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Cook, Hannah

The Chermside and District Historical Society was given a large framed photograph of Mrs H Cook. We had no idea who she was but David Teague wrote about her in his book - The History of Kedron. The photograph includes much information about her contribution to supporting the Australian soldiers during WW1 but there is very little personal information about Hannah.

She lived at Hannibal House, Emerald Hill Kedron with her husband Bob. He was a shearer's cook and was away from home for long periods. Hannah had a small shop on Gympie Road, between Homebush and Broughton Roads where she sold biscuits, drinks, sweets and tobacco products. She interrogated children who bought cigarettes - they had to tell her who was going to smoke them!

We did some research in local archives and found an interesting story about Hannah.

Hannah Naylor was born in Manchester about 1870 and she married William Stennitt in 1896. She arrived in Brisbane on the Duke of Norfolk in February1901 and was listed as a domestic servant.

The Queensland Registrar General marriage index shows that Hannah Stennitt, a widow, married William Robert Cook in 1907. They came to Kedron the following year where William was listed as a storekeeper; Hannah had home duties. Hannah's entries in the Queensland Postal Directories note from 1912/13 to 1942 that she was the storekeeper while William isn't mentioned.

William died in 1927 and Hannah in 1942. Both were buried in Lutwyche cemetery. Hannah left property and real estate to friends.

We know from the caption on the photograph that she was a caring, generous, patriotic organized and talented needlewoman.

One of our members, Adrian Turner, restored the photo frame and it now hangs in our "gallery".