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Sources for the Chronology of Chermside & Surrounding Areas

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(Archives) - The Archives of the C'side & Dist Historical Soc Inc

(Bris 1859-1959) Greenwood, G & Laverty, John - Brisbane 1859-1959 - BCC Publication

(Bris Hist Group) Bald Hills Heritage Tour - Brisbane History Group 1993 - Ed Barry Shaw

(Carseldine) Carseldine, Garth: Souvenir of Bald Hills Centenary - 1957

(CAS) - Creating Agency Summary QA00093 State Archives of Queensland;

(CKCC) Every Ending is a New Beginning - Chermside Kedron Community Church - Sept 2001

(Cole) Cole, John R - Shaping a City - Greater Brisbane 1925-1985 - William Brooks Qld 1984 ISBN 085568 6 19 7 - No Index

(COP) Police File in Chermside Services - Society's Archives - From the Commissioner of Police files.

(DRT) - D. R. Teague: The History of Chermside - Second Edition February 1977 - Colonial Press - ISBN 0 909139 05 9 (Teague does not give any sources.)

(DT Div) -Teague, David: Nundah Divisional Board, Kedron Divisional Board, Kedron Shire Council 1880-1925 - Private publication in John Oxley Library Q994.31 TEA C1

(FITZ) - Ross Fitzgerald: From the Dreaming to 1915 - Vol 1 - A History of Queensland - Uni of Q'ld Press - St Lucia - 1982 - ISBN 0 7022 1634 8 Vol 2 also

(Ford) Marching to the Trains - The Chermside Army Camp Remembered - Jonathan (Jack) Ford 2006 Printed and bound by Watson Ferguson & Company, Brisbane, Australia 4105
ISBN 0 9758481 0 0 - No Index in book - I made an index and it is appended to the chronology.

(Hist of Bris Hosp) Tyrer, John -The Brisbane Hospital -Boolarong Publications - 1993 - Brisbane - ISBN 0864391560

(POR) Post Office Records - An information sheet issued at opening of the new Post Office at Chermside on Monday, 30th July, 1962

(Raven Street Chronology) Chronology published by the Raven Street Reserve Bushland Centre

Segger, Jan: Yesterdays - a photocopied short history of the Chermside Area - Librarian at Chermside Municipal Library May 1969

(Tranter) Tranter, Deborah: Cobb & Co. Coaching in Queensland - Queensland Museum - 1990

Tucker, David - 50 Years of Caring - Private Publication - ISBN 0 9588394 0 9

NB: The dating system has to be in Day/Month/Year format so that the computer can sort it chronologically. There are many dates that begin 1/1/Year C - This can mean that the exact date is unknown but the year is correct. The letter C means approximately. Other times the date will appear 1/1/0000s C which means the event occurred in that decade. If I find the correct date it will be inserted.

Other Specialised Chronologies which are either wholly or partly incorporated in the Chermside File are:
Churches File - Fully included;
Hospital File - Partly included;
Police File - Fully included;
Post Office File - Fully included;
Wheller Gardens File - Partly included;

Chronology 1820s - 1830s - 1840s

11/9/1824 First convicts arrive in Moreton Bay (p.71) First settlement at Redcliffe - moved to Brisbane - Free settlers had to keep 50 miles away from the settlement of Moreton Bay & Limestone Hill (Ipswich) but by 1840 they were getting closer and wanted access. (Fitz p.89-90)

1/1/1825 C Census - 45 European inhabitants (DRT 7)

1/3/1826 C Logan arrives as Commandant (Fitz p 75) - Convict numbers went from 77 to 975 during Logan's time (Fitz p.81) About 4.5 years.

25/8/1828 Cunningham finds Cunningham's Gap and the route to the Darling Downs. (Fitz 78)

1/1/1830s C First Bowen or Breakfast Creek bridge - convict built of logs (BCC Archives) Construction of the second one began in June 1850 and it was a two span steel arch bridge costing ₤150 half of which was paid for by public subscription. (BCC Arch)

17/10/1830 17th October, Logan was last seen - body found 21st Oct (FITZ 83)

1/1/1831 C Census? - Population of 1066 whites (DRT 7)

1/1/1834 C Seven hundred convicts in Qld (FITZ 87) Gov Bourke issues Squatters Licenses for grazing rights on Crown Land - ₤10 pa (Fitz p. 86)

1/1/1837 C Petrie arrived in 1837 as Superintendent of Works (Fitz p. 87)

3/3/1838 First free white men in Brisbane Area at Nundah - Lutheran missionaries - Zion Hill (Pam Turner - First European Settlement of Qld - 1987 - Zion Lutheran Home - ISBN 0 7316 1425 9 - Society Archives) p. 5.

1/1/1839 C Penal settlement closed (FITZ 89)

11/2/1842 11th February Moreton Bay declared a free settlement (FITZ 90)
14/7/1842 First land sales for Moreton Bay held in Sydney - ₤343/10/0 per acre was the average price paid. (FITZ 93) 13.5 Acres sold and Sydney merchants paid exorbitant prices (Brisbane 1859-1959 p.36) Survey of 1842 failed to straighten out Queen St and 20 years of use and building had set its pattern. (p.37/8 Bris 1859-1959)

1/1/1843 C Downfall Creek possibly named by Carl Friedrich Gerler (1817-1894) missionary and farmer when a bullock dray broke down while establishing a mission outstation at Caboolture. (Dpt of Natural Resources - Place Names Details Report in Archives Chermside File)

1/1/1843 C First industry in Brisbane - "Tinker" Campbell's boiling down works at Kangaroo Point (Bris 1859-1959 p. 39) Hunter River Steam Navigation Company starts a regular service between Bris and Sydney ( Bris 1859-1959 p. 39)

1/8/1843 C First land sales in Brisbane (Fitz 93?) (Bris 1859-1959 p. 39)

20/6/1846 Saturday - First issue of the Moreton Bay Courier - to be published every Saturday - Proprietor Arthur Sydney Lyon (Copy of the first issue)

1/1/1848 C Manumbar Station - 64,000 acres - see Alonzo Sparkes file

1/1/1849 C John Cash squats on land at Cash's crossing - Albany Creek (Raven Street Chron.)

1/1/1849 C Moreton Bay General Hospital founded (Hist of Bris Hospital p. 50) (See 1867 below)

Chronology 1850s - 1860s

1/4/1850 C Last Convict ship arrives (Bris 1859-1959 p. 46)

1/1/1856 C Scottish farmers arrive at Bald Hills (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1857 C James Warner surveys land on Kedron Brook - Chinese market gardeners lease creek flats - further surveys extended to Everton Park (Raven Street Chronology)

27/9/1859 James Cash bought Portion 1 of Bunya Parish which fronted on the river and the Old Northern Road skirted the north east corner to cross the river - hence Cash's Crossing. (Teague - Map of landholders in Bunya Parish)

10/12/1859 10th December - Sir George Bowen the Governor proclaimed the new colony of Queensland (FITZ 112)

1/1/1860 C The white population of Qld was about 28,000 with 6,000 of them in Brisbane (FITZ 113) Crown Lands Alienation Act enabled the Gov. to take land from pastoralists for selectors (Fitz 145) - ₤1 per acre (DRT 8)

1/1/1860 C German Quarter - 1860-1880 - Teague p.16-18 mentions that there was a large number of German citizens settled in the area around the intersection of Hamilton and Webster Roads.

1/1/1861 C Herrmann family from Germany (DRT 16)

1/11/1862 C November - Bowen Bridge opened across Breakfast Creek (DRT 37) He gives no source - needs to be checked. (Two bridges earlier than this date - BCC Archives)

1/1/1863 C Poultney family buys land where Everton Park library is now, build the house that has been moved to Fallon St (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1864 C System of land grants to fare-paying immigrants - small family farms (Raven Street Chronology)

1/11/1864 Edward Huxtable Surveys first land at the future Chermside (Copies of survey sheets signed and dated by Huxtable 1st & 25th November 1864)

1/1/1865 C Nundah School opened (Raven Street Chronology)

10/5/1865 Governor Sir George Bowen opened the Bald Hills bridge which was the first bridge on the South Pine River (Carseldine p. 7) (Bald Hills Heritage Tour - Bris Hist Group 1993 Item 3)

23/5/1865 23rd May - First Chermside land sales held in Brisbane - no lots sold (DRT 9) first land sale in area - "Darwin St and Maundrell Tce" Morris family (Raven Street Chronology)

2/10/1865 Nundah State School opens (Ed. Dept. Records)

1/1/1866 C The first store in Downfall Creek belonged to John Patterson which was taken over by Mr G Early in 1888 who also owned the land along Gympie Road to Hamilton Road. (Document by Alex Hamilton in Hamilton Archives. Early didn't arrive in Qld till 1883 - Early file in Archives ) At some time Patterson's became the Receiving Office for the post. It was on the present Green (Caravilla) Motel site.

1/1/1866 C Bald Hills school opened (Raven Street Chronology)

26/12/1866 Andrew Hamilton & family arrive in Brisbane (Isdale p. 6) Move to Downfall Creek in 1869 (Isdale p 7)

1/1/1867 New Brisbane Hospital opened at Bowen Bridge Road - the original block was demolished in 1969 to make way for the new Block No.7 (Hist of Bris Hosp. p. 96) See 1849 above.

1/10/1867 C October - news of the gold discoveries at Gympie (FITZ 129) Jonathan Carseldine followed a cattle track trough Adsett's property at Chermside and blazed a trail to Kedron Brook. This track is now Gympie Road. (Carseldine p.9) - Cobb & Co begin a coach service along the new Gympie Rd after Bowen Bridge was built over Breakfast Creek and another bridge over South Pine River at Bald Hills since the Great North Road through Cash's Crossing was too long and rough (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1868 C 1868-1890 (When Edinburgh Castle was in its first position) Richmond Hill Estate Bounded by Lutwyche Cemetery on the North & Brickyards on the South
44 Lots - 25% Cost and 8% interest Gympie Rd called the Great Northern Road
(Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/1/1868 C 30 blocks of small urban farms sold in Chermside area, including one at little Cabbage Tree Creek - German settlers on Downfall Creek (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1868 C 1868 early - Qld Government allocated 2,700 pounds for the construction of a road to Gympie (p.29) (Tranter) 1868 October the road was completed (p.31) (Tranter)

12/11/1868 Thursday 12 Nov first Cobb & Co left Brisbane for Gympie arriving 5 minutes early (DRT 38) Harry Barnes of Cobb & Co surveyed the route to Gympie and in 1867 the first coach passed through Bald Hills on the way to Gympie (Carseldine p. 7) Timetable in the Brisbane Courier 12-11-1868 p.1

12/11/1868 1868 12th November Thursday the first coach left Brisbane driven by Hiram Barnes and arrived in Gympie on Friday evening 13th November 1868. (p.32) (This includes a list of the change stations on the whole trip.) (Tranter)

1/1/1869 C In 1869 the locality was known as Dead Man's Gully - (Joan Hamilton) By 1880 it was known as Downfall Creek (Cobb & Co Timetable) and in 1903 it became Chermside (Letter from James Youatt 1925)

Chronology 1870s

1/1/1871 C Chermside population 103 (Isdale p.11) (Teague gives the same figures p.16)

1/1/1871 C Lutwyche Methodist Church founded - (Christadelphians bought building later) (CKCC)

4/9/1871 Enoggera State School opened (Ed Dept. Records)

1/1/1873 C Hamilton house Burnie Bray commenced but finished much later (Isdale p.10)

1/1/1873 C Downfall Creek Sunday School and Services (Methodist) commenced in a slab cottage on Aaron Adsett's property (Now Wheller Gardens) (Stan Eddowes "Testimony" Oct 1972 - Chermside Churches File)

In 1877 a church was built (Meth Cent Booklet 1973)

1/1/1873 C Chermside Methodist Church founded (CKCC)

1/1/1874 C Chinaman's Creek (Albany Creek) road opens (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1875 C Bunya School opens (closes 1968) (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1876 C Post Office -Mail by the Gympie Coach to Downfall Creek (DRT 46) Since Cobb & Co were travelling to Gympie since 1868 then they would probably have been carrying mail since that date.

