Council. Fine morning, rain most of afternoon. 76.

Apr 16 1947: I received a letter from Matron Evans with congratulations to me for being present at the opening of the Chermside tram service. I have just pencilled a reply. I received a statement & cheque from J.A. Scott for rent collected & posted cheque to the bank. I finished knitting a long black washer for myself. Light thunderstorm & shower this afternoon, cold night. 80.

Apr 17 1947: I posted a reply to Matron Evans letter. Hector was with us for dinner & I got him to write a letter (on behalf of Executors) to Mr. Wilshire, withdrawing option of him purchasing “Burnie Brae”. Hughie, Eddie & I will sign the letter, being the Executors. Mary called in for a while this afternoon. Very cold morning. 78.

Apr 18 1947: Cousin Daisy McClintock & her sister Miss Marrion Smith called & had afternoon tea with Mary & I. It is glorious weather. 78.

Apr 19 1947: Mr. Chalk came to see us today & got the 5.40p.m. train home. Miss Norma Daley, a neice of Mrs. Dick McClintock, had dinner & spent the afternoon & evening with us. She & Herbie went with Jessie & Joan & had a game of tennis & joined the club. Herbie spent the evening here also & they all had a musical evening. 80.

Apr 20 1947: I attended a.m. service. Rev. Missington, our newly appointed Assistant Minister, was the preacher. He was tendered a welcome & responded. Vic & Ethel had dinner with us. Sister Maggie was taken back to Percy & Fanny by ambulance after spending a week with Eddie & Mary. 77.

Apr 21 1947: Cousin Daisy & her daughter Marrion, Mrs. Robinson, were at cousin Minnie’s. Marrion came in to see us for a while this afternoon. Dull day, one nice shower. 74.

Apr 22 1947: Leila drove me out to see my sister Maggie this afternoon at Percy & Fanny’s home. I had a nice quiet talk with her, she is in bed & appears very low. The doctor has ordered her to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, as her heart is affected. We bade each other farewell, she expressed her assurance that if we did not meet again here below, we would meet in heaven. Dulcie & the two little ones came out with us & all of them had a word with Maggie. Lindsay was working with Alex today & had dinner with us. I sent a cheque to Eddie & Mary with Herbie for Maggie’s accommodation last week. A lovely fine day. 79.

Apr 23 1947: Fanny called at 8.30p.m. last night on her way home, after accompanying Maggie to the hospital. Doug Packer & his best girl Shirley Allidice took her home in his Father’s car. Fanny said Maggie is in Ward 1D General Hospital, they could not get her into the Intermediate. (Later) Alex & Mary went to see Maggie in the hospital. She knew them & is quite comfortable & happy. 79.

Apr 24 1947: Herbie called in, going to & coming from his work at Windsor. Cousin Alice Waugh called this afternoon with her lovely two months old baby boy Edward Robert, a real model. Cousin Harold McClintock & all his family called in for a few minutes, they are all well. Mary went in & saw Maggie this evening, she is quite conscious & happy, but slowly sinking. Jessie has gone with Hughie, May, Fred & Leila to Tambourine for the three holidays. Eddie & family are gone to Maroochydore. 79.

Apr 25 1947: ANZAC DAY Alex & Mary left here in the car at 6a.m. to pick up Vic & Ethel to go for a tour to Maleny, Tewantin & other places North. Joan remained home to look after me. Francis Dwyer came & they had a good practice at their music. Cousin Minnie called in. Joan & Francis have gone to the concert in the City Hall at 8p.m. This has been the greatest demonstration ever of Anzac Day in all the Colonies. I listened in to the march past in Brisbane. 8.15p.m., Tom Chalk has just called to let me know Alex axel broke. He is getting it fixed up at Kenilworth. They are alright, but may not get home until tomorrow. 9p.m., Percy Pringle called & paid for thermos & 12 lengths guttering 60/-. 75.

Apr 26 1947: Alex & party got home at 10p.m. last night after getting the axel oxy welded at Kenilworth. They met a Mr. Rogers there who knew me & was surprised to hear I was still alive. Norma Daly had dinner with us, had a game of tennis & spent the evening with us. Mary & cousin Minnie went to see my sister Maggie, she is quite happy & glad to see them. 5p.m. Joan went to see one of her shop mates married to a Mr. David Barker, in All angels C. of E., New Farm & to the after gathering. Dulcie & Anna came in for a while this evening & brought Wilshire’s rent. 76.

Apr 27 1947: I attended a.m. service. Alex & Joan are at Sandgate Baptist S. School Anniversary. They came home for dinner & went back, Mary went with them. Harold & Fanny called (4.30p.m.) She had seen Maggie & had a message that the doctor wanted to see some of Maggie’s relatives. She will ring Janie & Clara & I said Mary would go also. 70.

Apr 28 1947: 11.30a.m. Mary, Janie & Clara met at the hospital as arranged & had conversation with the doctor. He gave no hope of Maggie’s recovery. They saw her but she was too low to converse. The Rev. W.H.Harrison was cremated at Mt. Thompson Crematorium this afternoon, age 86. Our choir & orchestra are giving a concert at North Pine (Petrie) this evening.

Apr 29 1947: Hughie came & said he had just got word from the hospital that my sister Maggie had just died. He then rung up Cannon & Cripps, Undertakers, and arranged for the funeral & the Rev. B. Powell for the service. Many of our relations, Clara & Beckie, Fanny & Janie & several others called to see us. Hector & Doris came this evening. 70.

Apr 30 1947: The Funeral Notice was in this morning’s Courier Mail. It took place from the Chermside church, after service which commenced at 2.45p.m., conducted by the Rev.B. Powell & Rev. Whitehead, to the Lutwyche Cemetery. I was not well enough to attend. Dulcie stayed with me during the afternoon until all returned home. It was a large funeral & a great many of our relatives & friends attended. Many called in to see me after the funeral. The Rev.B. Powell came this morning, I gave him particulars about my sister Maggie that he wanted. Janie came this morning, Mr. C. Stewart called also. It has been a very busy day & almost too much for me. I have received a lot of sympathy cards. Glorious weather all day. 76.


May 1 1947: The Rev. B. Powell called in to see me this morning. We had a long interesting talk & closed with a prayer. I have received many sympathy cards today. Mr. Menery came this afternoon to express sympathy. I have not been very well today. One smart shower & distant thunder. 75.

May 2 1947: Doctor Lansdown called this morning to enquire if we knew of any allotments in Chermside facing the main road for sale. I knew of none, but would make enquiries & let him know. The lady collector for City Missions called, Mary & I gave her our annual subscription. The Rev. R. Missenden called this afternoon & we had a pleasant talk. Mary has had a very busy day with visitors & callers. I have received several more sympathy cards. Mr. J.E. Reid came this evening & tendered his & Mrs. Reid’s sympathy. Some smart showers. 74.

May 3 1947: Joan went to Springbrook by bus after leaving her work yesterday evening for the long weekend holidays. Norma Daley was here for dinner, tennis & tea & went with Jessie to a party at Mr.& Mrs. F. Barker’s home, in honour of their daughter’s 21st birthday. Herbie came for tennis & had tea with us. Hughie drove Mary & I to the school to record our vote 8.30a.m. I wrote to cousins Willie & Charlotte, thanking them for sympathy message. 76.

May 4 1947: At home with a bad cold. Peggie was with us for dinner & tea. Joe, Beckie & family & Tom’s girl Betty & Ross Rigney came this afternoon. 77.

May 5 1947: LABOUR DAY The worst railway smash that has been in Queensland happened this morning, near Camp Mountain, Dayboro. A special picnic train carrying about 450. Joan got home about 9.30p.m. after her holiday tour to Springbrook & other places. 77.

May 6 1947: I posted two photos of the opening of the tram service to Chermside, to Matron A. Evans. Mr. P. Maggs called this afternoon & we had a long talk about our early days ec. He will be 81 if he lives to Sept. 6th next. 77.

May 7 1947: Mary had dinner with her sister Mrs. V. Boot today, where there was a gathering of their friends. Mr. Burgass, Ambulance Collector, called & I paid my annual subscription. Fanny called for a while this afternoon while I was alone. Lovely fine weather.

May 8 1947: Quiet day, not many callers. We got word that Uncle Hugh was taken to the General Hospital because he was in a coma. 80.

May 9 1947: Hugh is now conscious. 80.

May 10 1947: I received several more letters of sympathy & one from Matron A. Evans thanking me for photos of the opening of our tram service which I sent her. Norma Daley was with us for dinner & tea. Herbie & she went to tennis. Eddie, Mary & their Norma came after tea & all went to a great gathering of Christian Endeavours, meeting in the School of Arts. Social, concert & games, they had a large gathering & a wonderful good time. Heavy shower about 3p.m. 78.

May 11 1947: MOTHERS DAY Our church was crowded. My cold too bad for me to attend church. I listened in to the Rev. Stevenson, Church of England, Kangaroo Point. Heavy shower 2.45.

May 12 1947: Janie came to see us today & I asked her to get me a large bottle of the stuff that I make the cure for asthma with. Lindsay came to work for Alex today. Heat 74.

May 13 1947: Lindsay is working for Alex today. He went home after dinner as he got a message from his boss. Mary went to town this morning & done some shopping ec. Mrs. Batchelor (nee Lucy Hack) was here when Mary came home this afternoon. We had not met for many years & we had a great talk about our early days. 73.

May 14 1947: Dr. Lansdown gave me a good overhaul this evening & prescribed for my cold that is troubling me. Alex got the medicine at our local chemist shop. The Doctor said he would see me next Monday. 75.

May 15 1947: Mary & May have had a busy afternoon, fixing up a report for the Ladies Church Help’s twenty first birthday. I gave May particulars & she will order 40 Return Thanks cards & suitable envelopes. One heavy shower 74.

May 16 1947: Keith & Herbie brought a wardrobe that Alex bought from Hector & Doris, they got here about 8p.m. Hughie, Alex, Jessie & Joan were at the Rode Road Congregational Church Meeting, assisting with their violins. They got home before Keith & Herbie left. The Rev. Swane called, he is being married in Albert St. Church tomorrow, breakfast in Canberra 7p.m. Jessie, Joan & Murial are invited. Jessie has a prior engagement. Heavy shower at midday, showers at night. 73.

May 17 1947: Mr. George F. Conradi aged 75 was buried in the Lutwyche Cemetery at 3.45p.m. I was not able to attend. Cousin Minnie was here awhile today. Norma Daley was here as usual, Keith & Herbie came after dinner. Jessie, Norma Daley, Keith & Herbie are attending Lindsay’s 21st birthday party 6p.m. Alex & Mary drove Jessie & Norma there in the new (secondhand) Plymouth sedan car, which he has just bought today for ₤300. Joan & Murial intend going to Lindsay’s party a little late. They all got home a little after 12. Several showers. 71.

