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Foreword by Fr Craig Moody

A great Modern Historian, E.H. Carr, made the observation that what we refer to in History as “facts” really are the interpretations and choices made by the writers of history, influenced by the standards of the culture and age that they lived in. For example, a Jewish inmate at a Concentration Camp in World War Two would write a very different history of WWII than would a housewife in Brisbane, or a soldier in Europe, or native in New Guinea, for the same era. Not only are they in different parts of the war, but the things that matter to them – the things that they would report, would differ.
The beauty of this history book is that a small group of dedicated people, Jan Donkersloot, Ken Pollard, and Pat O’Shea, with help from others, have done a great job of searching out and gathering together the resources for this book. People from different decades have told their stories. People with different parts to play in the life of the parish have told their stories. The Diocesan Archives have been examined and the records held in the Parish office have been used. The process of preparing for the writing of this book has been systematic and very commendable.
I am sure that many of you now, and many more in future years, will join me in affirming how valuable this book is and will continue to be. If it had not been written, the memories captured and used would have been lost.
This is our history of our place - one small Parish in less than one century of the Church’s life over many centuries in many lands. Without our story being told, it would be one less fibre in the fabric of written history; but it is a valuable fibre – it is ours.
I am proud to have been a part of it and commend it to your reading.