1/1/1877 C United Methodist Free Church builds first church in Downfall Creek - Rev E Turner - cost of 100 pounds approx. (Jubilee Memories booklet 1877-1927- also Stan Eddowes) It was built on a block of land beside James Patterson's store and donated by him (Stan Eddowes)

22/1/1877 Zillmere State School opened (Ed Dept. Records)

1/1/1879 C Divisional Board Act set up Local Government Qld - Nunda Divisional Board from Breakfast Creek to the South Pine River - (DT Div.)

1/1/1879 C Post Office - First Postal Receiving Office in Patterson's store (DRT 26) Isdale (p.11) agrees but mentions no date except to say that Patterson was in Downfall Creek before the Hamiltons who arrived in 1869. Receiver of Mail till 6/3/1884 (DRT 46)

Chronology 1880s

1/1/1880 Election of representatives for the subdivisions 2 and 3 of the Nundah Division and representatives appointed by the Colonial Secretary for subdivision 1 as no one was elected. The government paid a subsidy of £2 for every £1 raised in rates for the first five years. (DT Div.)

1/1/1880 From 1st January 1880 Cobb & Co carried the mail from the city on its two day run from Brisbane to Gympie. This mail was handed to a village receiving officer, as no Post Office had been established. (POR)

1/1/1880 C Gottlieb Conradi - Polsloe Store - (Later Qld Builders Supplies Store) (DRT 27)
First telephone exchange opened in Brisbane (Cole p.21)
Local Government - Gov. gazetted metropolitan divisions - met with farcical apathy - Gov. had to appoint members in some cases - within months there were pressures to dismember the boards (Cole p.21)
1/1/1880s C 1880s more settlers arrive from Germany and England - more land sales until remainder sold (Raven Street Chronology)

1/5/1880 C Local Government - Sandgate separated from Nundah Div Board (Cole p.21)

1/1/1881 C C'side pop. 181 (DRT 16)

1/1/1882 C Mr G Early (Died 1909) took over Patterson's store (Alex Hamilton who would have known this from his father Tom Hamilton - pencil written document in Hamilton Archives) Teague says the business continued till about 1965

1/1/1883 C Trams - Horse tramways appeared in Brisbane (Cole p.21)

1/11/1883 Local Government - Toombul divisional Board was formed after a petition asked that number three subdivision of Nundah Div. Board become a separate division. (DT Div.) (Cole p.21)

1/1/1884 C Local Government - The Nundah Div. Board was assigned portion 559 of 3 ac 2 r on Gympie Road, Downfall Creek on which to build the Shire/Div. Board offices. (DRT Div.) In 1921 moved into Marchant Park facing Gympie Road on top of the hill to the north. (But Alex Hamilton maintained that the Offices and Clerk's residence were set up on top of the hill opposite Marchant's Paddock - western side of Gympie Rd. Also Alf Vellnagel makes the same claim - he is 94 and still going strong in 2006.)

6/3/1884 Post Office - First Postal Receiving Office in Patterson's store Isdale notes that Patterson was in Downfall Creek before Hamiltons who arrived in 1869. Patterson handed over the Receiving Office of Mail to Andrew Hamilton on the 6/3/1884 (Letter from Under Secretary Post and Telegraph Department to Patterson - Copy in Hamilton Archives - the original donated by Alex Hamilton to the Post Office Records)

1/1/1886 C Local Government - Nundah Divisional Board was re-subdivided into three wards with three representatives each (DT Div.)

1/1/1886 C Possibly the first Horse buses in C'side - David Goodwin of Edinburgh Castle Hotel - to the city and in 1891 to Aspley. (DRT 40)
Another big advance would have been the first omnibuses which were started in1886 by David Goodwin. (Teague P40) Certainly there were more people going past to the 'diggings after gold was discovered, but many would have also been on foot. (Cobb & Co Museum Toowoomba)

25/5/1886 Happy Valley (Stafford) State School opens (Ed. Dept. Records)
Gibson's Wool Scour and Tannery provides employment (Raven Street Chronology)

1/7/1886 Second Post Office established, called Downfall Creek, with Andrew Hamilton as the Postmaster. He received 12 pounds p.a. Located at his forge. ( POR) Hamilton took over as Receiving Officer from Patterson when he finished on 6/3/1884. (See above)

1/1/1887 C Coal found at C'side on north side of Banfield Rd Westfield Site & also in Ballantine Street. Not profitable. (C'side Parklands Planning Project BCC)

1/1/1887 C Victoria Estate (Stafford) Corner of Webster and Stafford Roads - Includes School Rd, Collier St, Leiper St - 627 Blocks - (Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1887 M. J. Gallagher built a tannery on Gympie Road at Kedron on the present site of Weston's biscuit and cake factory Top Taste - tannery closed in 1960. (Brisbane History Group tour of Northside)

1/1/1888 C 1888 - James Caruthers Hutton opened Huttons Bacon Factory at Zillmere - (Ford: Marching to the Trains) p.5

1888 - Kedron Park Estate - South side of Kedron Brooke around the Racecourse - Includes Judge Rd, Park Rd - 220 Lots (Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/3/1888 1st March 1888 - opening of the North Coast Railway (Zillmere) (Ford: Marching to the Trains) p. 4 Also to North Pine (Petrie) (Bald Hills Heritage Tour - Section 19)

1/1/1889 Post Office - James Hamilton (son in law of Andrew) becomes Post Master (POR)

1/1/1889 C Newmarket Sale Yards conduct sales of cattle and sheep to local slaughter yards (Raven Street Chronology)

Chronology 1890s

1/1/1890 C Stafford Park Estate, West side of Webster Rd just north of Kedron Brook - Includes Wolverhampton St to Hayward St 163 Allotments 6-7% Variable Terms
(Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1890 Huntonville Estate, Aspley (Cabbage Tree Creek) Zillmere Rd (Government Rd) Between Gympie & Dorville Rds. 117 Allotments (Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/1/1890s C Daw & Slack - first butcher's shop near Sparkes St - later George Conradi - later George & Jack Lemke (DRT 27)

1/1/1890s C Night soil carting started (DRT 50)

1/1/1890s C Pride of Lutwyche Lodge built the hall on Hall & Gympie which became the Perseverance Lodge Hall in 1901 and sold it to the School of Arts in 1909 (DRT 60)

6/8/1890 Little Cabbage Tree Creek (Aspley) School opened (Ed. Dept. Records)

1/1/1891 C C'side pop. 448 (DRT 16)

1/1/1891 C August Vellnagel arrived in Queensland (Charlie Vellnagel - letter to Alex Hamilton)

1/1/1891 C Packer & Knox started production as Fellmonger & Tanner - later they moved to Downfall Ck where the firm continued till 1971. In 1972 moved to Narangba and traded as Packer Tanning. (Society Archives - C'side Firms)

1/1/1892 C Post Office - David Goodwin becomes Postmaster (DRT 46)

30/11/1892 1892 30th November - Major William Clathworty established the Virginia Brick & Pipe Co (Ford: Marching to the Trains) p. 5

1/1/1893 C Worst flood in Brisbane since white settlement - Thomas Cock builds a slaughter yard on Downfall Creek and Rode Rd (Cock's Road) - house moved from Windsor - pilot meat cannery built at Cock's. (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1895 C Heinrich Gerns started (Ford: Marching to the Trains) p. 5/6
Trams electrified and became profitable (Cole p.27)

16/3/1897 William Hacker bought land for Vellnagel 16th March 1897 and on 3rd March 1899 Vellnagel got title in his own name. (Ford: Marching to the Trains) p.6 (Alf Vellnagel and others) For property transfers Jack Ford is the best authority available.

1/1/1898 C The Methodist Church at Downfall Creek joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia and a few years later became the Chermside Church (must have been after 1903 when the name Chermside was adopted) (Jubilee Memories Booklet 1927)

1/1/1898 C Thomas Hamilton attended a public meeting in the Alliance Hall and was elected Secretary of the Downfall Creek Recreation Club the forerunner of the C'side School of Arts (Isdale p. 20) Aims of the S of Arts on page 20 also. (Check Diary 1898)

23/3/1898 Wednesday Thomas Hamilton Gave cheque 2 pounds to Mr H V Hewett for Mr D F Maclean for writing out descriptions of 50 allotments in the Fivemiletown Estate, Chermside - got receipt. (Hamilton Diaries)

20/6/1898 Attempts made to establish a State School at Downfall Creek. (CAS)
- Letter to Under Secretary for Public Instruction from W. E. Sammells asking for a school to be established (CORR1)

19/7/ 1898 Formal application for the Establishment of a State School (CORR1) Letter accompanying the application setting out the Portions which would be suitable and the numbers of prospective pupils (EDU/2570 1898/08954)
List of prospective pupils, residences, distances from proposed school, school being attended and distance from residence. (Copies of all the above document in CSS file Society Archives)

11/8/1898 Lot 535 Government accepted as the site of the State School (CORR1)
6/11/1898 Paid £125 for half Lot 535 - State School Committee to pay 20% - £25 (CORR1)

1/1/1899 C "Craigie Knowe" built for William Henry Ewing at 21 Dawn St Kedron - Outline of the history of the property and the surrounding area compiled by the Brisbane City Council Heritage Unit December 2002 (Archives of the Society) (NB: Teague has the wrong date, late 1880s, for the building)

1/1/1899 C 1899 Railway line constructed to Enoggera, close by the Newmarket Sale Yards (Raven Street Chronology)

24/8/1899 1899 24th August Marchant bought 97 acres which became Marchant Park - lived at Taringa (Ford: Marching to the Trains) p.6

4/9/1899 The Referendum on Federation - Commonwealth or not - Downfall Creek voted solidly against Federation 7 Yes 92 No. The Nundah electorate 286 Yes 651 No (Brisbane Courier 4/9/1899 p.5)

Chronology 1900 - 1909

1/1/1900 C William Sammells general store (Cr Hall St & Gympie Rd) Became Post Office & News Agency (DRT 27) About this time Mrs. Mary. Sammells became Postmistress
(DRT 46) Still P M in 1915/16 (QPOD)

1/1/1900 C About this time the Polsloe and Five Mile Town Estates on either side of the present main shopping centre were opened. (DRT 9)

The local district still mainly rural at this time and Downfall Creek was the business centre. (Ourbrisbane.com) This was probably why the Kedron Council sited its office there.