May 18 1947: At home all day. Norma slept here last night & spent the day with us. Peggie came after a.m. service & spent the afternoon & evening. Vic & Ethel were with us for dinner. Tom & Viti called this morning, Joe, Beckie this afternoon & Ronnie. Janie brought me a bottle, 1 pint & 6 fluid ounces, to make an asthma cure 25/-. Alex took Mary, Vic, Ethel, Peggie & Norma for a drive in his Plymouth car this afternoon. 70.

May 19 1947: Doctor Vaughn Lansdown called 11.45a.m. & gave me another overhaul & prescribed a cough mixture for me. I posted a sympathy card, Mrs. G.F. Conradi, Flower Street, Northgate. I received an invitation to attend the wedding of Daphne Wilshire to Roy Roberts in Saint Columbans Church, Clayfield June 21st at 3p.m. & afterwards at Chermside School of Arts. Very light rain most of day. 73.

May 20 1947: Mary & Jessie went to town this morning. They called on the doctor (Bostock), he ordered Jessie to have a month holidays. Mary got the medicine at the lodge dispensary that my doctor prescribed for me yesterday, also ½ lb. garlic at a seed shop. I got Cannon & Cripps account for my sister Maggie’s funeral ₤29-8-4. Alex went to see his Uncle Hugh in the General Hospital this evening, he is progressing well. Mrs. Jackson called to see Mary this afternoon 71.

May 21 1947: I received statement & cheque from Mr. John A. Scott for rent collected & P.S. re George Conradi’s death. Peggie & one of Joan’s workmates were with us for tea. Two other of her mates came later & spent the evening here. Some showers, very cold wind. 70.

May 22 1947: Dr. Lansdown called 5p.m. & examined me & said I am going on alright & to ring him up next Monday & let him know how I am. Eddie, Herbie, Mary & Norma came to see us this evening. A few light showers. 71.

May 23 1947: Mrs. G. Herman (N.Pine) called this afternoon while Clara & Heather were here. We had a real jolly time & afternoon tea. I gave Mrs. H. a washer which I knitted & cake of soap, that I omitted sending to her last Christmas, as she was away on holidays. Heather brought me a 1/2lb. cake of chocolate. I posted a Return Thanks card to Manager & Staff of Q.N. Bank. 70.

May 24 1947: Herbie worked for Alex this morning, had dinner, changed his clothes & went with Joan & Norma Daley for game of tennis. Francie Dwyer came after tea & they had a singalong. Hector & Doris came, I gave him my spectacles to get repaired, doctor’s account & cash. Also Cannon & Cripps funeral a/c & cheque which he will attend to. He & Doris went with Alex & Mary for a drive in Alex new car, we had supper when they returned. Mary & Joan directed & posted nearly all my Return Thanks cards. Hughie snr. called, May was here awhile. 70.

May 25 1947: At home suffering with bad back & a cold. I listened in to Rev. Wheller, Albert St. p.m. No visitors today. Some showers. 71.

May 26 1947: Jessie has commenced her month holidays. She remained home & helped her Mother. Mrs. Denning called this morning, collecting for present for May, who has been President of Ladies Church Help for 20 years. It is to be presented to her at tomorrow night’s function in the School of Arts (21st birthday). Jessie rung & let my doctor know I am getting alright. Showers last night & light rain nearly all day, dark & cold. 67.

May 27 1947: Hector called on his way to the Church Help 21st Birthday Social in the School of Arts. He gave me Dr. Lansdown & Cannon & Cripps receipts & my spectacles that he got repaired. I sent an apology & donation to the above Social. Every one of my family & their wives & husbands attended the Social. It was a great success, the hall was crowded, the takings & gifts were about ₤15. Eight of my grandchildren & two of my great-grandchildren were present. A lovely fine, cool day. 70.

May 28 1947: Jessie went to Tambourine with Jean Hartley this afternoon. Mary went to town & saw them off in the bus & brought Joan’s violin home after being cleaned at Mr. Keizers. I got a letter with a Form C. Certificate of Death to be filled in & returned to the Registrar General (re my sister Maggie’s death), I have just filled it in. Mary has minced, mixed & strained the garlic & whiskey mixture for asthma cure. Fine day, bitterly cold night. 69.

May 29 1947: Posted Certificate of Death Form C. filled in to the Registrar General. Mrs. Denning called & had a long chat with Mary this afternoon. Leila & Janet, Dulcie & Anna came for a while. Fine day, bitterly cold morning. 70.

May 30 1947: Mr. J.E. Reid called in this evening to see Alex & how we all are. Pleasant weather. 71.

May 31 1947: I received a letter from the Queensland Housing Commission & a Proclamation Form. The letter stated that my claim for compensation (for Burnie Brae) should be lodged with the Commission. Bitterly cold morning, fine day. 70.


Jun 1 1947: At home, still suffering with bad back. Peggie was here for the afternoon. Alex took Mary, Hughie, Peggie & I for a while in his Plymouth car. 72.

Jun 2 1947: I received statement & cheque from D.W. Nickel for rent collected from tenant Willets who is now about 6 weeks in arrears. I got Hughie to ring up Nickels & authorise him to give the tenant notice unless he pays up. Keith worked here today, taking down the verandah blinds & putting in studs for glass louvres. Hughie came this evening & arranged to ring Hector to call at Curator’s Office re claim for compensation for “Burnie Brae”. Cold day. 69.

Jun 3 1947: Hughie rung up Hector re “Burnie Brae”. Mrs. Cuthbert returned & joined the church choir this evening. Hughie & Alex went to see their Uncle Hugh who is still in hospital this evening, he is still very weak. 74.

Jun 4 1947: May came & had a long talk this afternoon & showed me the old plan of allotments at their workshop surveyed 1926, but not submitted to the council for approval & will have to be re-surveyed. Hector & family came this evening. He has arranged to meet Mr. Ford at Curator’s Office 11.30a.m. tomorrow re “Burnie Brae”. He took copy of letter I sent in some time ago with my offer of what I would accept. 71.

Jun 5 1947: Hector told Hughie the interview he had this morning with Mr. Ford re “Burnie Brae”. He advised Hector for me to get it valued & the Valuator & Hector to call on him later. Hughie gave me this message this evening. Mary went to town this morning & called to see Ethel & her Father who is not well. Leila called re playing organ at church. 69.

Jun 6 1947: Hughie rung up Mr. Reid & arranged for him to call on me re valuing “Burnie Brae”. Mr. R. Missenden called this afternoon & returned a book I lent him. He, Mary & I had an interesting talk, a cup of tea & a parting prayer. 67.

Jun 7 1947: Mr. Reid called this evening re valuing “Burnie Brae”.n I gave him particulars that he required. Norma D. & Herbie came as usual on Saturdays & went to tennis with Joan. Alex has just got a nasty cold. 68.

Jun 8 1947: At home. Listened in to Rev. S.T. Hunting, Ann Street Church of Christ a.m. Alex home all day with a cold. Vic & Ethel called. Mr. Chalk is a little better. Joe, Beckie & Ronnie called this afternoon. 71.

Jun 9 1947: Alex worked a while but came home very poorly, had a good steaming & went to bed. 70

Jun 10 1947: Alex went late to work & came home early & went to bed early. He is improving, but he is not fit to go with the choir & orchestra to Paddington, where they are giving a concert tonight. Fanny, Joe, Pat, Peter & Jennifer came to see me for a short time at 4p.m. 69.

Jun 11 1947: Mary went to town this morning to do some shopping. She got a nice pale green jug & 6 tumblers & glass tray, which I intend giving to Daphne Wilshire for her wedding present. She is to be married 21st inst. to Roy Roberts, in St. Columbans Church of England, Clayfield. Mrs. Jackson & Mary’s Father called while she was away. Alex drove Mr. Chalk to his son Tom’s place before dinnertime, as he, Mr. Chalk, was not very well & wanted to see him. Norm Tune came this evening with a lot of questions re music & conductorship of a choir. He said he was very pleased with the information he got. He put a long lead to our reading lamp, so that it can be connected when required. Frosty a.m. 73.

Jun 12 1947: Joan saw Daphne Wilshire & asked her to call & see me on her way home. She called with her fiancé Mr. Roy Roberts & I gave them the wedding present. They were both very pleased with it. We gave them our good wishes & I sent to Mr.& Mrs. Wilshire my thanks for invitation & apology for not being able to attend the functions. Clara & Beckie & Mr. C. Stewart paid us a visit this afternoon. 71.

Jun 13 1947: Francie & Dorothy Dwyer & Joan intend going to Toowoomba this evening by train, to spend Saturday, Sunday & Monday (King’s birthday) there. Francie’s brother has arranged for their accommodation, he works at Toowoomba. Another frosty morning. 72

Jun 14 1947: Marjorie & Heather came to see us this morning. They are getting on well with their music lessons & played several of their pieces on the piano by memory. Jessie & Joan are both away on holidays & things are very quiet & makes us feel lonesome. Not so cold this morning. 71.

Jun 15 1947: At home all day. Vic & Ethel called on their way to church. Joe Packer brought a pulpit notice. Alex took Mary to see Tom Packer re her teeth & then took her, Mr. Chalk, Vic & Ethel for a drive to Nudgee. Not too cold. 70.

Jun 16 1947: KINGS BIRTHDAY – Public Holiday Hughie’s shop closed, but Alex was working most of the day. Not one visitor today. Joan arrived home about 9.30p.m. after having a real good time at Toowoomba. Lovely weather, not too cold. 75.

Jun 17 1947: Jessie arrived home from Tambourine at 9a.m. & intends returning there tomorrow to finish her holidays. Cousin Rev. Lex Robinson called & arranged for Joan to play at a concert in the Cribb Island Methodist Church tomorrow night. Very cold morning. 71.

Jun 18 1947: Mary & Jessie went to town this morning. Jessie called on her doctor. He is very pleased that she is greatly improved & has advised her to have a change of work. Jean Hartley met her & she has returned to Tambourine this afternoon. Mr. Jack Barker was buried in the Lutywche Cemetery this afternoon. Peggie had tea with us this evening. Eddie, Mary, Keith & Norma came to see us this evening. Peggie remained with us. We had some humorous yarns about our younger days, which caused us to laugh like a lot of kookaburras, a real jolly time. Joan was away at Cribb Island Methodist Church, assisting the musical programme. Eddie drove Peggie to the Homes. 72.

Jun 19 1947: Doris entertained a lot of her friends (mostly relatives) to midday lunch. Mary was there & Hector managed to get there for his dinner. Alex & Mary went to the Homes this evening & let the Matron know what the doctor said about Jessie’s future. Joan went to a concert in the City Hall this evening. 70.

Jun 20 1947: 69.

Jun 21 1947: Norma Daley was here for dinner as usual on Saturday, Herbie & her went to tennis with Joan. All of them went to the pictures after tea. Mary went to the Kedron Methodist Anniversary Tea with Hughie & May. 70.

