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A history is like trying to reconstruct a picture of a jigsaw with only 20% of the pieces. There are large gaps in the picture which cannot be filled so that there will be many unanswered questions. Thus the final picture is only an approximation of the real one. But it is the best we can do.

To try and overcome this problem the work is divided into two parts. First, the chronological history, which gives the general picture of the story of All Saints’ and acknowledges the sources of the material. Second, the Living Parish section, many of the details are filled in by people writing about their memories of events and organisations which operated, and those which still operate, in the Parish.

Special mention must be made of the work titled Our Story a history of the Parish up to the late 1980s by Fr Grayson, Fr Greaves, Ken Pollard and Nev Coombs. Gary Handran then put it on disk and published it in Saints’ Alive. This text provided a sure start and gave a great deal of direction to the present work. Many other people have freely contributed to this work. Some wrote, some spoke, and many lent photos. Their names are recorded on their contributions and, on behalf of the committee, I thank them. Thanks to the Brisbane City Council who assisted the work by a grant from the Community Grants Scheme.

The committee consisted of Jan Donkersloot, Ken Pollard and me. While I wrote the history and edited the work, Jan wrote some of, and entered most of, the Living Parish material on disk and Ken drew on his own 54 years of active participation in the parish and wrote his own reminiscences. Both of them were great ‘heelers’ as they chased the contributors to get their work in on time. They begged, borrowed, organised, improvised and found data, they knew who to ask for help and they did so. Without them the work would never have been completed. Glenda Murrell at Anglican Records and Archives Centre provided documents that I did not even know existed and provided endless help. Thanks to David Winters for his direction and help with the printing and scanning photos, Karen Winters for supervising the paper work in the Parish Office and Glenda Spry for help from the Parish Archives. Finally the Editorial Committee consisting of the three above plus, Val and Ken Kerr, Lyn and Mike Gregory, Win and John Wrench, Fr Craig and my wife Lois. They read, and discussed and corrected and did it all again. Thanks again.

People responded so generously that we had enough material for a larger book but finances limited us to about 100 pages, so much editing was necessary. However, the complete unedited version of the story of All Saints’ is preserved in the Parish archives for the use of future historians.

We acknowledge Fr Michael Stephenson for permission to use his photos of the opening of the new church in 1996 on the front and back covers.