1/1/1900s C Downfall Creek Cricket Club formed (DRT 58)

16/1/1900 State School Committee had raised £159 as the local contribution to building the school and HT Residence Tender price £795 (CORR1)

6/7/1900 Downfall Creek State School No. 929 opened as a class 7 school in the North Brisbane area. James Youatt was appointed first Head Teacher, with an enrolment of approximately 90 students at the end of the year. (CAS) Half of the bread-winners were mixed farmers (Raven Street Chronology)
9/7/1900 Downfall Creek (Chermside) State School No 929 opened (Ed Dept. Records) Probably the correct date as it was a Tuesday. (Ed) Closed 13/12/1996

1/1/1901 C Protestant Alliance Friendly Society of Australia Perseverance Lodge, Downfall Creek branch was formed about 1901 and before that the local members were probably in the Lutwyche Lodge .(Teague ?)

1/1/1901 C Teague's estimate of the population of C'side was about half the figure he gives for 1911 which was 811 so the 1901 figure would be about 350.

15/2/1901 Local Government - The Nundah Div. Board was renamed Kedron Shire Council as the area had nothing to do with Kedron after the earlier changes (DT Div.) - remained till 1/10/1925 when it became part of the First Greater Brisbane City Council.

3/9/1901 Downfall Creek Musical Society founded - meet in Alliance Hall (School of Arts?) - Disbanded in 21st May 1906 Also known as Chermside Musical Society Est. 1900 (Minute Books in Archives C'side Clubs File)

16/10/1901 Perseverance Lodge founded on 16th October (DRT 60) Isdale on p. 21 notes that Thomas Hamilton joined the new branch, the Per. Lodge in 1901.

27/3/1903 Packer & Knox - Fellmongers & Tanners registered at Downfall Creek near Brisbane - Registered again on 17/2/1913. (Society Archives - C'side Firms)

1/5/1903 Downfall Creek State School No. 929 was renamed Chermside State School No. 929. (CAS) Post Office approves change (CORR1) Letter written by James Youatt in 1925 (Original in possession of Mrs Jean Tune also a copy in the Youatt File in Society Archives)

1/1/1904 C First Police Station in C'side opened on Gympie Rd near Kuran St. and closed in 1917 - Reopened in 1926 at same site - In C1936 moved to Cr Gympie and Hamilton Rds. (DRT 54)

7/10/1904 Letter from T A Hamilton to Sub Inspector Savage - prepared to build a 4 room cottage for police use on a 2 ac block fronting on Gympie Rd - Let at 10 shillings per week. Will lease it for 3 years at least. (QSA)

24/11/1904 Police - T A Hamilton to Sub Inspector Savage - dwelling finished and ready to occupy. (QSA)

3/12/1904 Police - Official opening - John Francis Tracey first Officer in Charge (Police File Chermside)

1/1/1905 C Farming villages (50 -60 families) at Stafford, Chermside, Aspley, Bald Hills - Enoggera large well populated area (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1905 C C'side Penny Savings Bank established (DRT 56) - taken over by School of Arts Committee 27/8/1909 - finally transferred to Gov. Savings Bank 9/4/1913 (Min S of A)

1/1/1908 C Post Office - First telephone in Sammells', store - Via Albion exchange - 1914 Public Telephone outside Sammells' store (DRT 46)

4/9/1908 Post Office - the first telegraph facilities were installed. W.E. Sammells had been Postmaster for some time. At this time residents received their mail from a mail contractor on service number 759. (POR)

1/1/1909 C First Car in C'side - Owned by W G Early - Reg No. A125 - 1909 Belsize Tourer (Archives - Photos)

1/1/1909 C William Hacker store (now Beaurepairs) opened - closed in 1964 (DRT 27)

1/1/1909 C Bicycle Racing Club formed - In 1930s another one formed (DRT 58) See Hannah family file

21/6/1909 School of Arts founded and met in the Alliance Hall - Bought same shortly afterward - Lending Library formed - Kedron Continuation Classes in book-keeping and dressmaking conducted. (School of Arts Minutes)

1/7/1909 C Alonzo Sparkes bought the 400 ac block of Murphy's Paddock for ₤2,150 for use as a holding paddock for stock to be slaughtered at the slaughter yard he built there (Ford p.6/7

20/7/1909 Kedron Park Racing Club registered. (Society Archives - C'side Firms)

31/12/1909 Post Office - During the year 52 telegrams were lodged and 82 were received. By this time the telephone was in use as the following revenue statement shows:
Trunk line (Long Distance) calls 0 - 4 - 4
Local Calls 4 - 12 - 5
Telegrams lodged 2 - 6 - 0 Total Revenue 7 - 0 - 9

Chronology 1910 - 1919

1/1/1910 C F G Butt bought a 25 ac pineapple farm on Murphy Rd from D C Vemey. Began canning in 1911 - used a methylated spirit stove to solder lids on - pineapple jam (Ford p.7)

1/1/1910 C Six inch water main reached Vellnagel's forge at Murphy & Gympie Rds. (DRT 50)

19/11/1910 Locomotive PB15 No 385 was derailed at Zillmere Station. The loco ran on to bridge which was under repair and came off the rails but remained upright. (Newspaper report)

1/1/1911C Pop of Chermside 811 (DRT 20) - Compulsory military training introduced - parades adjacent to the Chermside School of Arts - four years of cadets and then into the Militia (See Vellnagel's cadet book) - 3 weeks camp (Marching to the Trains p.7)

1/1/1912 C All Brisbane horse bus firms amalgamated to form the Brisbane Motor Bus Company. C'side now without public transport.

(DRT 40) 1/1/1912 C Kedron Omnibus Company formed to use horse buses from Wooloowin station to Aspley - sold in 1915 (DRT 41)

5/6/1912 Walton Bros registered as a Piggery at Kedron. (Society Archives - C'side Firms)

1/1/1913 C Chummies, English migrants arrive - Chummeytown - Hamilton Rd and Maundrell Terrace area (DRT 20)

1/1/1913 C C'side Citizens' Committee was possibly the origin of the C'side Progress Association which was operating in August 1931 (DRT 61)

1/1/1913 C Kedron Presbyterian Church founded (Strathmore St) (CKCC)

6/5/1913 Post Office - Letter from Thomas Compton (Sec Zillmere S of A) to Sergeant at Sandgate re supervision of a concert. (COP)

18/7/1913 Water was connected to the C'side State School Letter from Public Works to Gov. Architect & Under Sec for Pub Instruction.

1/1/1914 C 1914-20 Piggeries are built on old mixed farms and uncleared bushland - more settlers arrive - some English, (Chummeytown) some from inland -soldier settlers try mixed farming including pineapples, vegetables, passion fruit and later poultry farms started (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1914 C Piggery started by David Barker on Rode Road (DRT 20)

1/4/1915 C Trams from Windsor Town Hall reach Kedron Park Hotel
2nd May 1925 reach Lutwyche Cemetery - change trams at Kedron Brook 927 New bridge over Kedron Brook
30th March 1947 reach C'side (Hamilton Diary) - Last tram to C'side 13/4/1969 (Souvenir Ticket BCC Transport Department) See also Horse Trams 1883 and Electrification in 1895.

1/1/1914 C Hamilton business (blacksmith & carriages) sold to Bailey Manufacturing Company which closed in 1920 and two years later Hugh Hamilton bought it. In 1948 he sold it to Bernard McNulty who shifted it to Kedron in 1960. Still operating in 2012. (DRT p.22)

9/2/1914 Letter from C Wills Shire Clerk Kedron Council to Commissioner of Police re need for 2 Constables at C'side police station citing problems in the area - also having to pay 5 shillings for a Constable from Sandgate to attend entertainments at Zillmere. (COP)

21/2/1914 Letter from Sergeant at Fortitude Valley replying to C Wills (14/2/14) It is, in effect, saying that Willis is exaggerating the situation. And this seems to have been the case. This letter was a report to the Commissioner of Police (COP)

21/3/1914 Police - Letter from Commissioner to Kedron Shire Council re letter on 9th Feb 1914. He is backing up the Sergeant and, in effect, telling Wills to report more carefully. (COP)

23/3/1914 Police - Commissioner to Wills? re providing police supervision at Zillmere without charge if it is for public functions. (COP)

1/1/1916 C Sandgate Drill Hall founded - later removed to Chermside and reopened as the Milne Bay Memorial Library & Research Centre in the Chermside Historic Precinct

1/1/1917 C Photographic Society formed (DRT 56)

7/2/1917 To Police Dept. re closure of station - premises had been rented at 12/6 per week - military camp of 40 men who were mainly recuperating from war wounds not considered sufficient to justify keeping the station open. (QSA)

28/2/1917 28th February - Police Station closed (Police File Chermside)

2/3/1917 G Bell to Police Dept. - troop horse 'Favour' returned to Depot with list of equipment from the closed C'side station (QSA)

7/2/1918 Very little crime in C'side in 1916 - only six arrests, 2 for obscene language, 2 for drink, 2 for stealing (QSA)

1/5/1918 C Post Office - James C. Argo purchased Sammell's store and his daughter Miss Christine Argo was appointed Postmistress (POR)

1/6/1918 Post Office - sale of duty stamps (Tax on certain items) was introduced. (POR)

1/1/1919 C The Kedron Tram Extension Estate - (The trams were at Kedron Brook and did not get to Lutwyche Cemetery till 1925 and Chermside till 1947) War Bonds Accepted
East side of Gympie Rd and bounded by Rode Rd and Sydney St - On the line of the proposed Mayne to Zillmere Railway extension - (Estate Poster in Society Archives)
The Pneumonic or Spanish or Black Flu Pandemic - thousands of people died in Australia