Jun 22 1947: I attended a.m. service. Mary gave May the 15/6 for the Return Thanks cards that she got for me. Mr.& Mrs. Granthem & Mabel came to see us this afternoon. Mabel remained & attended our p.m. service. 73.

Jun 23 1947: 76.

Jun 24 1947: Alex & Mary went to Joe & Beckie’s place this evening. Tom drew three of her teeth, she is getting him to make a new set. She is well pleased with the way he drew them. A Mr. Jensen from Nundah called & left a Sensus Form to be filled in. 80.

Jun 25 1947: I received statement & cheque from J.A. Scott this morning for rent collected. I posted cheque to the bank. There was a terrific explosion at 4.45a.m. in the Shell Oil Co. storage plant, Newstead. It shook buildings for many miles around & gave people a great fright, but no-one was hurt. The firemen had it under control in about two hours. This house trembled. Lindsay Pringle who is in the Navy came to see us & had tea with us & spent the evening. He is on a barge in Brisbane with some others. 73.

Jun 26 1947: 69.

Jun 27 1947: Mrs. Herman brought us some lovely mandarins from her own garden this morning & Mrs. Dwyer brought some large navel oranges, a grapefruit, lemon & cabbage. Mr. J.E. Reid came this evening re valuing “Burnie Brae” & asked me to arrange with Hector to make an appointment for both of them to the Curator next Friday if possible. Joan went to the pictures. 68.

Jun 28 1947: Herbie & Norma Daley came as usual & went to tennis with Joan. After tea, Joan went to night tennis at Wilston. Alex has gone to orchestra practice in town with Mr. Walton & others. 70.

Jun 29 1947: I attended a.m. service. Vic & Ethel had dinner with us & Peggie had tea with us. Hector came for a short time this afternoon. Lorna is very poorly. I returned a large book of photographs of the world to Vic. 68.

Jun 30 1947: Bitterly cold morning but lovely day. 68.


Jul 1 1947: Sensus Collector called & got our form. Jean Jenning (nee Hartley) called this morning & had some messages to do for Jessie, who is still on Tambourine. Lindsay Pringle called to say farewell, as his Unit is returning to Sydney. Herbie & Alex went to see their Uncle Hugh in the hospital this evening, he is recovering fairly well. 69.

Jul 2 1947: Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning & got the 4.25p.m. tram home. He is well, considering his age. 68.

Jul 3 1947: Mrs. E. Rode (nee Sammells) & Mrs. Raymond had afternoon tea with Mary & I. 66.

Jul 4 1947: I received a letter from the City Council, demanding me to have the guttering on the house at Bevington St., Sandgate repaired. Alex & Mary drove to Mrs. Herman (snr) at Lawnton for a very fine lot of fruit, vegetables ec (this evening) that she is giving to our Church Harvest Festival to be held next Sunday.

Jul 5 1947: Mrs. Herman came in this morning, she is helping to arrange things for our Church Harvest Festival display tomorrow. Herbie & Norma D. had dinner & tea with us. They went to tennis in the afternoon & to the pictures at night. Joe, Beckie & Ronnie came to see us this afternoon, Beckie is suffering with pain in her back. Mr. J.E. Reid called this evening & gave me a full account of his efforts to raise the value of “Burnie Brae” property. Hector & he are to meet at the Curator’s Office next Monday at 11a.m. I gave him all copies & letters of correspondence, he promised to return them. Warm day. 74.

Jul 6 1947: I attended Harvest Festival service a.m. Mrs. E. Rode & her daughter Betty were there & came home with us & spent the afternoon & attended p.m. service. 69.

Jul 7 1947: Hughie came this morning & let me know that he has to take Hector’s appointment with Mr. Reid to meet at Curator’s Office at 11a.m., as Hector is not able to go. (Later) Hughie reported to me their meeting & that Mr. Reid will call & let me know the result later. Rev. A.L. Rose had tea with us. Mrs. Smith (snr) & her daughter Marion came to see us after tea for a short time. Keith worked all day glassing in our side verandah. Joan home all day with a cold. Bitterly cold morning. Max heat 66.

Jul 8 1947: Hughie rung up Mr. Dixon, City Council Inspector of Sandgate & let him know I would have the guttering on the house at Sandgate repaired as soon as possible. He said that would be alright. Our Church Harvest Festival & Concert & sale of goods was held in the School of Arts this evening & was a great success & realised ₤13-13-0. Fanny & Vernie called to see us on their way home from town this evening. Joan home all day, getting over her cold. Bitterly cold. 69.

Jul 9 1947: Joan went to work this morning. Hughie returned the copy of letter which Hector gave him, one of mine to Curator re “Burnie Brea”, also a copy of Mr. Reid’s details of his valuation. 70.

Jul 10 1947: Tom Packer drew three teeth for Mary this evening. Alex drove her there on his way to Stafford, where he is playing with our orchestra at a concert. Joe drove Mary home after having three of her teeth drawn. A daughter was born to Roy & Dulcie in the Nundah Private Hospital at 9.30p.m. 71.

Jul 11 1947: Joan had very stubborn tooth drawn by dentist Wright on her way to work this morning. Mary & Mrs. Jackson signed the bank deposit slip to deposit the proceeds of the Harvest Festival ₤13-13-0. 69.

Jul 12 1947: Doug Packer called for me after dinner & drove me to their place to see Tom’s dentist outfit & his workshop & outfit with tools ec and I must say it is a credit to both of them & they are making good use of them. I had afternoon tea & then went to see Jim & Clara. Heather has just passed her musical exam & got 83. She was 10 years old yesterday. Dorothy has just finished a fancy knitted pullover. I feel proud of all my grandchildren, there are no drones. Mr. Reid & Hughie came this evening & reported re meeting at Curator’s on 7th inst. Hector has just come in & we all had a good talk about the business. Hector, Hughie & I dictated a letter (after Mr. Reid left) to be sent to the Curator. Hector will get it typed & I will sign it. Mr. Reid advised us to write.

Jul 13 1947: At home all day. Vic, Ethel & Peggie had dinner with us. Peggie remained & attended p.m. service. Janie, Mary & Margaret Wayper came this afternoon & Mary’s fiancé Mr. Robinson. They are to be married Sept. 6th. Don Waugh & Lindsay Pringle were here for a few minutes. Last night & this evening coldest this Winter. 71.

Jul 14 1947: Cousin Willie came to see us this morning & spent the day here while Percy & Hilda were shopping in town. Willie had been in seeing the doctor about his nose. He & Archie came out in the tram & Archie went home by tram. Percy, Hilda & a Mrs. Garton had tea with us & we had a pleasant time. I posted typed letter to Curator claiming ₤1500 for “Burnie Brae”. 71.

Jul 15 1947: Jessie came home from Tambourine this morning. Jean Jenyns (nee Hartly) came here this afternoon. Mr. Chalk came this morning & returned in 4p.m. tram. Alex conducted the choir practice, Mr. Bishop is not well. 72.

Jul 16 1947: Mary & Jessie went to town this morning. The doctor is very pleased that Jessie has greatly improved during her holidays. Mary bought a new passage runner at McWhirters ₤13-12-3. Jean Jenyns & Peggie came home with Jessie at 4p.m. & Mary came in the next tram. Peggie had tea with us. Jean had a good practice (after afternoon tea) at some of her songs, Jessie accompanied them on piano. After tea, Jean & Jessie went to see Dulcie’s new baby. Joan went to Ethel Boot’s evening party. 69.

Jul 17 1947: Today has been the coldest this Winter. A strong Westerly wind blew all day. 66.

Jul 18 1947: Tom drew the last three of Mary’s top teeth this evening & she is quite pleased with him as a dentist. 65.

Jul 19 1947: Victor Hamilton came to see us this morning. His Father is recovering slowly, he is still in the hospital. Norma D. came this morning as usual & Herbie came after dinner. Jessie & they had a game of tennis & then all of them attended an Endeavour Rally in the School of Arts, in the open air, after tea & then in the church. There were about 100 present. Lovely weather but rather cold. 67.

Jul 20 1947: Alex conducted the choir, Mr. Bishop is poorly. At home. Alex, Mary & I drove to Lawnton this afternoon to see Mrs. L. Herman, as she had invited us to do. She gave us a great welcome & afternoon tea, showed us through her garden of fruit trees & vegetables in great variety. She gave us grapefruit, oranges, a custard apple, lettuce & radishes & we daren’t say no. 70.

Jul 21 1947: Mary & Jessie have had a busy day washing & cleaning up the whole house. Roy & Dulcie brought their lovely new baby Susan Grace to see us this morning. I thank God for allowing me to live to see so many of my lovely great-grandchildren. Alex & Joan went to see Uncle Hugh & a Mr. Cudden in the hospital this evening, Hugh is not as well. 70.

Jul 22 1947: I spent a good part of the day getting figures ready to fill in my Income Tax form. Alex conducted choir practice. Thunder & good shower this afternoon. 68.

Jul 23 1947: Mary, Jessie & Joan went to the City Hall this evening to hear the State School Childrens Concert. There were about 600 children performing, conducted by James Bilbrough & Mr. Moxey. The Hall was crowded, they say it was a glorious concert. Jessie went to town with Peggie this morning & bought some heavy wool to knit a jumper. Keith & Mary H. came to see us this afternoon. They came in their new (secondhand) Chev car, it is something like Alex Plymouth car. 70.

Jul 24 1947: Mr. Chalk came this morning, he is feeling much better lately. The Rev. R.Messenden came to see us this afternoon. 68.

Jul 25 1947: Reading, knitting & getting particulars ready to fill in my Income Tax form, which would now puzzle a lawyer. 69.

Jul 26 1947: Hector came here this evening & made out my Income Tax form & will hand it in on Monday. I gave him two of my razors to sharpen, Dr. Lansdown’s account to pay, my passbook to bank & to get cheque book of forms. Norma D. came as usual. Jessie, Joan, Norma & Herbie went to tennis & after tea all except Jessie went to a concert in the City Hall. Joan was my barber this morning, she cut my hair & made a real good job of it. Frost every morning this week. 70.

Jul 27 1947: At home all day. Alex car out of order. Vic & Ethel had dinner with us. Mrs. Walskie, Don & Alice Waugh & their lovely baby Edward (five months old) came to see me this afternoon. Alex conducted the choir. 72.

Jul 28 1947: I received D.W. Nickel’s statement & cheque for rent collected. Hughie sent me W. Miller’s receipt for plumbers job he done to “Burnie Brae” 15/-. I sent Hughie the money. I done some knitting & some darning at my bedsocks. 70.

Jul 29 1947: D.W. Nickel’s cheque posted to the bank. Jean Jenyns (nee Hartley) had dinner with us. Jessie went to see her Aunty Emma’s youngest grandson, Ethel went with her. Later she accompanied Jean’s songs & had her pupil Joan Fischle. Bob Kemp called & got some lemons. The coldest day we have had 11a.m. 58, 3p.m. 66. Westerly wind.

Jul 30 1947: Jessie & Peggie went to town this morning & had a good time shopping. Peggie had tea with us. Matron Amy Evans died at 4p.m. in the Ipswich hospital. She was the first Matron of the Marchant Garden Settlement Homes in Chermside. Mrs. F. Barker spent a while here this afternoon. Joan went to the City Hall this evening to hear the City Symphony Orchestra.

Jul 31 1947: Matron Evans remains were cremated today in the Mount Thompson Crematorium. Percy & Fanny called for a short time this afternoon & brought us a piece of Hughie’s birthday cake, he is now 21. My brother-in-law Hugh Hamilton died in the General Hospital at 1.30p.m. He was within 20 days of his 80th birthday. Hector returned my passbook from the bank & Dr. Lansdown’s settled a/c. He also got a cheque book for me with 30 forms. 70.


Aug 1 1947: Hugh Hamilton was buried in the Lutwyche Cemetery after service in his home conducted by the Rev. Hobbs, Church of England Minister, at 3p.m. There was a large attendance, the Hamiltons & relatives were there in full force. Percy & Fanny called on their way home. May was here for a while. 66.

Aug 2 1947: Mary visited Mrs. Plucknet, Mrs. English & Delsie Denning in the General Hospital this afternoon. They were all very pleased when she conveyed our good wishes & kind regards to them. Jessie & Joan had a good game of tennis this afternoon, Norma & Herbie did not turn up. Our orchestra went to Stafford Anniversary Tea & Public Meeting, to assist with the musical part of programme. Mr. Bishop called this morning, he is about well again. A Mr. Fulton of Bald Hills called to see if we wanted our back yard cleaned up, we are to let him know later. 68.

Aug 3 1947: I attended a.m. service & met the Matron of the Garden Settlement. Vic & Ethel came in on their way to church. Joe called with some pulpit notices. Alex went with some of his cousins to Don Waugh’s home this afternoon. Hughie Carseldine called. Light shower early. 69.

Aug 4 1947: Mrs. Stephens, who was one of Jessie’s music teachers & who now lives in Warwick paid us a visit this afternoon. Mary H. came in while she was here. They knew each other well & had a great chat about their earlier days & friends. Eddie called for Mary later. Jessie & Peggie went to the hospital & visited some of the aged folk from the Homes & Delsie Denning. 69.

Aug 5 1947: I received a letter from Mr. Norman Evans this morning, about his sister Amy’s death, late Matron of Garden Settlement Homes. Mr. Tom Williamson, an aged pensioner who camps in Hughie’s paint shop, commenced cleaning up our yard at 7.30a.m. & worked till 3.30p.m. Mary made him morning tea, dinner & afternoon tea. He said he is 75. I wrote letter to Mr. N. Evans, acknowledging his letter & tendering him sympathy. 71.

Aug 6 1947: I received John A. Scott statement & cheque for rent collected & posted cheque to bank. Mary & Jessie went to town this morning & done a day’s shopping. Mrs. Stephens came after tea & spent the evening with Mary, Jessie & Joan. They had a good instrumental musical evening & a very merry talk about earlier days. Alex was at a meeting & just came in after supper as Mrs. Stephens was leaving at 10.45p.m. 67.

Aug 7 1947: Mr. C. Stewart had morning tea with us. We had an interesting talk, a short prayer & he gave me some literature. Keith came in for a few minutes this morning. 75.

Aug 8 1947: Doris & Lindsay came & spent the evening with us. Lorna is quite happy, although she has to stay in bed for some time yet. I gave Doris my passbook to deposit in bank as requested. Lindsay gave me the 2 razors his Father sharpened. 76.

Aug 9 1947: EXHIBITION OPENED Jessie & Joan went to town early this morning to do some shopping. Kathleen Ireland came to see Mary re meat coupons, then Mr. J.E. Reid came & I gave him a cheque (to Ray White) for valuing “Burnie Brae” ₤4-4-0. Tom Chalk brought case of tomatoes, his Father remained here till afternoon. Mrs. Stephens spent an hour or so with Mary this morning. Herbie worked for Alex. Norma D.& Herbie had dinner & tea with us & went with Joan to tennis. Mr. Reid brought his cousin Mrs. Barnes to practice some of her songs, Jessie played the accompaniment. Mary & the others have gone to a Christian Endeavour Concert in the School of Arts tonight. 74.

Aug 10 1947: I attended a.m. service. Peggie came home with us. She & Madge McKenzie & Mrs. Stephens had tea with us & attended service. I listened in & heard a splendid address by Rev. Campbell. 71.

Aug 11 1947: Mr. Tom Williamson started work about 7.30a.m. cutting grass & weeds in our backyard. Mary gave him morning tea, dinner & afternoon tea. He knocked off about 3.30p.m. Jessie, Peggie & Madge went to the Exhibition tonight. Cousin Percy Pringle is in charge of the Woombye District Show at the Exhibition, they got First Prize. Percy spent the night here, he intends staying here at night. One or two light showers early a.m., warm day. 72.

Aug 12 1947: Percy Pringle got the 9a.m. tram to the Exhibition. The attendance has broken all records. Percy Pringle & his son Colin slept here tonight. Very dark & cool all day & getting colder. 68.

Aug 13 1947: Percy & Colin got the 9.30a.m. tram to the Exhibition. Joan worked this morning & got half holiday. Peggie spent the afternoon here & showed us her lovely wedding dress, she is to marry next month. Colin Pringle went home by train this evening. Fanny & Hughie came in for a while this afternoon. A lovely bright warm day. 77.

Aug 14 1947: Joan went from her work to the Exhibition this evening. Lovely fine weather, rather cool. 72.

Aug 15 1947: Mary & Jessie went to the Exhibition this afternoon, one of the greatest & best Exhibitions on record & the largest attendance. Ideal weather. 73.

Aug 16 1947: Cousin Percy drove his car to the Exhibition this morning. He has a very busy day getting the goods disposed of & the place cleaned up. He brought one of his helpers back with him, a Mr. Want & waited for another, who came out on the tram, a Mr. Wright. They had afternoon tea & left here for Woombye about 3p.m. Dulcie, with her lovely baby Susan & Janet & Anna came to see us this afternoon. Jessie, Joan & Francie had a great game of tennis. I gave Percy Pringle a book “The Treasure of Heaven” to lend to cousins Willie & Charlotte. 76.

Aug 17 1947: I attended a.m. service & listened in at night. Cousin Bob McClintock called in to say goodbye. He has been down for the Exhibition. The Rev. B. Powell is laid up with the shingles. Mr. E.J. Jones preached a.m. 67.

Aug 18 1947: Jessie went to see Lorna this afternoon, she is quite happy although she has to remain in bed for some time yet. I have been busy lately knitting washers ec for a fete to be held later on. Very dark cloudy day, light showers & cold. 63.

Aug 19 1947: Jean Jenyns practiced her songs, Jessie played the accompaniment on piano. Dorothy Dyer showed us a lot of her photos. Very dark cloudy day, light showers through the night. 69.

Aug 20 1947: Beckie, Clara, Marjorie & Heather came in for a few minutes this afternoon. The girls brought me a souvenir from the Exhibition, a transparent box of chocolates & sweets. Only Jessie & I were at home, Mary was at Church Help meeting. Very warm day. 75.

Aug 21 1947: Fanny spent the evening with us while Hughie was showing his moving photos to his friends at Greenslopes. He called for his Mother about 10.45p.m. A nice warm day. 73.

Aug 22 1947: I received a letter from the Curator stating the Commission’s offer for “Burnie Brae” is ₤1250. Mrs. Jackson was here for a while this afternoon. Colder weather today. 68.

Aug 23 1947: Norma Daley came as usual on Saturday morning. Herbie came after dinner, they & Joan went to tennis this afternoon, they & Jessie went to the pictures after tea. Joan went to the night tennis. Cold day. 66.

Aug 24 1947: I attended a.m. service, Mr. Missenden preached, the Rev. B. Powell is still poorly. Sarah, Victor & Eddie Hamilton had tea with us this evening. She gave us an account of Hugh’s death & of her trip to Sydney since it. Very strong cold West wind all day. 65.

Aug 25 1947: I wrote letter to the Curator in reply to his of 20th inst. re “Burnie Brae”. Ethel was here for a while this afternoon. Awful cold Westerly wind. 64.

Aug 26 1947: Posted letter to Curator. I wrote letter to Lorna in answer to hers of 19th inst. to me. One of the coldest West wind days. 66.

Aug 27 1947: Mary & Jessie went to town shopping this morning, they got my presents for Mary Wayper, Peggie Miller & for my dear little great-granddaughter Susan Grace. 70.

Aug 28 1947: Mary’s sister, Emma Bishop, with her daughter Merle & grandson Barry, a lovely curly-haired boy of 15 months, came to see us this afternoon. We had a pleasant time. Mr. Bishop called for them with his car on his way home from his work. 68.

Aug 29 1947: I have just got a horrible cold. A farewell gathering was held at the Garden Settlement this evening & presents given to Peggie Miller (who is to be married soon) & to Jessie, whose doctor advises her to change her employment. Mrs. Charlotte Ann Plucknett died in General Hospital after a severe operation. 70.

Aug 30 1947: Peggie & her Mother came to see us this afternoon & had tea with us. Mrs. Mill’s Mother’s maiden name was Hamilton & they lived in County Fermanagh, where my Father & Mother came from & many of their relations have the same name as our relations. Peggie is to be married to William Hinz on 27th of next month, Jessie & Joan are to be her bridesmaids. Fred, Leila, Murial, Jessie & Joan went to Tambourine this morning to assist in a concert up there this evening. Mrs. Plucknett was interred in the Lutwyche Cemetery this afternoon. We have all got colds. 71.

Aug 31 1947: I am still bad with a cold, but was able to listen in to the Presbyterian Minister in their church at Toowong. The Rev. Rose had tea with us. Jessie & Joan returned just in time for tea & have gone to church. Our choir gave several items at the Aspley Methodist Church Harvest Festival this afternoon. 73.


Sep 1 1947: A Circuit Meeting was held in the Kedron church. It was a dedicatory service for Mr. Woodgate, who is going to the Islands as a Missionary. Some of our choir & orchestra attended the meeting. I posted sympathy card to Mr. Plucknett. Very dark, doleful day, some drops of rain. 68.

Sep 2 1947: Hector & Doris came to see us this evening and Fanny & Hughie came in just as they were leaving at 9.15p.m. Alex had to give up work this afternoon on account of his cold. Another dark day & light rain all day & it rained nearly all last night. 70.