Chronology 1920s

1/1/1920 C Pop 1131 (DRT 20)
Florence Park Estate, Chermside - Corner of Murphy Rd and Ellison Rd (Geebung Rd)
Includes Ston
e Rd & Piccadilly Rd - 62 Lots from 1Rood to about 3 Acres
(Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/1/1920 C Arnold Shaw set up a piggery on Hamilton Road - closed 1951 (DRT 20)

1/1/1920s C 1920s 20 slaughter yards in Chermside - Withacombe's becomes a State Slaughter yard under Forgan-Smith's drive for cheaper meat (Raven Street Chronology)

22/5/1920 Grand Sports - Free- Grand Concert Not Free - (Archives Chermside File)

1/1/1921 C Population of Chermside 1131 (DRT 20)

1/1/1921 C Vellnagel moved forge to the present site (DRT 23)

9/9/1921 George Marchant gave the land for his namesake park to the Kedron Shire Council (DRT 52)

1/1/1922 C Boyce & Little bought the Bus run and in 1923 bought the first motor bus - Extended to Bald Hills in 1928 (DRT 43)

1/1/1922 C Assemblies of God Church commenced services in a house - Church built in 1947 (DRT 63)

1/1/1922 C Post Office - The Postmistress' salary was ₤60 - 5 - 0 p.a. (POR)

17/8/1923 Police - Letter and petition from Kedron Shire Council re the reopening of the C'side station (QSA) & (COP)

13/10/1923 Gerns donates land at Collings Street and ₤500 for a Memorial Hall at Geebung - opened on 13th October 1923 (Marching to the Trains - Jack Ford p.22)

2/11/1923 Kedron Shire Council commenced electricity connections 2nd Nov 1923 - certainly at Buhot Street, Geebung (Qld Government Gazette) (Marching to the Trains p.24)

1/1/1924 C Gympie Road sealed with bitumen and widened (DRT 45)

1/1/1924 C Bill Auld, a butcher and Charlie Murr a blacksmith set up the first Service Station which lasted till 1969 (DRT 45) (SGIO building occupied by Dept. of Ed - 800 Gympie Road )

1/1/1924 C Electric Light reached Lutwyche cemetery area - (DRT)
Kitson pressure lamps preceded it along Gympie Road.

3/5/1924 Dedication of WWI Memorial Gates - Marchant Park (Viv Heiner on her Father's Resume Nov 2005 - Viv Heiner was present in 1924 as a child aged 4 years)

1/1/1925 C Chermside Methodist Church became attached to the Lutwyche Circuit (Jubilee Memories Booklet 1927)
Rainey's Hill Top Park Estate - Includes Robert St, Rode Rd, Wallace St, Hill Top Avenue, Rainey St.- 99 Allotments ₤1 deposit 10/- monthly at 6% (Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/1/1925 C Kedron Methodist Church founded (Leckie Street) (CKCC)

1/2/1925 C Electric Light installed in the School of Arts (Minutes of S of A.) But the Committee had enquired about installation on 10/1/1918 so electricity may have been available at that date. Also requested for the State School on the 3/6/1925 - (1st Minute Bk of School Committee) but may not have been installed till April 1931 when they paid for a meter.

2/5/1925 Electric Trams reach Lutwyche Cemetery (Viv Heiner)

1/6/1925 C Masonic Lodge (Freemasons of Queensland) started in June, meeting in the School of Arts - 1957 (DRT 60/1) moved to a new building in Gympie Rd Kedron - Kedron Chermside Lodge No.333 was consecrated on the 22nd October 1980 when the Kedron and Chermside branches merged. (Website)

1/10/1925 Local Government - Kedron Shire Council absorbed by BCC First Greater Brisbane City Council took office on 21st February 1925 (Shaping a City - Greater Brisbane 1925-1985 - John R Cole - Will Brooks Qld 1984- Society Library) 1925 Kedron Shire Council closed - previously Nundah Divisional Board

1/1/1926 C Methodist Church purchases property Cr Hamilton & Gympie Roads for ₤300 and shifted the church building there in November 1926 at a cost of ₤140 (Jubilee Memories Booklet 1927) Isdale p.22 dates the move at 31-3-1926.
Glenora Estate (Maggs) - 1915 Paul Maggs bought portion 154, an 18 acre block which coupled with the 38 acre holding he had inherited from his father gave him an area from Rode Road to Edinburgh Castle Road. In 1926 he subdivided the 18 acre section it into 188 housing blocks of mostly 16 perches each. Includes Bristol road, White Street, Taylor Street and Maggs Street. The land was slow to sell and two blocks remained unsold 30 years later. (James & Nola (nee Maggs) Gibson - Essay on Paul Maggs. 1866-1956 p.4)

27/3/1926 Chermside Township Estate Hamilton's Property auction (Archives Chermside File) Gympie Rd - Hamilton Rd - Margaret (Kingsmill) St - Hall St Thomas & Charlotte St 77 Blocks - ₤1 deposit 10/- monthly (Estate Poster in Society Archives)

11/7/1926 Police - Letter from Sgt Currow to Inspector re the reestablishment of the C'side station including some crimes recently committed (QSA)

1/10/1926 Kedron State School opened (Ed Dept. Records)

23/11/1926 Lease of building to Police Dept. (QSA)

1/12/1926 Post Office - Mr. R.E. Hall became Postmaster (POR)

1/1/1927 C Maurice Tilly - Dawn Theatre (opened 1928) - (DRT 27) Fardoulys Brothers bought it in C1951 and are still there in January 2004. (Society Archives - C'side Entertainment)

Glentanna Estate, Kedron - West side of Gympie Rd. Includes Rode Rd, to Edward St - 300 yards from Kedron tram terminus - 108 Blocks ₤10 deposit over 5 years at 6.5%
(Estate Poster in Society Archives)

Seskenore Estate Kedron - Between Gympie Rd and Mount Alverna and St Anthony's schools - Includes Cremorne Rd, Nieppe St, Armentieres St - 34 Sites
(Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/1/1927 C Gordon Park Methodist Church founded (Blue Nurses bought building) (CKCC)

1/1/1928 C Chermside Township land sale - As above in 1926 - now only 60 Allotments
(Estate Poster in Society Archives)

1/11/1928 Post Office - Mr. J.H. Gordon became Postmaster (POR)

1/12/1928 C Town water connected to Marchant Park in December 1928 - the park leased by BCC to the Warehouse Cricket Assn. for 10 years from 12 September 1928 at ₤5 per wicket per season + ₤123 to erect two dressing sheds for which the BCC would contribute the labour (End note 34 - BCC Archives, Marchant Park file) (Marching to the Trains p.29)

29/10/1929 Black Tuesday - the New York Stock Exchange crashed and the Great Depression begun - worst up to 1933 - persisted till 1939 for many workers.

9/9/1929 Letter from R D Richards to Police Dept. re getting a permanent station in C'side with Constable living in the district but attached to Windsor (QSA)

14/10/1929 Post Office - mail being delivered to 133 houses. (Postman on bicycle or horse?) (POR)

25/10/1929 Letter from Commissioner of Police to Under Sec, Home Dpt giving some background of the C'side District (QSA)

22/11/1929 Police Station Re-opened (Police File Chermside) Police Gazette transfers - new station opened at C'side. (QSA)

Chronology 1930s

1/1/1930s C R E Stevens sawmilling firm (DRT 29)

28/4/1930 Meeting of the Country and Progressive National Organisation Chermside Branch (Archives Chermside File)

28/4/1930 Typed notice - Country and Progressive national Organisation - Chermside Branch - had been dormant - a revival meeting to be held in the School of Arts on 8/5/1930 and Mr Kelso MLA, local member, will address it. W E Sammells, Rode Rd Chermside.

1/9/1930 C Post Office - Mr. Gordon Postmaster died. Mrs. Gordon carried on for a short while. (POR)

1/10/1930 Post Office - Mr. G. Jeffs appointed Postmaster. (POR)

1/1/1931 C Population of Chermside 2319 (DRT 20)

1/1/1931 C Slaughter yards close - Gov. acquires the meat works at Cannon Hill and sets up the Qld Meat Industry Board (Fitz Vol. 2 p.174) - warm milk dairies and piggeries are established on old slaughter yard sites (Raven Street Chronology)

29/12/1931 29th December - Inspection of C'side Police Station - Still in the horse and bicycle transport time - Property owned by A R C Hamilton on ₤1/5/0 weekly rent but it will be reduced to ₤1/2/6 on 1/1/1932 - Const. Rigney only - Khaki uniform (COP)

1/1/1932 C Chermside Congregational Church built on Rode Rd. (DRT 63) (CCCK)

29/1/1932 New wing completed at Chermside State School and an Official opening approved. (CORR2)

27/9/1932 Police - T Rigney to Commissioner re lease for 3 years extension - First leased years ago at 25 shillings per week - Hamilton agreed to reduce it to 22/6 per week and include space for troop horse (QSA)

19/10/1932 W H Ryan Commissioner of Police to Inspector O'Hara - approval of lease with Hamilton at Duff St C'side - 3 years at 22/6 per week (QSA)

4/5/1933 Inspection of C'side Police Station - Constable Rigney only - (COP)

31/5/1934 Inspection of C'side Police Station - Constable Rigney only - (COP)

14/6/1934 Police - Letter from W G Early to Commissioner - valuation of land on corner of Gympie & Hamilton Rds. C'side at 300 pounds (QSA)

20/6/1934 Letter and map of the C'side Police Division - (COP)

1/1/1935 C Post Office - Mr. Geffs sold his business to Mr. G.B. Reid of Sandgate who then became Postmaster. (POR) Reid had a grocery, news agency and Post Office (Coral Rance - daughter)

30/1/1935 Police - Constable Rigney to Sub Inspector Fortitude Valley - Early not prepared to sell a portion - not anxious to sell - Council valuation 100 pounds (QSA)

5/2/1935 Police - Sub Insp Fortitude Valley to Commissioner - interviewed Early - best land available - Early wants 300 pounds - suitable for a business venture (QSA)

8/6/1935 Opening of the Royal Exchange Hotel Aspley (Members memories)

10/6/1935 Police - Governor in Council approved purchase of land for new Police Station (QSA)

17/6/1935 Letter from Dept. of Public Works re new Police Station at C'side (COP)

8/8/1935 Inspection of C'side Police Station - Constable Rigney - Horse in good condition but bicycle needs reconditioning (COP)

12/10/1935 C'side District Horticultural and Industrial Show (C'side Clubs File in Archives)

7/11/1935 Government Gazette - Order in Council - Land for a new Police Station - map attached - Cr Hamilton & Gympie Rds. (COP)

1/1/1936 C George Hedge starts a dripping and fertiliser factory - bad bush fires (Raven Street Chronology)

13/2/1936 Mrs E F Cock asks for girls from Chermside State School to attend Domestic Science classes once a week at Wooloowin SS.

14/2/1936 Mr Rice asks Dept. to have Domestic Science and Manual Training Classes at CSS and if not that pupils from CSS attend Wooloowin each week.

26/2/1936 Dept. replied to work with the HT at Wooloowin. (It was approved) (CORR2)

21/5/1936 Letter from Commonwealth to Minister re no extra staff needed at C'side Police division (COP)

22/7/1936 Inspection of C'side Police Station - Constable Thomas relieving while Constable Sprenger is on leave of absence- Blue Serge uniform - No horse - Bicycle in garage for repairs Constable using his own bicycle - New building (COP)

3/11/1936 H. M. Wheller Gardens Settlement opened on 3rd November on Gympie Road (DRT 65)

24/6/1938 Chermside State School - New building - demolish one classroom and built three more - raise all buildings on stumps and concrete under all buildings. Begun in January - not clear when finished - Cost £2,114 (CORR2)

1/1/1939 C Quarry begun on Rode Rd/Webster Rd by Bowser & Sons - electricity connected to nearby piggeries (Raven Street Chronology)

Chronology 1940s

1/1/1940 C Plan of alteration to Police premises (QSA)

25/2/1940 Chapel at Wheller Gardens was informally opened by Rev Weller just for the residents and officially opened on 5/3/1940 (50 Years of Caring p.39)

25/8/1940 Letter from Constable Perry to Inspector re extra Constable at C'side Police Station - military camp expected to have 6,000 men by 7/10/1940 in Sparkes Paddock for the duration of the war - Could accommodate extra Constable in refurbished feed room - expecting trouble between soldiers and civilians at Friday night dances (COP)

10/9/1940 Police - Letter from Constable Perry to Inspector re extra Constable at C'side - Typed on the side is the permission for the extra Const. (Police File Chermside)

7/10/1940 6,000 troops to go into AIF Camp in Sparkes' Paddock (7th Brigade Park) Geebung (Police File 25/8/1940)

4/11/1940 Inspection of C'side Police Station - Constables Perry and Pitt - Only one bicycle - (Police File Chermside)

28/2/1941 Valuation of Sparkes' Paddock by James Thorpe & Co 9,973 pounds and the Commonwealth Gov. offered 10,050 pounds - the firm wanted 12,000 pounds - deadlock (Ford. P.40)

12/6/1941 Compulsory resumption of Sparkes' Paddock by Commonwealth Gov. at the above price (10,050 pounds) (Ford p. 40)

8/12/1941 Japan enters the war and shortages of many goods began to appear (Marching to the Trains p.58)

1/1/1942 C Australian and U.S. soldiers occupy vacant land on Downfall Creek, farms and bushland, a gun emplacement on Radar Hill and search lights on Trouts Rd north. (Raven Street Chronology)

15/2/1942 1942 Singapore surrenders - Australia adopts a scorched earth policy in the event of a Japanese invasion (Marching to the Trains p.58)

1/6/1942 C Full rationing of food, clothing, etc with petrol from October 1941 (Marching to the Trains p.57) Rationing finally abolished in 1950 - (Probably the last to go was petrol) Marching to the Trains p.91)

14/5/1943 Australian Hospital Ship Centaur sunk by Jap submarine - about 50 miles (80km) East North East off Brisbane - No patients on board - 332 on board only 64 survived - Sister Ellen Savage awarded the George Cross for her work with the survivors. (Wikipedia)

13/11/1943 Plane crash at Chermside near Corrie Street (Thomas Hamilton Diaries)

7/5/1945 VE Day - Germany surrendered unconditionally - to take effect from next day (NY Times) VP Day - Japan surrendered on 15th August 1945.

1/1/1946 C Bruce Pie buys Dave Barker's piggery land and builds a large bedding factory; builds Maundrell Tce residence on acreage (1941 - Jack Ford); pine plantation was necessary for primary production status (Raven Street Chronology) Built factory 1948 took three years to train staff etc. by 1964 employing 837 persons - Pie died 1962 and mill sold (My research)

30/4/1946 C Army camp closed - affected local economy - camp used for housing homeless people (March. To Trains p.86) - later Camp site used for housing - Upper camp 28 acres for War Service Homes on Ellison Road - Lower Camp for Qld Housing Commission 19 acres - Downfall Creek Reserve 38 acres(Marching to the Trains p.89)

20/5/1946 Chermside Radio - Ron Rice opened. Closed 30/6/2002 (Archives C'side Firms)

13/12/1946 Plan to convert play shed at Chermside State School into 2 classrooms for 80 infants and 2 teachers. Original shed built 1906 and has a sand floor. Cost £350 + £156 for furniture (CORR2) Was converted see 21/10/1954 (CORR2)

1/1/1947 C Post Office C'side Telephone Exchange opened with 400 lines in Mermaid St. (DRT 47)

1/1/1947 C Woodland Woodworks started on Cr of Hamilton Rd and Kingsmill St by Jim Wayper - processed wood products - Closed about 1984.

1/1/1947 C Site plan of C'side Police Station (Police File Chermside)

30/3/1947 Opening of the tram line to Hamilton Road Chermside (T A Hamilton Diary)

4/10/1947 Laying of the foundation Stone for the new Methodist Church in Chermside (Souvenir Programme - Society Archives - Chermside Churches)

29/1/1948 Chermside Bowling Club formed at a meeting in the School of Arts (C'side Bowls Club - D G Self p.13) Opened C 5/10/1950 p. 16.

1/2/1948 Post Master General took land on Banfield Rd in February 1948 to use as a training depot for linesmen. Building took place at the end of 1949 (Marching to the Trains p.90)

5/6/1948 Order of the Eastern Star Chermside Chapter founded - met in C'side School of Arts - moved to Kitchener Rd Kedron 24/1/1975 (Golden Jubilee Booklet 1998)

1/1/1949 C Kitchener Road Methodist Church founded (CKCC)

6/3/1949 Housing Commission have built C300 houses + C100 privately built up to this date in the Chermside Police Division (Police File 5/3/1949) (See also 6/3/1952 & 4/8/1954 & 7/4/1961) French Prefabs appeared - European firms employing tradesmen from Italy and Germany using European pine - infected with the European Wood Wasp and had to be fumigated in plastic sheeting - p. 91 - German and Italian workers settle in the area
(Marching to the Trains p.90-91)

6/3/1949 Application for an additional Constable by Sgt Perry at C'side Police Station - Description of the state of the area of the Police Division - businesses, houses, population, size of farms - 80 families temporarily housed in the Military Camp (half of them 'no hopers') - Housing Commission and private builders busy - entertainment outlined - motor cycle patrols - details problems and beer consumption at the hotels - uses own vehicle for police work "when I have sufficient petrol" (Petrol rationing still in force) (Police File Chermside)

6/3/1949 Inspector to Comm. re setting aside part of the Police land for a new Fire Brigade station - Site plan attached (Police File Chermside)

17/3/1949 Inspector to Comm. recommends an extra Constable at C'side Police Station (Police File Chermside)

1/8/1949 Post Office - the Non Official Postmaster, Mr. B.C. Arndt (Son in law to Mr. Reid) became the Postmaster. (POR)

Chronology 1950s

30/9/1950 Saturday - New brick Methodist Church opened Cr Hamilton & Gympie Rds. (Isdale p.22 & Souvenir Booklet in Society Archives - Chermside Churches)

17/3/1951 National Service introduced on 17th March 1951 with 3 months full time training and 21 months part time. (Marching to the Trains p.93)

1/1/1952 C Demolition of Burnie Brae after resumption by the government for housing. (Chermside Gazette 1/10/1953 p. 2)

1/1/1952 C Green Belt zoning introduced by B.C.C. to halt subdivision in farming land - Basnett's dairy, Packer & Knox, Burgess' Dairy, Traves paddocks all frozen (Raven Street Chronology)

6/3/1952 Housing Commission + private builders have built up to 800 houses along or near to Hamilton Rd Chermside and there is sub division for a further 700 houses. (Police File 6/3/1952) (See also 6/3/1949 & 4/8/1954 & 7/4/1961)

6/3/1952 Releasing part of the Police property for a Fire station - site plan attached (Police File Chermside)

24/10/1953 Ambulance Carnival - Sponsored by C'side Progress Assn. - at C'side Tram Terminus - Saturday 2pm - 10pm (Flyer in Chermside File) This was the time when local people had to raise funds for the Ambulance.

1/1/1954 C Church of the Latter Day Saints meeting in homes and C'side Hall - Church built in 1958 (DRT 64)

12/2/1954 C'side Fire Brigade station on Hamilton Rd opened (DRT 54 (Later moved to grounds of The Prince Charles on Hamilton Road - POS)

25/2/1954 Chermside State School - New classroom ready for use - cost £1,290 (CORR2)

1/7/1954 C Tuberculosis Hospital - Chermside Chest Hospital - later The Prince Charles - established - (Beneke's Bush Report) - Cost $4m (Telegraph 7/9/1987) - First hole in the heart operation performed on 7/4/1964 (DRT 53)

4/8/1954 Housing - Building in previous four years: Chermside 665 houses (Police File 4/8/1954) (See also 7/4/1961 & 6/3/1952 & 6/3/1949)

16/8/1954 Sgt O'Connor's report on staffing at C'side Police Station - Staffing rosters -Detail of the growth of the area - housing - population -Chermside Chest Hospital -The Prince Charles - details - beer gardens at hotels - expansion of shopping centre - Police staff of four (since 5/6/1952) - station is understaffed (Police File Chermside)

6/12/1954 Public Works announces that 2 new classrooms for Chermside State School will be built at a cost of £2,616 (CORR2)

1/1/1955 C Piggeries close down in Webster Rd; land sold for subdivision (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1955 C Police staff increased by a forth constable (See below in 1961 7th April) (Police File Chermside)

1/8/1955 C Brisbane Cash and Carry opened on corner of Hamilton & Gympie Roads (Jean Tune) Under construction in August 1954 (Police File - Society Archives)

1/1/1956 C William Basnett wins a case against BCC Green Belt Town Plan in Land Court and was able to subdivided his dairy farm into housing blocks. (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1956 C Stafford Heights School built for baby boom children in Stafford (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1956 C C'side and District Youth Club founded by C'side Progress Assn. (DRT 59)

1/1/1957 C West Chermside Presbyterian Church founded (CKCC)

1/1/1957 C Wheller Gardens bought land on northern corner of Banfield & Gympie and built Youngman House which stood there till the land was sold in 1990 and in 1992 the Australian Tax Office + Commonwealth Building were erected.