Sep 3 1947: Alex went to work after dinner, but he is not well. My cold is passing away. Jessie rung up & let Janie Wayper know that I will not be able to attend the marriage service of her daughter Jane Mary to Stanley Arthur Robinson next Saturday in the Sandgate Methodist Church. Dark showery morning, bright sunshine this afternoon. 71.

Sep 4 1947: Jessie spent the day with Lorna while Doris went to town to do some shopping. Grace Wayper came this evening & she & Jessie arranged a programme for Mary Wayper’s marriage function next Saturday. We sent our wedding presents with Grace this evening. A lovely fine sunshiney day. 75,

Sep 5 1947: I received a letter from the Curator, asking if we would reduce our claim of ₤1500 for “Burnie Brae”. I will consult Hughie & Eddie (Trustees) before I reply. I got letter from Bank Manager re Government’s intention to nationalize Trading Banks. I replied, stating I would do all I can to oppose it. Lovely bright morning light rain at present 8.15p.m. 71.

Sep 6 1947: A steady rain all last night. I posted reply to Bank Manager. I received statement & cheque from D.W. Nickel for rent collected. Herbie, Keith & their sister Norma called & brought me Fathers Day present, while the others were away at Mary Wayper’s wedding. Cloudy day, only one light shower this morning. 74.

Sep 7 1947: FATHERS DAY I attended a.m. service. Vic & Ethel came home with us. Alex drove them home after dinner. Mary & I went with them & had a lovely drive & saw hundreds of new houses & hundreds that are being built at Pfingst Road, Rode Road, Webster Road & all over Stafford. We had afternoon tea with them & just got home when Joe, Beckie, Tom, Viti & Ronnie came in. Joe & Beckie brought me Fathers Day present. Marjorie from the Homes had tea with us. 68.

Sep 8 1947: I posted Sandgate Rates to City Council & a letter to the Public Curator, in answer to his of the 4th inst. I gave a donation to the Deaf & Dumb Mission & sent a donation with Jessie to Mr. W. Jackson, to hand in with other subscriptions from our church for Farewell Send-off to Mr. Woodgate, who is going away on Mission work. It is a Circuit gathering in the Stafford church. Gwen Lemke had a good practice on our piano this evening. Jessie & Joan were away at Tom Packer’s, Jessie getting teeth stopped. Colin Smith, his wife & two year old son Gary came in to say goodbye, as they go home to Deagon tomorrow after holiday with their Father & Mother next door. 75.

Sep 9 1947: Jessie & Marjorie McKenzie (from the Homes) went to town this morning & had a great day shopping ec. Marjorie had tea with us & went to choir practice with Jessie. Alex conducted the practice, as Mr. Bishop is not well. 75.

Sep 10 1947: Hughie rung up Mr. Dixon, City Council Inspector for Sandgate, re drainage at Bevington St. house. He advised nothing be done until we hear from him. 73.

Sep 11 1947: 80.

Sep 12 1947: Mr. R. Missenden had dinner with us. I lent him a book entitled “Along the Indian Road” by Stanley Jones. Jessie visited Mrs. J.E. Reid this morning. The doctor has advised her to go into hospital for a fortnight’s rest, as she is very poorly. Joan brought word this evening that Jessie could start work with her at Thomas Brown’s next Monday for a two weeks trial. Mr. Missenden told me about a wonderful good book on the prophesies. He is saving up to buy one, the cost 42/-. I asked him to get one for me, he will send to Melbourne for it. 78.

Sep 13 1947: Norma Daley had dinner with us & she went with Herbie, Jessie & Joan to tennis, then went home with Herbie for tea. Lovely weather. 77.

Sep 14 1947: At home all day. Alex car is in dock. It has been a very quiet day, no visitors. Glorious weather. 78.

Sep 15 1947: Jessie commenced work this morning at Thomas Brown’s Millinery Department & appears to like the work. Ronnie Smith called on me this afternoon to get some ancient history of our church for a writeup in the Methodist Times re laying of foundation stone for new church. I received a lot of Newcastle “Daily Telegraph” papers from Jack McAuley. A lovely warm day. 78.

Sep 16 1947: Jessie put in another good day at her new job. Cool North wind all day, one good shower at 6p.m. 78.

Sep 17 1947: Clara came to see Mary & I this afternoon & she brought me a nice pair of socks from Jim & herself for Fathers Day. Ideal weather. 73.

Sep 18 1947: Tom Chalk called in for a few minutes this morning. His Father came a little later & spent the day with us. Madge McKenzie called & had afternoon tea with us. I received statement & cheque from J.A. Scott, also a receipt for repairs done to gas stove by Sandgate Gas Co. I posted Scott’s & Nickel’s cheques to the bank. I got a letter from Secretary, Band of Hope Union & posted him a cheque for my Annual Subscription. Lorna was taken to the Intermediate Hospital. 75.

Sep 19 1947: Jessie went from her work this evening to spend the weekend at Tambourine, she went by bus. Hughie, Dulcie & her children went by Hughie’s car this morning. One light thunder shower this afternoon. 75.

Sep 20 1947: Joan went to town early to do a lot of shopping. She got a pair of trousers for me at McWhirters 27/6, real good value. Herbie worked for Alex this morning. He & Norma had dinner & tea with us, they & Joan played on the new tennis court behind Mr. Richardson’s dwelling this afternoon. Hector & Doris came this evening. Hector filled in my Land Tax Form B, also a copy. I had all particulars ready. 74.

Sep 21 1947: I attended a.m. service, the church was full. Fred Bishop drove me there & back. Alex car is still in dock. Jessie got home with Hughie & the others from Tambourine about 6.30p.m. Lovely weather. 73.

Sep 22 1947: Jessie & Joan went to work quite happy this morning. I posted my Land Tax Returns to Commissioner. We have just received word from Janie Wayper about 10a.m. that cousin Charlotte McClintock passed away in her sleep this morning. Willie went in to waken her & found she had passed away. Alex finished getting a coat of dark paint on his car & it will be fit for use tomorrow. 77.

Sep 23 1947: Janie arrived here about 7.30a.m., Alex drove her. Ted Smith & Hughie & Fanny to attend cousin Charlotte’s funeral to Woombye Cemetery. Eddie, Mary & Keith drove there too. Cousins John & Beth, George & Madge & their little son Ian had tea with us on their way home from the funeral. Alex & the others got here 6.15p.m. John & George had motor trouble & arrived about an hour later.

Sep 24 1947: Mary has had a very busy time finishing off Jessie & Joan’s bridesmaids dresses ec, they made their own hats, they have a charming riggout. They are to be bridesmaids for Peggie Mills next Saturday at Southport. Madge McKenzie had tea with us, the Matron of the Homes & Mrs. Jackson came after tea & admired the girls hats & dresses ec. Then we had a pleasant talk & musical evening, after which we had a real good supper & Mr. Jackson came in. Alex drove all of them home. 78.

Sep 25 1947: Mary went to town this morning & done some shopping & business for Alex. She got a cheque changed at the bank for me. Mr. R. Missenden called to see us this afternoon, we had a pleasant conversation & a prayer. I have had a busy day darning my bedsocks & knitting washers. Cold S. wind. 74.

Sep 26 1947: Alex, Mary & the girls are all busy getting ready this evening for their trip to Southport early in the morning to attend Peggie Mills wedding. Jessie & Joan are her bridesmaids. A very dark, cold windy day. 68.

Sep 27 1947: Alex, Mary, Jessie & Joan left at 6.30a.m. to attend Peggie Mills wedding. They got home at 5.30p.m. after having a splendid time. Everything went off as well as could be desired. She married in the Southport Presbyterian Church by the Rev. McDermot to Bill Hinz. Hughie came this morning & offered to drive me to his place for the afternoon, but I could not go as I expected visitors (they did not arrive). Dulcie, Janet, Anna & Susan came for a while about 5p.m. Another dark, cold day with light showers during the morning. 67.

Sep 28 1947: At home all day, I listened in to sermons a.m. & p.m. Vic & Ethel had dinner with us. Kathleen had tea here as her parents were out. Mrs. Williams called & got change of a ₤5 note. She is taking Alan to a hospital doctor, as she could not get one to come out & he is delirious. Mr. Williams is in the hospital with appendicitis. 74.

Sep 29 1947: Hector & Doris came to see us this evening & let us know Lorna is quite content in the hospital. Warm Summer day, one smart shower. 81.

Sep 30 1947: Roy came for me 10.30a.m. & drove me to have a look through their new shops & dwelling. The whole building is well arranged, the chemist is well satisfied with his shop & is doing well. Roy has a large compartment well stocked with fruit, vegetables, sweets, softdrinks ec, he is doing fairly for a commencement. I had lunch & he drove me home about 3p.m. Norm Tune repaired the electric iron point which had fused. A lovely warm day. 75.


Oct 1 1947: A quiet day, not a visitor. Mr. Bishop is conducting a practice of the combined choirs of the Circuit in the Kedron church this evening for the ceremony at the laying of the foundation stone for our new Methodist Church at Chermside, next Saturday afternoon. I received a letter from Fanny, she is suffering with severe pains in her feet. Mr. W. Jackson has sold his shop & dwelling, the purchaser takes possession today. Dark, cloudy warm day, now raining at 9p.m. 78.

Oct 2 1947: I got a letter with statement & cheque from D.W. Nickel for rent collected. I posted cheque to the bank. Hector had lunch with us. Mr. C.A. Stewart called this afternoon while Mary was away at a meeting of the Womens Church Help. We had a pleasant talk & parting prayer. Very warm day, now raining 8.30p.m. 82.

Oct 3 1947: I received a letter from cousin Heather Pringle this morning, letting us know how her grandfather is ec. I have replied right away. It has been a warm, showery day & thunder this afternoon. 78.

Oct 4 1947: The ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone for our new church took place this afternoon & it was raining most of the time. Rev. A.A.Mills was M.C., the Guest Speaker was Miss Rita Snowden (a noted Authoress) & there were several Ministers on the platform. I had an invitation to be on it, but did not feel worthy to accept it. It was the largest gathering we ever had in connection with our church, between 200 & 300. Donations amounted to ₤1,143. All my family, except Fanny who is laid up, were present, as well as many of my grandchildren & one great-granddaughter & a host of my relatives. 76.

Oct 5 1947: I attended a.m. Anniversary Service, a full church, over ₤11-0-0 collection for new church. Mrs. Grantham came this afternoon & gave 21/-. Alex drove her to see the Foundation Stone. Joe, Beckie & family & Viti came also. Bill Hinz & Peggie had tea with us, Murial also. They had all gone to p.m. service. Bill & Peggie are staying here tonight, they are going home after honeymooning on Tambourine Mountain. 72.