1/1/1957 C Rotary Chermside commenced in staff cafeteria at the new C'side Shopping Centre (Archives C'side Firms - Telegraph)

30/5/1957 C'side Shopping Centre - Allan & Stark's Drive In Shopping Centre (Cr Hamilton & Gympie) (Mr. T J Weedman planner & developer) 1976 reconstructed and enlarged - Courier Mail Supplement 28/5/1957 - 1999 Massive redevelopment (P O'Shea)
Drive-in Shopping - Allan & Stark to Westfield
• First Drive-in Shopping Centre in Australia and still the biggest in Brisbane
• Three major floods 1985, 1993, 1997
• Five major fires 1972, 1975, 1978, 1993, 2006
• Five major expansions 1966/7, 1974-78, 1985-87, 1998-2000, 2005-6
• Details on CDHS website

1/1/1958 C Basnett's land surveyed - septic sewerage requirement - water connected to new houses after 8 completed. (Raven Street Chronology)

21/3/1958 C'side Municipal Library replacing the School of Arts on Hall & Gympie Rds. - (Plaque in foyer of present library) - School of Arts had been handed to the BCC in C1952 (DRT 51)

1/1/1959 C Sewage line reached the C'side State School (Ed. Dept. Report on Material Requirements for C'side State School 23/6/1960)

1/9/1959 C Chermside Shopping Centre - Allan & Stark bought out by the Myer Emporium (Archives C'side Firms)

12/9/1959 12 September the Ambulance Transport Brigade opened in Banfield St. with a three cars and a staff of nine (DRT 54 also Telegraph 10/12/1966) Moved to The Prince Charles grounds on Hamilton Rd beside Fire Station.

1/10/1959 BCC decided to pay ₤14,000 for the remainder of Sparkes' Paddock from the Commonwealth Gov. - 182 acres. Courier Mail p.3. (It was 180 acres)

2/11/1959 BCC paid ₤14,000 ($28,000) for land bounded by Hamilton, Banfield, Playfield Streets and Gympie Road for park purposes. (Telegraph 2/11/1959 p.3) (Archives Chermside File.) NB: The streets are wrong they form the boundary of the Shoppingtown area - the sale was of the remainder of Sparkes' Paddock - 180 acres. See Courier Mail above 1/10/1959 This is not clear - see below 1/1/1962 and 1/1/1963 which says that was when the BCC got the rest of Sparkes' Paddock.

Chronology 1960s

1/1/1960 C Craigslea Methodist Church founded (CKCC)

19/5/1960 - Proposal to build a six story, $2-3m hotel, shops, pool in Chermside on the south side of Hamilton Rd almost opposite the Drive-in Shopping Centre. Did not happen. ( C M p.3)

25/8/1960 Inspection of C'side Police Station - 5 on staff Sgts Mahoney & Ashe Constables Cullen, Walker & Powell - Crime increasing - Holden Sedan - no bicycles - Residence - Office building - two hotels - large shopping complex - industries - Population of the Division 16,000 -(Police File Chermside)

1/1/1961 War Service Homes propose to build several hundred homes between Newman, Ellison and Murphy Roads. (More Geebung than C'side?) (Police File Chermside)

1/1/1961 C Post Office - PMG - later Telecom - Training School established before this date with 100 trainees and staff. (Police File Chermside) The school was demolished in C2004/5 when Westfield Shoppingtown expanded into the area.

7/4/1961 Housing - a big increase in home building over the past five years. (Police File 7/4/1961) (See also 4/8/1954 & 6/3/1952 & 1/3/1949)

7/4/1961 Police - Application by Sgt Mahoney for additional staff - Describes changes in the population, housing, business activity, schools, hotels, detailed description of the drive in shopping centre, PMG Training school, new motel, detailed description of C'side Chest Hospital, Drive in Picture Theatre, traffic problems, Garden Settlement (Wheeler), bowling club problems, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, War Service Homes, postal delivery statistics, increase in clerical work at the Police station because of shoppers coming to drive in shopping centre, in last 5 years stations opened at Stafford and Zillmere thus reducing the C'side Division, C'side has to help out in the Valley. Scene of rapid growth. (Police File Chermside)
1/1/1962 C From 1962 to 1964 the Comm. Dept. of Housing acquired 70 acres of Sparkes' Paddock to build 320 homes as War Service Houses. Qld Housing Commission later built 975 homes under its Home Ownership Schemes. The remaining 175 acres was acquired by the BCC in 1963 for park purposes. (C'side Parklands Planning Study - BCC p.24) See also 1/1/1963 C & 1/3/1996 below.

1/1/1962 C Roman Catholic Church opened- West Chermside Maundrell Terrace (DRT 64)

25/3/1962 Presbyterian Church opened 25th March (DRT 64)

30/7/1962 30th July - The new Post Office officially opened by Mr. R.C. O'Brien, M.P. for Petrie. Mr. E C McLean Postmaster (POR) (Data on the growth of the C'side P. Office and the list of invited guests see file on same) (Closed 7/6/1993 and transfered across Gympie Road)

10/11/1962 Branch of Wheller Gardens opened on Halsmere St Geebung - John Wesley Gardens - Includes a Chapel (50 Years of Caring - D L Tucker p.92)

23/11/1962 Letter from Federal Member for Petrie (O'Brien) to Comm. of Police (Bischof) for more police at C'side. (Police File Chermside)

1/1/1963 C BCC acquired the remaining 175 ac res 71ha of Sparkes' Paddock from the Comm. Gov. which became the Hamilton Road Reserve and later 7th Brigade Park. (C'side Parklands Planning Study - BCC p.24)

1/1/1963 C Reservoir built on Milne Hill to supply water to thousands of houses (Raven Street Chronology)

10/12/1963 Letter from L. J .Hooker to Comm. re Redeveloping the Police land to include shopping facilities. (Police File Chermside)

1/1/1964 C Voyager Centre opened as a Sea Scout Hall -( Later, possibly 1969, taken over by Kedron-Wavell RSL as a craft centre in Chermside Historical Precinct

1/1/1964 C Stafford Heights, Chermside West grow rapidly - 1600 children at Stafford School (Raven Street Chronology)

30/5/1964 Land resumed and gazetted for Craigslea School (Archives Chermside File)
11/11/1964 53,453 pounds allocated for reticulating sewage to between 300-350 homes in the Kedron Wavell Heights area (CM 11/11/1964)

19/11/1964 New Chermside Pool to open at end of December costing 68,000 pounds (CM 19/11/64 p.20)

1/12/1964 C BCC Swimming pool on Hamilton Rd opened in December 1964 (CM - 19/11/1964)

1/1/1965 C Chermside Shopping Centre - Big upgrade of facilities costing 1.25m. pounds (Archives C'side Firms)

14/2/1965 Lutheran Church West C'side Maundrell Tce - Prince of Peace dedicated 14th February on Maundrell Tce (A Lutheran church every four miles) (DRT 65) (Archives - C'side Churches File) (Primary School opened 18/3/1984)

1/1/1966 C Somerset Hills School opens - Rode Shopping Centre built (Raven Street Chronology)

4/5/1966 Letter from Minister Dewar to Minister Pizzey re Redeveloping the Police land to include a public toilet. (Police File Chermside)

1/7/1966 C C'side Shopping Centre - Woolworths opened Australia's biggest supermarket costing more than $500,000 (Archives C'side Firms - Telegraph)

10/12/1966 Ambulance at Chermside has five cars and a staff of twelve (Telegraph 10/12/1966)

1/1/1967 C Private sewerage treatment plant constructed to sewer houses in Hooker's Paramount Estate in McDowall and Stafford Heights (Raven Street Chronology)

2/4/1967 Lutheran Church West C'side formally organized (Archives - C'side Churches File)

27/5/1967 The year 2007 and specifically Sunday 27 May 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of Australia's most successful referendum and a defining event in our nation's history.

The 1967 referendum saw more than 90% of eligible Australians vote YES to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in the national census of the population and to give the Commonwealth Government power to make specific laws in respect of Indigenous people. This event is often referred to as the first stage of the reconciliation movement in Australia.

2/5/1968 Inspection Report - Staff 2 Sergeants and five Constables - Two vehicles One Crotina Sedan and a Ford Falcon Sedan - Senior Sergeant's residence - high set as laundry was underneath - Lock up garage seems separate - Station premises Fibro building with offices - Lock up weatherboard and iron roof - presently used as a storeroom.

4/12/1968 Kedron-Wavell Services Club RSL grew from a meeting held by 65 residents. (Society Archives - C'side Clubs)

13/4/1969 Last tram to Chermside - Photos of Souvenir tickets - Society Photo Files - Suburbs - Chermside. This was the last day for all trams in Brisbane.

Chronology 1970s

18/12/1970 Kedron-Wavell Services Club RSL began operating on its present site and was officially opened on 6/3/1971 by Brisbane Lord Mayor Clem Jones (Society Archives - C'side Clubs)

1/1/1971 C Diesel buses replaced the Trolley buses (Members Memory) Transport

1/1/1971 C K Mart opened on Cr Webster & Gympie (DRT 30) Later Woolworths Supermarket

1/9/1971 C C'side Shopping Centre - Qld's first big K mart opened - (Archives C'side Firms - Telegraph)

1/1/1972 C Paramount Estate released; Craigslea School & McDowell School built - Griffith University surveys Brisbane bushland - Raven Street bushland high conservation status; last piggery (Barker's in Horn Rd) closes (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1972 C Lawrence Rd reservoir built - receiving water from Lake Samsonvale (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1972 C Sewerage Treatment plant dismantled, sewers connected to Luggage Point - reserve land passes to Parks Department of B.C.C. (Raven Street Chronology)

18/3/1972 World War I memorial gates at Marchant Park vandalised and marble plaques smashed with the loss of almost 100 names. (Courier Mail 18/3/1972) Restored 2003 by C'side & District Historical Society Inc.

19/6/1972 Inspection Report - Staff of two Sergeants and five Constables + Two Trainee Constables
Civilian Staff - Clerk Mr Yates who started on 3/3/1970 and Clerk Typist Miss Smith who started on 4/4/1972. Two vehicles - brand new Falcon replacing old Falcon which was in use since 1//3/1971 with 35,974 miles on the clock. Cortina as above in 1968. Property described as above - Lock up not used for prisoners as they are taken directly to the City Watch house
Crime increasing particularly in the offences of stealing and breaking and entering. Chermside seems an average station without any outstanding characteristics.
Area covers portions of the suburbs of Aspley, C'side, C'side West, Stafford, Kedron, Wavell Heights, Geebung, Albany Creek and Bald Hills. 40,000-42,000 population - 7 schools and one large hospital.
Previous 6 months - 2,612 reports made - 200 warrant cards issued, 1,139 Learner's Driving Permits issued and 1,028 Renewal of Driver's Licenses issued.