Oct 6 1947: Bill & Peggie Hinz got up early, had breakfast & got away for home on the 7a.m. tram. Jessie went to her work on the same tram. Joan left here at 10.15a.m. with Ian Jackson & Bill Trotter to Adelaide for their Christian Endeavour Convention. Mr. W. Jackson drove them to the train. They expect to be away for 2 or 3 weeks. When Jessie came home from work she attended Murial’s 21st birthday party at Fred & Leila’s home.(I gave her a little present later). Money is still rolling in for our church Foundation Stone Celebration, it has almost reached ₤1,200. Lovely fine day. 76.

Oct 7 1947: Jessie went to her work quite happy by herself this morning. (old) Tom is clearing up our backyard today. I am still busy knitting washers for the forthcoming fete. Mr. R. Missenden called & brought me a book which I had asked him to purchase for me. It is a wonderful book on the Prophesies & the absolute truth of the Holy Bible. I promised to present it to him after I have looked through it. Cloudy, blustery day. 72.

Oct 8 1947: We received a letter from Joan who has arrived as far as Sydney on her trip to Adelaide for the Christian Endeavour Convention. Mary attended Ladies Church Help meeting. They have had a busy time for the Foundation Stone function & now for our annual teameeting next Friday evening. Very warm day. 86.

Oct 9 1947: We received a second letter from Joan, she was writing while on her way from Sydney to Melbourne. Mrs. Moore of Stafford & Ethel came to see us this afternoon. Ethel took a letter to the post that I wrote to Rev.& Mrs. Deller, letting them know owing to old age and infirmity, I would be unable to be present (as requested) at the marriage of their daughter Viti Norma to Tom Booker my grandson on 25th of this month. A thunder storm & some hail about 4.30p.m. & another with heavy rain at night. 81.

Oct 10 1947: Mary & Jessie went to town early this morning to do shopping & for Jessie to call on doctor. Mary called on Tom about her teeth. She got home about 3p.m., then rushed to the hall with cakes ec that she made for the 70th Anniversary teameeting of our church. It took place at 6p.m., lovely weather, good attendance, a great spread. Alderman Decker Chairman till after tea, Mr. J.E. Reid for concert, which was given by “Voice of Endeavour” choir, conducted by Mr. Price. It was a very good sacred concert. The total financial effort for new church foundation stone laying has now reached ₤1,230. God has blessed every effort & given me health & strength to attend the gatherings, for which I am thankful. I am the only foundation member alive. 82.

Oct 11 1947: We received another letter from Joan, she is now in Adelaide having a real good time. I received a letter from Income Tax Office & posted a reply this evening. Norma Daley had dinner & tea with us, Herbie came after dinner, Jessie & they went to tennis. Eddie, Mary & young Norma came after tea & all spent the evening here. Mary had gone to bed without tea before they came as she was not very well. Mr. Bishop called this morning, Mr. Jackson this evening & several others called through the day. 80.

Oct 12 1947: I attended a.m. Sir Frederick & Lady Stewart were present. The Rev. Cyril Reid gave a splendid sermon, the text was Ezek.47.1. Alex drove Mary, Cousin Minnie & I to see Percy & Fanny. She is still suffering great pain in her feet. Joe, Pat & their two children & Harold were there. Mr. Barton is poorly & taken to the General Hospital. Hughie showed me his printing machine. 78.

Oct 13 1947: We received from Joan views of St. Kilda, Melbourne & letter with a lot of news. Madge McKenzie brought Mary a lovely bunch of flowers from Miss Wilson of the Homes. Bright morning & dark, cold afternoon. 68.

Oct 14 1947: Mary went to Tom Packer to get her plate fitted for her top teeth, then went to town shopping & buying presents ec for the forthcoming weddings. Jean Jenyns (nee Hartley) came to see us this afternoon, she has just recovered after having the measles. I got a letter from the Q.N. Bank to let me know they are amalgamating with the National Bank of Australia, also a blank cheque form & deposit slip to sign & return. Bright, very windy day. 74.

Oct 15 1947: I signed deposit slip & cheque form as requested by the Q.N. Bank & posted them back to the bank. We received a letter from Joan this morning, she is now in Adelaide attending the Christian Endeavour meeting, Ian Jackson & Bill Trotter are there also. Very dark, cloudy day. 72.

Oct 16 1947: Mary went to Tom about her teeth this morning & then to town shopping & got some more wedding presents & she got the ones I wanted for the weddings & birthday. We got a letter from Joan this afternoon. A fine, warm day with cool breeze. 79.

Oct 17 1947: Mr. J.E. Reid came at 2p.m. & drove Mrs. Rainbird & I to Albert Street Methodist Church to attend a meeting of the aged pioneers of Methodism. The President General Rev. A.A. Mills gave a fine address, after which all retired to Wesley House (or Hall) where refreshments were provided & there was a general chitchat. The only living daughter of the Rev. Moore, who preached the first Methodist sermon on Zion Hill, Nundah 100 years ago, was present & gave a short talk. Miss Rita Snowden gave a short talk also. A photographer was taking snapshots & I think he caught Mr. Hardy & I. Mr. Reid landed us home at 4.30p.m. after a very pleasant time. 76.

Oct 18 1947: Mary received a telegram from Joan this morning, wishing her many happy returns of the day. Today is her 50th birthday. A photo of Mr. F.R.R. Hardy & myself was snapped at yesterday’s gathering & appeared in the “Courier Mail” this morning. It has been a lovely day for the Centenery Celebrations on “Zion Hill”, Nundah this afternoon, about 3,000 attended. Jessie attended a party at the home of Jean Harris, given in honour of her approaching marriage to Norman Tune. I sent a little wedding present to them. 78.

Oct 1947: I attended a.m. service conducted by our Minister Rev. B. Powell. There was a special programme, as it was a Centenery Service of Methodism in Queensland, there was a good attendance. 75.

Oct 20 1947: We had a letter from Joan this morning. Mrs. Jackson was here for a while this afternoon. Mary went to Tom Packer about 4p.m. & had her teeth fitted. 77.

Oct 21 1947: We received two letters from Joan today. I received one from Betty Argo & one from Heather Pringle, letting me know how her Grandfather & the others are. Mary attended an afternoon tea party given to Viti Norma Deller, in the Carrington Lounge, Valley, in honour of her approaching wedding. There were about 50 present. Mrs. Jackson called in for a few minutes at dinnertime. 80.

Oct 22 1947: Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning. Some thunder & light shower this afternoon. 82.

Oct 23 1947: Fanny came to see us this afternoon. Her feet are very much better & she is now able to walk about, but she is very weak after being laid up so long. Percy called for her at 4p.m. There was heavy thunder in the early hours of the morning & through the day & some good showers. Hector & Doris came & spent the evening with us, Lorna is progressing very well. Cold at night. 79.

Oct 24 1947: Mary went to town & done some shopping. She called on Tom Packer on her way home & got her new set of teeth put in. I sent him a cheque for a wedding present, which she gave him, he asked her to convey his thanks to me. Alex brought Mr. Dick Ham for dinner. Mary was away, but we managed fairly well. Mary bought me more knitting twine for washers ec & scarves. Very cold night. 78.

Oct 25 1947: A son was born to Rev. Lex & Marion Robinson at 3a.m., to be named Peter. Very cold morning, frost at Toowoomba. A very busy & bustling day here, Mary decorating wedding bell ec for Norman Tune & Jean Harris, who are to be married in our church at 5p.m. by the Rev. B. Powell. Tom Packer & Viti Norma Deller are to be married in the Albert Street Methodist Church at 5p.m. by Rev. Pratt & Rev. J.N. Deller. (Later) Both weddings came off according to plan in crowded churches. After functions, Tune & Harris in School of Arts Chermside 90 guests, Packer & Deller in Canberra Temperance Hotel Brisbane 70 guests. Alex & Mary attended both weddings & after meetings & had a glorious time. There was a great lot of our relatives at Tom & Viti’s gathering. Jessie played the organ & piano at Norman & Jeans function. Tom & Viti came to see me just before I went to bed, Norm & Jean came later. I had a nice talk with both couples, gave them advice which they appreciated. 76.

Oct 26 1947: I attended a.m. service Sunday School Anniversary, Rev. Lutton presided. James Wayper took moving pictures of the school children & congregation. Vic & Ethel came home with us, Alex & Mary drove them home later. Joe, Beckie & Ronnie came to see us this afternoon. Hughie & Jessie McClintock (cousins) called to see us this morning. 75.

Oct 27 1947: Two letters from Joan, on her way home now. Cousin Minnie was here for a while this afternoon. Cool day, cold night. 71.

Oct 28 1947: Fanny came to see us this afternoon. Percy was attending synod & called for her about 4.30p.m. Jean Jenyns came in for a while this evening. Herbie brought us some nice lettuce of their own growing. Very cold wind all day & some good showers. 72.

Oct 29 1947: I posted cheque to City Council for rates & received statement & cheque from John A. Scott for rent collected & posted it to the bank. Joan arrived home from Adelaide at 5p.m. Mr.& Mrs. Jackson met her & Ian in town & drove them home. They have had a wonderful good time & Joan’s account of what they have seen, heard & enjoyed was good as a book. Mr. Jackson & Ian came here for a while this evening. Alex & Mary drove cousin Minnie to see cousin Marion & Lex Robinson’s baby son in Nundah Private Hospital this evening. 73.

Oct 30 1947: Joan remained home today, washing, ironing & getting fit to commence work tomorrow. I sharpened her scissors & she cut my hair as well as a barber. Alex gave me Mr. Donaldson’s a/c for repairs to my house at Kedron ₤9-15-0. Mary & Jessie attended the Sunday School Anniversary & distribution of prizes in School of Arts. Ideal weather. 76.

Oct 31 1947: Joan went to work this morning & to some big meeting in town this evening. Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning & Clara this afternoon, they got the 4.30p.m. tram home. I got a letter from the Q.N. Bank explaining their intention of amalgamating with the National Bank of Australia Limited. Hughie came this morning. I paid him for the two “Courier Mail” photos of Mr. Hardy & myself 3/-. Hector & Doris spent the evening with us. Hector bought the compass I asked him to purchase for me. I intend to give it to Hughie Carseldine as a keepsake from me for his 21st birthday, which was a few weeks ago. It cost 37/6. 76.


Nov 1 1947: Joan went to town this morning to do some shopping. Norma Daley had dinner with us, this is her birthday. She went to tennis with Jessie, Joan, Herbie, Vic & Ethel. She & Herbie had tea & spent the evening here. Strong, cool N.E. wind, light shower 6p.m. 78.

Nov 2 1947: I listened in to Rev. A.G. Hobbs Church of England, South Brisbane a.m. & De Wit Battie, Bishop of Newcastle p.m. Hector came at 2.30p.m. & took Madge McKenzie & I for a drive while Doris & Lindsay were visiting Lorna in the hospital. He took us to Bartletts Hill near the Albion, a wonderful view of all Brisbane & miles beyond it, then to New Farm Park which is a glorious sight, where we met cousin W. Prentis, his wife Grace, their married son & his wife & her Father & Mother Gibbs. We picked up Doris & Lindsay at hospital. Madge had dinner & tea here. 80.

Nov 3 1947: In todays “Courier Mail” Funeral Notices, Mrs. Alice Eaton, wife of R.A.(Dick) Eaton, was to be cremated this afternoon at Mt. Thompson Crematorium. Mr. Eaton is a member of the “Pride of Lutwyche Lodge” P.A.F.S.O.A. Hot sun, cool breeze. 80.

Nov 4 1947: I posted a sympathy card to Mr. R.A. Eaton. I wrote out a cheque for Mr. D. Donaldson for repairs he done to my house at Maudsley Street, Kedron ₤9-15-0. Hughie is giving it to him this evening. This has been a most oppressive hot day. 88.

Nov 5 1947: Guy Fawkes night was celebrated with bonfires & crackers all around & in this neighbourhood. Douglas Packer came with messages & spent an hour or two with us. Mr. C.A. Stewart called this afternoon. We had a pleasant time & a parting prayer. 85.

Nov 6 1947: A quiet day with very few visitors. Hot day, cool breeze. 83.

Nov 7 1947: Mary has had a busy day. All our visitors were our cousin relatives, Mrs. John McClintock (Beth), Mrs. Dick McClintock (Mabel) & her son Ian, Mrs. George McC. (Marjorie) & her son Graham. They had dinner with us, & after they visited cousin Minnie, Mary got Minnie & them to come back here for afternoon tea & we had a very pleasant time. 80.

Nov 8 1947: Mr. C. Down of the Garden Settlement died in the General Hospital last night. He was a tenor singer & a regular attendee in our church choir. Mr. Riley of the Settlement brought us word this morning. He practiced some of his songs here, Jessie played for him. Francis Dyer called. Percy & Fanny called for a few minutes. Jessie, Joan & Herbie played tennis this afternoon. 80.

Nov 9 1947: Vic & Ethel called in on their way to church, Alex drove them home after service. Norma Daley brought her Mother to see us this afternoon. Alex took them, Mary & I for a drive (also Jessie) to Sandgate & Redcliffe & home by Petrie. They had tea & attended our church this evening, we all had a very happy time. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 79.

Nov 10 1947: I received statement & cheque from D.W. Nickel for rent collected. The late Mr.C.V. Down was buried in the Toowong Cemetery this morning. Hughie Carseldine called on his way home from work & I gave him a pocket compass as a little keepsake from me for his 21st birthday, which was a few weeks ago. Cool showery day, very cold night. 75.

Nov 11 1947: I posted D.W. Nickel’s cheque to the bank. Jean Jenyns (nee Hartley) had tea with us. Wintry weather, we have had to put extra blankets on our beds & wear overcoats going out at night, hot water bottle in bed. 72.

Nov 12 1947: Another house is being built on the south side of Kuran Street. That is the last there is room for on that side. New houses are being built throughout this district. Very cool day, splendid working weather, hot water bottle in bed. 72.

Nov 13 1947: Mary went to town this morning & purchased nearly all the Christmas presents I intend giving. Janie was here for a while this afternoon, she brought a lot of the “Methodist Times”. A lovely warm day. 78.

Nov 14 1947: The Church of England people gave a concert in the School of Arts this evening, Jessie & Joan assisted with piano & violin items. It lasted till after 11p.m. Ideal weather. 75.

Nov 15 1947: Jessie, Joan, Norma & Herbie played tennis this afternoon. Norma had dinner here, she & Herbie had tea with us. Fanny had afternoon tea with us & remained here until Percy, Harold, Vern & Hughie called for her about 6p.m. They had been looking at a large launch about 120 feet long that one of the Neville’s from the north had just purchased. Jessie & Joan attended a party at Mr. Bishop’s home, in honour of Miss Marjorie Raymond’s forthcoming wedding. It lasted till near 12p.m. I sharpened Jessie & Joan’s scissors. 76.

Nov 16 1947: I remained home & listened in to Bishop G.A. Wood this evening, who is on a visit here from England. Marj. McKenzie came here after a.m. service & stayed for p.m. service. Jack Wayper saved a 4 year old boy from being drowned in Cabbage Tree Creek, Sandgate. He dived in with all his clothes on. He is one of my great nephews. 80.

Nov 17 1947: Jessie remained home today. Ethel was here for a short time this afternoon & arranged for us all to go to their place for tea tomorrow evening & to meet Mr.& Mrs. Joe Packer of Adelaide who are on a holiday here & are visiting their relations. Fine morning, showery afternoon. 78.

Nov 18 1947: Jessie went with Joan to work this morning & the girls in there were so pleased to see her & made such a fuss that it upset her & she came home at dinnertime. The Rev. B. Powell paid a visit this afternoon. He had a long talk with Jessie & I, Mary had to attend Womens Help Meeting. We met at Vic & Ethel’s for tea as arranged & we all spent a very pleasant time together. Some good showers, especially at night. 78.

Nov 19 1947: Jessie remained home today. Clara & Beckie called in this afternoon, after attending a morning tea in the School of Arts for Missions, they took near ₤11. Mr. Williamson (snr) called this afternoon. Mary, Jessie & I were home. We had a very pleasant talk about earlier days ec & a parting prayer. He is 78 and still does some baking. Mrs. H. Smith & Mrs. Denning came this evening & helped Jessie & Joan to put prices on all the articles they have collected for the forthcoming fete for the Mission Funds. It was about 10p.m. when they finished & had supper. Mrs. Denning’s two girls were here with her. Some light showers. 75.

Nov 20 1947: Jessie went to work with Joan this morning & had quite a good day. Hector & Doris called this afternoon & let us know that Lorna is recovering after an operation for appendicitis. Hector is on his annual holidays & is painting their home. Some light showers, lovely cool working weather. 75.

Nov 21 1947: Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning & got the 5p.m. tram home. Tom Chalk brought a nice collection of fruit & vegetables for the fete that Joan & her band of Junr. C. Endeavours are having in the School of Arts tomorrow afternoon. Hughie has arranged with Mr. Miller (plumber) to put new guttering on my Kedron house. Glorious weather. 78.

Nov 22 1947: A whirlwind of business & bustle all day. Joan & her band of children getting all the articles, including fruit, vegetables, softdrinks, icecream, sweets, toys & a host of other items too numerous to mention, carted to the School of Arts for the fete this afternoon. Mr. A. Riley came & practiced some of his songs, Jessie played for him. Many other callers this morning. Alex left here at mid-day & drove Percy & Fanny to Woombye to see cousin Willie & got back 7.30p.m. Mrs. Herman (Lawnton) called this afternoon & Joe came for me at 4p.m. & drove me to see Tom’s surgery. He took an impression for a set of new teeth for me. I then had tea with them & called on Jim & Clara. Joe brought me home 7p.m. Hector & Doris just came in, Lorna is getting on well. Takings at fete about ₤28. 81.

Nov 23 1947: I remained home. I listened in to Dr. Heber of Adelaide Lutheran Church this evening. He gave a splendid address on plain Christianity. It has been a quiet day, no visitors. A thunderstorm & good rain this afternoon. Terrific storm at Charleville, wind, hail as large as hen eggs, every window smashed, every house damaged & flooded, fowl & dogs killed. 76.

Nov 24 1947: Under Joan’s management, the Junior Endeavours fete in the School of Arts last Saturday was a great success. The gross takings were over ₤28. The proceeds are to be divided between the Home & Overseas Missions. Very dark day but no rain. Later we had two hours nice steady rain & distant thunder. 76.

Nov 25 1947: Our church choir & orchestra are giving a concert at the Garden Settlement Homes this evening. Ideal weather. 82.

Nov 26 1947: We had a thunderstorm this afternoon with a good shower & some small hail. 78.

Nov 27 1947: Mr. C.A. Stewart called this afternoon. We had a talk about our early day acquaintances & the signs of the times compared with Bible prophecy. Mary made afternoon tea, we had a parting prayer & wished each other a happy Christmas time. 76.

Nov 28 1947: Percy & Colin Pringle & three other men arrived here from Woombye at 9a.m. They have come to see the India v Australia Test Cricket Match, which starts at 12 noon. Percy & Colin are lodging here. Mr. Pirnicott repaired our wireless set, which had stopped acting. I listened in to the match, it was interesting. Australia made 273 for 3 wickets. Morris 47, Brown 11, Hasset 48, Bradman 160 not out, Miller 6 not out. Very dark, cool day, light showers this afternoon. 74.

Nov 29 1947: Heavy rain nearly all last night, it spoiled the wicket for the cricketers, they went in late. Bradman added about 19 to his score & Miller 13 to his. Joe drove me to Tom’s at 1p.m. & he fitted the plate for my top teeth. Alex & Mary attended laying of Foundation Stone Stafford new Methodist Church at 2.45p.m., then went for the bride Marj. Raymond and drove her to our church to be married to Hector Bell, by Rev. B. Powell at 5.30p.m. About 90 were entertained in School of Arts, then Alex & Mary drove the happy pair to Redcliffe, where they will spend their honeymoon. No rain till on their way to Redcliffe. Herbie called in, Noel McClintock called. Very dark all day, but no rain here, some showers at night. 75.

Nov 30 1947: Joe, Beckie & Ronnie left for Melbourne by plane about 7a.m. Bob McClintock was down for cricket & called to say farewell, as he is going home. Our choir & orchestra assisted at Zillmere Methodist Church Anniversary this afternoon, P. Pringle drove some of them there. We had Marj McKenzie for dinner & in addition, Francie Dyer for tea, a real lively & happy time. Thunderstorm at night. 76.


Dec 1 1947: The Australian Cricketers went in this afternoon & run their score up to 382 for 8 wickets & declared their innings closed. The wicket is in a very bad state owing to rain. The Indians went in & were all out a little after 4p.m. for 58 runs and went in for their second innings & there is 4 down for 41. I received a letter from Land Tax Department re the sale of allotments to Roy Wackwitz. Heavy showers at night. 82.

Dec 2 1947: The cricketers played less than an hour owing to wet wicket. Cousin Percy & Colin went to town, but not to the cricket, they & Fred Skerman left here for home about 5p.m. Joan gave Audrey Vellnagel her first lesson on the violin this evening. 78.

Dec 3 1947: The Rev. B. Powell is helping Alex to paint his own motorcar (B.P. car), he had dinner with us. Keith is working with Alex & was here also. The Indian cricketers finished their second innings & were all out for 98. First innings 58, total 156, in reply to Australia’s 382 for 8 wickets, giving Australia an outright win of 2 wickets an innings & 226 runs. Owing to the state of the wicket with the rain during the Indians play, they had no chance of a win. 77.