1/12/1972 C C'side Shopping Centre - Devastating fire $3m damage (Archives C'side Firms - Telegraph)

1/1/1973 C Methodists at Kitchener Rd, Kedron and C'side Churches merge (CKCC)

27/5/1973 David Teague's History of Chermside was launched on 27/5/1973 at High Barbaree (The Australian 8/5/1973 p.8 - 9)

1/1/1974 C Chermside Hospital renamed The Prince Charles when he visited. (Members memory)

1/1/1976 C C'side Methodist and Congregational Churches merge to form C'side Uniting Parish (CKCC)

1/1/1977 C Foundation of Uniting Church in Australia Kedron Presbyterian & Methodist merged to form Kedron Uniting Church (CKCC)

1/12/1978 C Late night shopping on Thursdays commenced (Archives C'side Firms)

Chronology 1980s

1/1/1980 C Raven Street acreages begin to be subdivided (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1981 C West C'side Presbyterian and Craigslea Methodist Churches merge (CKCC)

1/1/1984 C Gibson Tannery at Stafford closes replaced by Stafford City shopping complex (North West News Sunday 17/7/1988) The tannery opened in 1866. (Bris Hist Group Tour)

1/1/1984 C West C'side/Craigslea Churches combine with C'side Uniting Parish Church (CKCC)

18/3/1984 Primary School at West C'side Lutheran Church opened (Archives C'side Churches File)

22/3/1984 Burnie Bray Senior Citizens Centre opened (Northside Observer)

1/5/1985 Chermside Shopping Centre - Upgrade & Expansion Stage 1 costing $680,000 - Stage 2 costing $2m was finished in November (Archives C'side Firms)

18/9/1985 Developments in C'side growth corridor - $6.5m on corner of Kuran St - Shopping building with 69 parking spaces - another project on corner of Sparkes St for $1.7m

1/10/1986 Chermside Shopping Centre - Upgrade & Expansion Stage 3 costing $3.1m (Archives C'side Firms - North-West News p.1)

1/1/1987 C Boondall Seven - the first Neighbourhood Watch group established in Brisbane - Chairman Mario Marchese was a foundation member (Northside Chronicle 4/10/2006 p. 6)

1/7/1987 Chermside Shopping Centre - Upgrade & Expansion Stage 4 costing $1.3m - the number of stores rose from 55 to over 90 after this stage. (Archives C'side Firms)

1/1/1988 C Downfall Creek Bushland Centre opened to promote education & community involvement in protection of bushland (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1988 C Methodists at Lutwyche, Gordon Park and Kedron Churches merge (CKCC)

1/1/1989 C Saturday trading till 4pm commenced. (Archives C'side Firms)

21/11/1989 Proposed sale of the existing Police Reserve at C'side - alternative site suggested at 438 Hamilton Rd - 200 m west of existing station -

Chronology 1990s

1/1/1990 C 1990 Last stages of housing estates in Stafford Heights completed - Aspley Crest (Raven Street Chronology)

26/10/1990 Letter advising that the alternative site is no longer desired.

1/8/1991 C Estimated Resident Population from Census of 1991 - 6,184 (BCC Website)

30/11/1991 Pool C'side Access ramp for disabled swimmers opened (Plaque at pool)

1/1/1992 Kedron-Wavell Services Club RSL was issued with a gaming machine licence and took delivery of 45 gaming machines soon after. (Society Archives - C'side Clubs)

1/1/1992 C 1992 Aspley Crest Stage II estate opened up, last Raven Street acreage subdivided for housing (Raven Street Chronology)

13/4/1992 Aust. Taxation Office building on Cr Banfield & Gympie Official Opening (Archives C'side File)

1/1/1993 C Sewerage connected to Kenna St Acreages; Aspley Crest Stage Three built on last farms on Little Cabbage Tree Creek in Chermside (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1993 C Leckie Rd and Strathmore St Congregations Churches combine (CKCC)

7/6/1993 Post Office opened 30/7/1962 closed and moved to C'side Place Office Block (Official Photo)

1/1/1994 C 1994: Last acreages (over 2.5 acres) in the area are being subdivided and the bush link between the two reserves might be broken; two original acreages remain (Beckett Rd) (Raven Street Chronology)

1/1/1994 C Kedron-Wavell Services Club RSL had its area extended by the BCC (Society Archives - C'side Clubs).

15/4/1994 Newly elected Terry Hampson had his office in Wavell Heights. (Ward Archives)

4/11/1994 Brisbane 2011 - The Liveable City of the Future - plan (Ward Archives)

1/1/1995 C Chermside Regional Centre Local Area Plan released (Ward Archives)

6/10/1995 The restoration of a patch of remnant bush land at Prince Charles - Beneke's Bush - by Greening Australia & Prince Charles Hospital (Beneke's Bush Report File)

7/12/1995 First stage of Kittyhawk Drive opened - Hamilton Road to Way Street. - Named on 19/7/1996 (Ward Arch)

14/12/1995 Community Profiles on each of the 26 wards was released - It was the first time this was done. (Ward Archives)

15/12/1995 Rainbow Lorikeet Park, Agnew Street, Zillmere was opened by Lord Mayor Jim Soorley. (Ward Archives)
1/3/1996 C Sparkes' Paddock - Hamilton road Reserve was renamed 7th Brigade Park (C'side Parklands Planning Study - BCC p.25)

1/3/1996 C Geebung Village started? (Ward Archives)

8/3/1996 Newman Road bridge over Downfall Creek lengthened by another span - (Ward Archives)

28/3/1996 Hamilton Road Reserve named 7th Brigade Park (Ward Archive)

19/9/1996 Recycling of the water in the new Chermside Aquatic Centre (Ward Archive ) The Gold Club (Growing Old & Living Dangerously) began

21/9/1996 Aquatic Centre opened - replacing the Olympic Pool (1964) - (Bayside Star & N.C.)

7/11/1996 Chermside Parklands Master Plan launched. (Ward Archives)

1/12/1996 C Kidspace in 7th Brigade Park completed (minus roof) - 900 volunteers worked on the job. (Photos in my collection - I worked on the job) Roof went on in 1998 - See fire in March 1999

1/12/1996 C Westfield Trust purchased the Chermside Shopping Centre and named it Westfield Shopping town Chermside
(Archives C'side Firms)

1/1/1997 C Formation of the C'side Kedron Community Parish (Later Church) Was this the merging of C'side Uniting Parish and the Kedron Uniting Church?)

15/1/1997 Stormwater drainage around Cranbourne St (Archives Chermside File)

17/1/1997 New library opened on Cr of Kittyhawk Drive & Hamilton Rd by Lord Mayor Jim Soorley. (Plaque in foyer) Cost $2.7m , 1500m² in size, the first Regional Library in Brisbane (Ward Archives)

1/2/1997 C Flooding at C'side Shopping Centre from the upper reaches of Somerset Creek which had been built over - Berne Ford was also flooded. (O'Shea Archives Photo)

6/2/1997 Bandstand built in Annand Park which became Bernie Brae park later (Ward Archive)

13/2/1997 $70,000 allocated for Kidspace Toilet (Ward Archives)

7/3/1997 Gross Pollutant Trap costing $200,000 built on a small creek in Marchant Park (Ward Archive)

10/3/1997 Dung beetles introduced to clean up dog droppings (Ward Archive)

28/5/1997 Northside Chronicle reported that the old Chermside State School had been moved to the Historic Precinct and was re-sited on 28th May 1997. (Society Archives - C'side Schools)

24/7/1997 Annand Park renamed Burnie Brae Park - it was the location of Burnie Brae the home of Andrew and Margaret Hamilton who settled there in 1869. (Ward Archives)
Gross Pollutant Trap for Downfall Creek in Huxtable Park costing $270,000 (Ward Archives)

4/9/1997 Chermside Parklands Master Plan released - 20 year vision. (Ward Archives)

25/9/1997 Kedron-Wavell Social Club sporting facilities relocated to Shaw Park (Ward Archives)

2/10/1997 The sculpture "On The Move" outside the Library opened - Peter Dwyer was the artist who designed it (Ward Archives)

17/11/1997 Terry Sullivan, State Member and Councillor Terry Hampson called for the formation of a History Society at Chermside (Ward Archives)

5/12/1997 Chermside State School Bell returned to Chermside Municipal Library by Dept. of Education. The bell was passed on to the Chermside Historical Society when its premises were opened in C'side Hist. Precinct. (Ward Archives)

1/1/1998 C Purchase of C'side State School and land for the new Church (This purchase could be for about $900,000 as the site was sold at a Commercial price for Community Purposes to the Uniting Church. (Terry Sullivan 22/8/2007 by phone)

22/1/1998 Naming of "Geebong Park", 87 Copperfield Street, Geebung. (Ward Archives)
11/2/1998 Chermside & District Historical Society Inc was launched. (Bayside Star)

30/4/1998 Government agrees to preserve Beneke's Bush in the Prince Charles Hospital grounds for posterity. (N.C. & Bayside Star) 29-4-1998) - Agreement finally signed by State Gov., Health Minister and BCC (N.C. & Bayside Star 17-2-1999)

13/5/1998 Youth Space opened at Chermside Library (Bayside Star)

5/6/1998 BCC Media Release announced a $219,000 facelift for the Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, West Chermside

9/9/1998 Bicycle Training Course opened in 7th Brigade Park near Kidspace (Bayside Star )

2/10/1998 C'side Fire Brigade moves to new headquarters at 550 Hamilton Rd. from Cr Gympie and Hamilton Rd. Opened officially 3/11/1998 - (C'side Services File)

26/10/1998 Roof put on Kidspace - Aspley Lions donated $16,000 - (Marchant Ward Archives) Total cost $80,000 for Colourbond - Westfield, Aspley Lions and BCC contributed (Northside Chronicle 28-10-1998)

5/11/1998 Roundabout on Hamilton and Webster Roads named Herrmann Place after early German settlers who had a farm nearby. (Ward Archives) Named and sign erected on 24-3-1999 (Bayside Star)

18/12/1998 $6m flood control work at Westfield - Earlier concrete pipes replaced with two much larger Box Culverts to drain Somerset Creek under the new buildings.

22/1/1999 Nat Aust. Bank Financial services centre opened (Archives C'side Firms)

1/2/1999 Construction of a $6m, 62,100 sq m North Regional Business Centre at 960 Gympie Rd to commence and be finished by Oct/Nov 1999. (NC 6/1/1999 p.1) Officially opened 19/1/2000 by Lord Mayor Jim Soorley (Plaque in foyer)

10/2/1999 Maoris at home in C'side - Voyager Centre (Archives C'side Clubs)

12/2/1999 12/2/1999 Courier Mail p.40 - reported that in October 1998, a 6,036 sq m parcel of land from the former Chermside State School site sold for $2.4m.
The former school playing oval, with 100m frontage to Gympie Rd was sold to a private Queensland family company
The article continues - Some…… of the former Chermside state school buildings ………… were bought by churches or church groups. (This must refer to the Rode Rd end of the block.)