Dec 4 1947: I posted letter to the Commissioner of Taxes re the sale of allotments to Roy Wackwitz & about “Burnie Brae”. I received a letter from cousin Heather Pringle. Cousin Willie McClintock, her Grandfather, got her to write on his behalf. He is keeping fairly well, but is suffering with a weak heart. I posted Mr. D.W. Nickel’s cheque to the bank which he sent to me yesterday for rent collected. Mr. Powell & Keith are still helping Alex. Mary had a busy day, 7 for dinner & 7 for afternoon tea. The Rev.B. Powell, Keith, Hector, Percy, Fanny, the Rev.A.Hedley Abbott, Mr. M. Chalk & Mrs. Jackson were here, also casual callers. Mary & Joan went with several others about here to hear the “Messiah” rendered in the City Hall this evening. Douglas & Shirley came to see me 8.30p.m. while I was alone. 85.

Dec 5 1947: A lovely bright morning. The Rev. B. Powell is still helping Alex to paint his car & had dinner with us. I sent a cheque to W. Miller with Alex, for repairs to house at Kedron ₤22-10-0. I gave a cheque to Mary for my subscription to Overseas Missions, she is our annual collector. 80.

Dec 6 1947: Joan went to town this morning shopping & done some for me. I got a letter from City Mission with Seasons Greetings. Victor came to see us this morning. Tom drew a tooth for Jessie & fitted my bottom plate. Doug came for me, I went to see Jim & Clara. A thunderstorm was coming up & I got Jim to drive me home before it. A bus & 7 cars took the aged folk from the Settlement to Redcliffe for a picnic. Norma & Herbie here for tennis. I got letter from Beckie, Melbourne. 81.

Dec 7 1947: I attended a.m. service & listened in p.m. Heavy thunder & rain this afternoon & night. Hughie C. called to see us before the storm. Brisbane escaped damage. Rockhampton had hail as large as teacups & Ipswich as large as cricket balls and great damage was done. Some of our orchestra went to the Beerwah S. School Anniversary Services afternoon & night. 81.

Dec 8 1947: Keith working with Alex today & had dinner with us. Jessie posted letter to Heather Pringle in reply to the one I received from her 4th inst. Joan parcelled up a lot of my Xmas gifts this evening. Thunderstorm this evening & about 2 hours rain. 81.

Dec 9 1947: Miss Elsie Pfingst called in for a while this morning & went to town, bought toys for S.School children & came in on her way home this afternoon. I received J.A. Scott’s rent statement & cheque. Keith was here with Alex & I gave him their little parcel of Christmas presents. Mrs. Barnes came to see Mary this afternoon. Joan gave Audrey Vellnagel her second lesson on the violin. Mary has got a severe cold. Another long tailed thunderstorm & rain this evening. 79.

Dec 10 1947: I examined Audrey Vellnagel’s violin & bow & case & I consider it worth the price she paid ₤9. She was here for a while today. Mr.& Mrs. & their daughter Elvie Goward from Nundah came & spent the evening with us. They had lovely photos of their son’s wedding. We had a happy time together, had supper & wished each other the compliments of the coming season. A few showers, exceptional heavy rain South West & North, floods & some damage done in many parts. 76.

Dec 11 1947: Alfie Hamilton (my nephew) called this afternoon & I directed him to my house at Belmore Street. He & his partner went to it & repaired the electric wiring ec. He came back & I paid him 33/-. I was very pleased to get it attended to so promptly. The Rev.A. Rose came to see us this afternoon & had tea with us. Hector, Doris & Lindsay came later & we had a pleasant time together & finished up with supper as usual. Some good showers. 79.

Dec 12 1947: The Rev. Missenden called this afternoon, we had a long & interesting talk while it was raining, finished with a parting prayer & best wishes for the approaching season. Mrs. Peterson spent a long time telling all her troubles to Mary & later on Mrs. Williams told her troubles to Mary. They know Mary sympathizes with them. Showers day & night. 78.

Dec 13 1947: I received a letter from Q.N. Bank explaining how to alter deposit slips & cheque forms, now that the Q.N.B. has amalgamated with the National Bank of Australasia. Doug drove me to Tom to get my top & bottom teeth plates fitted, then he drove me home. Dulcie Smith’s 21st birthday party held in her home tonight. I gave her a little present, Jessie & Joan attended. Cousin Heather is down for the party & let us know that her Grandfather is in the Nambour Hospital. Joan filled in, directed & posted all my Xmas cards. Eddie, Mary & Norma brought me present of chocolate & sweets. Hughie Carseldine got the lend of my Sankey Hymn Book for his Mother. Fine day. 78.

Dec 14 1947: I attended a.m. service. Marj McKenzie came home with us & spent the afternoon here. A lovely fine day. 77.

Dec 15 1947: Keith had dinner with us. Alex has nearly finished painting Keith’s car. Some heavy showers afternoon & night. 78.

Dec 16 1947: Christmas cards are rolling in from our friends. Mary, Jessie & Joan have bad colds. 78.

Dec 17 1947: Mary went to town this morning & done some shopping & got a new celluloid collar for me. Joe & Beckie came for me at 12.30p.m. & drove me to Tom to have another impression of my teeth. He expects to have them finished next Friday. Glenn B. Bishop called this afternoon & spent a while with us, then to Vic & Ethel for tea. Hector came this evening & he and Alex got a Christmas Tree for the Childrens Hospital. I gave him my Xmas present to him & family. 80.

Dec 18 1947: Keith was here with Alex at dinner time. Ethel was here for a while this afternoon. 80.

Dec 19 1947: Joe came for me at 12.30p.m. & drove me to Tom to have an improved impression for my new teeth. Joe waited & drove me home. He brought Xmas present for me & some from Jim & Clara for me. We were away about half hour. Joe would get back when a heavy thunderstorm came on with heavy rain & a few small hail. 87.

Dec 20 1947: I sharpened Jessie & Joan’s scissors. Joe & Tom came out here first thing this morning & tried my teeth in & expects to finish them for Tuesday next. Doctor Lansdown examined me & said I am well. He also examined Joan’s throat & prescribed for it. Mr. Chalk came to see us this morning, he has had a bad cold. I have just received my “Land B” Tax a/c, 8/9. Norma & Herbie were here as usual & at tennis. Hughie Carseldine called on his way home from his work. Heavy thunderstorm & rain at night. 89.

Dec 21 1947: At home all day. Alex car refused to go & they walked to church. Jim, Grace, their two boys & a Mr.& Mrs. McIntyre & their 6 year old son Robert came to see us this afternoon. They are flying Robert to Sydney by plane from Eagle Farm drome at 5.30p.m. 88.

Dec 22 1947: Margaret Wayper called this morning. She brought me Christmas card & nice white hankie. I gave her their family presents from myself, she left here 10.20 to meet her Mother in town. Terrible thunder, lightening & rain early this morning. 89.

Dec 23 1947: Alex drove me to Tom Packer at dinnertime & I got my set of new teeth. Hugh, May, Murial, Leila, Janet, Dulcie, Anna, Hector & Doris all met on our verandah about 7.30p.m. with Christmas presents. We had a lovely time together & finished up with softdrinks & biscuits about 10.40p.m. 88.

Dec 24 1947: Hughie Carseldine called on his way to work & they want me to go out there for Christmas & stay a while with them. I intend going if well enough. The Rev.R.S.C.Dingle & his son Frank called this afternoon. He was getting a little job done at the shop. It has been a busy day with callers from morning till night & after night. Jim, Clara, Marjorie & Heather spent a while with us this evening. Hot sun, cool breeze. 89.

Dec 25 1947: Jessie left here at 5a.m. to spend holidays with S. Harris family & their friends at Tewantin. Alex drove me to Bald Hills at 11a.m. to spend the day with Percy, Fanny & their friends, 12 sat down to dinner & tea. Harold, Marjorie & Mrs. Barton came around this way & brought me home on their way home about 8.20p.m., then I joined in with the company of 15 here & we had a very enjoyable time till 10.30p.m., when we sang Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow & we dispersed. Alex met Jack McAuley & his sister at Melbourne Street Station this afternoon & drove them here where they will spend holidays with us. We had heavy showers today. 85.

Dec 26 1947: Alex left here at 6.20a.m. with Jack & Jean McAuley, Ian Jackson, Francie Dyer & Joan for a trip to Maleny, Maroochydore, Buderim Mountain ec ec. They travelled 210 miles & got home at 7p.m., had tea & then to spend a musical evening with Percy & Fanny at Bald Hills. It has been a lovely cool, bright day. Mary & I had a quiet day, Mary done a big washing and got them dried & has been cleaning things up all day. Alex & the others got home from Bald Hills 1a.m. 27th inst. 79.

Dec 27 1947: Mr. Jack Reid & Mrs. Reid (nee Annie Pfingst) & their lovely adopted daughter Patricia Joan 17 months old, called to see us this afternoon. They are on holidays from Rockhampton. Jean McAuley went to town by herself, Joan & Jack went to tennis. A lovely fine, warm day. 80.

Dec 28 1947: I attended a.m. service. A lot of our people are away on holidays. Jack, Jean & Joan went to Albert Street Methodist Church this afternoon. Jean stayed in town & went with a Salvation Army lady to the S.A. Temple at night.

Dec 29 1947: Joan & Jean went to town this morning & got some knitting twine for me. Jack, Jean, Joan & I went with Alex to Cribb Island for a drive. We left at 5.30p.m. & got home about 6.45. We had 4 visitors & their young girl & boy from Kyogle N.S.W. for dinner today, Mr.& Mrs. Agram & 17 months old boy and Mr.& Mrs. Turner & their 9 year old daughter. The O.K. Cricketers from down south played our O.K.’s here in Marchant Park. Jack played with them, Queensland won. A lovely fine day. 84.

Dec 30 1947: Jean went to town after dinnertime. Joan, Betty Shackelford & cousin Dulcie Smith went to watch the cricketers in Marchant Park. This was a second match & our boys won again. 85.

Dec 31 1947: We all rose at 5a.m. & got ready for a trip to Coolangatta in Alex car. We went up to the Homes & picked up Marj McKenzie, that made 7 of us. We left there at 7a.m., called on Joe & Beckie at Southport at 9.a.m. They had just gone out, we only saw Douglas. We next called & saw Mr. Dalton at Burleigh & had a great howdoyoudo. We then drove to Coolangatta & met Jack’s other sister & niece as arranged. We had dinner there. It was very hot & there were thousands of campers, a moving mass of people with very little clothes on. We drove through Tweed Heads township & then to Currumbin, where our girls went in for a swim in the surf. We arrived home 6.45p.m. after a lovely days outing. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow. Alex, Jack, Jean, Joan & Marj, Dulcie Smith, Francie Dyer & Murial spent the evening with Vic & Ethel Boot & saw the old year out & the new one in. They arrived home about 1.30a.m. Murial spent the night here, I should say the morning. Some light showers early. 83.