NC 2/5/2001 p.1 - Aldi reportedly paid $3.7m for the former State School site on Gympie Rd.
The Uniting Church is already building a new church on part of the old Chermside State School site.
(Society Archives - Aldi folder)
Just how much was paid for the original five acres in October 1998?

10/3/1999 Zillmere Community Recreation Centre (PCYC) - Grant of $1m from State Gov. , $100,000 from BCC - Aim to build and open by 26-1-2000 (N.C. & Bayside Star) Official opening 7-7-2001 ( Sgt Robert Fiedler PCYC State Office)

25/3/1999 Kidspace Toilet Fire - $60,000 worth was burnt by vandals - (Northside Chronicle 31/3/1999) The vandals were subsequently 'dobbed' in by their families.

13/4/1999 New Bus Interchange on corner of Gympie and Hamilton Roads has begun and is expected to be completed in four months - Expected to cost $1m - BCC project (Ward Press Release) Opened 6-8-1999 and a free bus trip was provided for local people to the interchange for a week (Ward Press Release 29/7/1999)

29/5/1999 Original building of the Chermside State School moved from corner of Gympie and Rode Roads to Chermside Historical Precinct in the early hours of Friday (Bayside Star and N.C. 2-6-1999)

7/7/1999 Chermside Historical Precinct grants from Centenary of Federation Fund - $80,000 - ($60,000 from Lilly Electorate and $20,000 from Petrie Electorate Centenary of Federation Funds (Northside Chronicle)

15/7/1999 Warehouse Cricket to have new turf wickets in 7th Brigade Park to replace those lost due to the construction of the Inner City Bypass in Victoria Park (Ward Press Release)

11/8/1999 John Patterson Park named (Bayside Star and N.C.) (Bayside Star 29-9-1999)

6/10/1999 Aqua Aerobics - at Splash Leisure, C'side - Burnie Brae - (Archives C'side Clubs)

21/10/1999 BCC has purchased 4.6hectares of ecologically rich bushland at 490 Trouts Road, Chermside West for $1.3m. This will link the wild life corridor between Raven Street Reserve and Bunyaville State Forest. (Ward Press Release) This will preserve a link between Cabbage Tree Creek and Chermside Hills.

9/12/1999 The Sandgate Drill Hall is expected to be moved to Chermside Historical Precinct on Thursday 9th Dec. 1999 (Bayside Star & N.C. 8-12-1999)

Chronology 2000 -2009

1/1/2000 C Kedron Congregation (Kedron Uniting Church?) moves into old C'side State School buildings. (CKCC)

17/2/2000 Opening of the Mountains to Mangroves Ceramic Installations along Downfall Creek (Six big signs) Jamie Maclean - artist (Northside Chronicle 23-2-2000)

26/2/2000 North Regional Business Centre officially opened - it had been operating since 23/12/1999 (Marchant Ward Archives) (Bayside Star 26-2-2000)

1/3/2000 Chermside Shopping Centre - Official Opening of Westfield upgrade & Expansion costing $235m (Archives C'side Firms)

1/3/2000 C Kedron-Wavell Services Club RSL opened its new synthetic surface and grass surface hockey fields. Total cost was about $3m with $1.3m coming from a grant. (Society Archives - C'side Clubs)

7/9/2000 Chermside Shopping Centre - Grand Opening of Westfield Chermside (Archives C'side Firms)

5/9/2000 Naming of Victor Grenning Park (Northside Chronicle 12-9-2000 Bayside Star 5-9-2000)

27/9/2000 Chermside Historical Precinct - Landscape plans released - 3 buildings already on site - Drill Hall & School to be refurbished, repainted and windows reglazed. Aim to finish by March/April 2001 (Bayside Star)

5/11/2000 N C - Chermside Veterinary Hospital officially opened after being extensively refurbished (Society Archives - C'side Firms) See also 24/1/2007

11/11/2000 Chermside Historic Precinct opened by Lord Mayor Jim Soorley (Foundation Plaque)

22/11/2000 Press Release Marchant Ward - Zillmere shopping area to have upgrade
24/1/2001 Duplex housing to be built by Gov. Housing Industry Trade Training Scheme at Corrie St - completion by March - (Archives Chermside File)

14/3/2001 C Flooding of Downfall Creek at Aspley (and C'side?) (Archives Chermside File)
30/7/2001 Holy Spirit Northside Hospital officially opened (Website)

1/8/2001 C Estimated Resident Population from Census of 2,001 - 6,213 (BCC Website)

26/8/2001 Sunday 2.30pm The Closing Service for the Chermside Uniting Church (Methodist Church) (Program of Ceremony - Society Archives)

23/9/2001 Sunday 2.30pm Opening and Dedication of C'side Kedron Community Church and the merger of the C'side and Kedron Congregations. (CKCC) Rev Professor James Haire presided at opening.

1/2/2002 Centro North opened (Archives C'side Firms)

5/4/2002 Map of Chermside from Dept. of Nat Resources and Mines (Archives Chermside File)

24/6/2002 Northside Chronicle shifted offices from Banfield St to Sandgate (Archives Chermside File)

1/8/2002 Seven day trading in South East Qld (Archives C'side Firms)

4/12/2002 Dead Man's Gully (Somerset Creek under Gympie Rd) officially named by the erection of a Sign (Archives Chermside File)

1/1/2003 C Renaming of Annand Park to Burnie Brae Park. (Archives Chermside File)

23/7/2003 Opening of the two footbridges over Somerset and Downfall Creeks to link the C'side Historic Precinct with Kid Space in 7th Brigade Park - Cost $175,000 (N C 23/7/06 p.9

30/8/2003 Rededication of World War I memorial gates at Marchant Park after being restored by the CDHS Inc with a grant from Qld Gov. Gambling Fund

5/9/2003 Millers Self Storage opened (Archives C'side Firms)

24/9/2003 Amalgamation of C'side Bowls and Kedron Bowls Clubs (Archives C'side Clubs)

1/10/2003 C Stockland Trust Group
precinct to open at Carseldine. (Archives Chermside File)

13/3/2004 Opening of the $2m Chermside Hub incorporating the Library, Kedron-Wavell Services Club and the Chermside Aquatic Centre. (N C 28/1/2004 p.3)

9/4/2004 Critical Incident: A manslaughter occurred in Hodgkinson St. 9th April 2004. A group of young people coming from Gilhooley's walked through 7th Brigade Park on their way home. On exiting the park at Hodgkinson St, they were pursued a group of young men and an altercation broke out. James Bachelard fell on the road/guttering and sustained fatal head wounds. The incident did not occur within the park boundaries. (Safety Audit Rep) Subsequently three youths were charged, found guilty and sentenced to jail terms. A later appeal on 15th March 2007 was disallowed and one sentence was increased. POS.

24/6/2004 Aldi Supermarket, a German chain store, opens on Gympie Road at the Northern end of the old Chermside State School site.(CM 25/6/2004 p.3 & NC 30/6/2004 p.15) A convenience centre with six tenants also opens about this time - the idea being to supplement Aldi.

7/7/2004 Demolition of the Uniting Church on corner of Hamilton and Gympie Roads begins. Replaced by Focus high rise units and commercial ground floor - Completed December 2009

11/8/2004 N C p.13 - Childcare Centre disallowed by BCC at West C'side - Andrew Parker of Parkross Developments at 5 Maundrell Tce rejected on air quality grounds as there was a service station over the road - would have provided 74 places (10 for babies) - the Creche and Kindergarten Assn. Northside Family Day Care Scheme has 44 children on its waiting lists, 31 of them babies. Similar numbers were reported over the northern suburbs by the N C survey.

15/11/2004 Chermside Building Centre opened (Archives C'side Firms)

1/1/2005 C Rotary Club of Chermside closes - founded in 1957 (N. Chronicle 10/5/06 p. 24)

16/3/2005 N C p.3 - There were 8 childcare centres in West Chermside and a ninth was being opposed on the grounds of traffic problems and the proximity of an existing centre next door. It was to be built at 697 Hamilton Rd next door to Bright Beginnings Child Edu-Care Centre. The new development would have 95 children and 14 staff.

16/3/2005 BCC tables draft Parkland Scheme covering 120ha of 7th Brigade, Marchant and Upper Downfall Creek Parks as "a metropolitan open space." (NC 16/3/2005 p.5)

6/7/2005 N C p.4 - C'side set to dominate the north Brisbane landscape as the area's growth hub through the South-East Qld Regional Plan - C'side is recognised as a Primary Activity Centre in the plan.

1/12/2005 Chermside Central 46 Playfield St - first high-rise apartment building in Chermside opens. Nine levels - two basements and seven above ground. By 2011 another six had been opened in Playfield St, another five in the rest of the Chermside high-rise area and in 2012 another is nearing completion. Thirteen high-rise 2004-2012.

26/4/2006 NC P.3 - Five fires lit by vandals in Chermside & Geebung on Monday night - Five youths were being interviewed - Marchant Park cricket curators compound lit burning machinery etc - Kid Space, a construction crane, a shade cloth at a retirement village and a large grass fire in 7th Brigade park- the replacement cost at Marchant Park amounted to $230,000 included a fire proof building.

25/5/2007 Clem Jones donated $100,000 and BCC donated $55,000. (Warehouse Cricket Ann. Report 2005-6 p.5) 12/12/2007 CM reported that three of the vandals sentenced to jail and the damages bill estimated at $259,000

10/5/2006 Lions Club of Chermside facing closure - founded late 1950s (N Chronicle 10/5/06 p.24

28/9/2006 Opening of the extension of Kittyhawk Drive in 2006 - bridging of Downfall Creek - Opened 11.45am Thursday 28th September 2006 (Northern Chronicle 4/10/2006 p. 4)

24/1/2007 N C - Green Cross Veterinary Hospital is 50 years old - opened in Gympie Rd opposite Westfield, recently relocated to Cr Hamilton Rd & Thomas St.

26/1/2007 C M p.72 - Westfield sold 1.5ha of its land at Chermside to the Aust. Affordable Housing Association for over $20m - which may develop possibly something like the 363 units that Westfield originally intended to develop there.

7/2/2007 NC p.3 - Aust. Affordable Housing Assn. plans to build 493 apartments on the site it bought from Westfield last month. The aim is to provide affordable units not low cost which often become slum dwellings. At present the average family needs an income of $1150 weekly to afford suitable accommodation.

25/4/2007 N C p.3 - Prince Charles Hosp. - Emergency Dept. has moved into the new building which is stage 1 of the $108.5m revamp - At present it is stabilising patients and sending them on to other hospitals - should be operating at full capacity by mid-2008

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