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Paint the Park - 7th Brigade Park

Work in Progress -

Paint the Park - Work in Progress

Have no fear - we will get there, eventually.

The Innate Urge to Create!

Many thousand of years ago our ancestors, Homo Sapiens, felt the urge to lighten up their caves with some paint. They found some ocher mixed it with some water and art was born. Some dabbed it on while others took a mouth full and sprayed it on, they became very skillful and produced some marvelous works of art. Others used stones to chip their creations into rock walls.

Then, thousands of years later some of our closer ancestors, who had learned to write came and added their comments such as Marcus or Joe was here. This was the 'done thing' and it was called progress.

Tradition has it that one of Napoleon's gunners used his cannon to blow off the nose of the Sphinx. He was very progressive!

The tradition continues and today some of our locals have moved on and they use spray cans or felt pens and we call it graffiti;we do not think it is progressive.

Art and Graffiti

Paint the Park Voyager Centre
This is an example of mindless graffiti smeared over a mural which was in memory of those sailors who lost their lives in the Voyager disaster of 1962.

The Brisbane City Council organised a group of young people supervised by an artist to paint murals on our walls at the Chermside Historical Precinct. The aim was to deter the graffiti vandals from doing their worst. For a while it worked but then old habits reasserted themselves and the graffiti reappeared.

It took several years of co-operation between the Brisbane City Council, the State Government, the Police Force and the members of the Chermside Historical Precinct to catch and punish the vandals. But we succeeded and with the growth of apartments beside the CHP the problem seems to have been solved. We'll see!

The Rebound Wall, Basket Ball Hoop and the Chess Board

Paint the Park - Location
Kid Space is located on the left upper corner, the Rebound Wall in the right upper corner, the Basket Ball Hoop in the middle ground and the Chess Board in the foreground.

This little complex is located in the corner of Murphy Road and Kittyhawk Drive beside the pedestrian/bike way.

The Rebound wall is for people to practice their tennis skills without having to chase the ball. It would be a prime place for the local graffiti vandal if it wasn't skillfully decorated by talented artists.

In the foreground is the Chess Board which is a large slab of concrete covered by a thin layer of bitumen which is a non slip surface and it is very black; the white squares are painted on. This enables people to play chess or drafts using very large pieces or human beings for the pieces.

It is rather faded at present and needs sprucing up.

The Thunderbolt Crash 1943

Paint the Park - Plane Crash 540.jpg
This is one of the early images which was in memory of the crash of a USA Air Force Thunderbolt in 1943 near the present Ballantine Street, Chermside.

This was painted in 2014

East Side of the Wall

Paint the Park East Side of Wall

West Side of the Wall

Paint the Park - West Side of Wall

For the Annual Green Heart Fair

Paint the Park - Green Heart Fair Motiff

Sometimes the wall is used to highlight some activity in the park such as this illustration. The Green Heart Fair is an annual event in 7th Brigade Park attended by large crowds of people.

These events are held beside Kid Space where small children can enjoy themselves on all sorts of challenging but safe wooden devices.

Vandalism by Fire

Paint the Park - Vandalism by fire

This attempt occurred in March 2014 soon after the project began. From the remains on the concrete at the base of the wall it seems that a wheelie bin was set on fire.Just what the perpetrators hoped to achieve is not clear, maybe they didn't know either.

A much more serious fire took place at 2 AM on the 25th March 1999 when four young persons burnt the $60,000 toilet block at Kid Space. The toilet was built of timber to match the Kid Space complex and it burnt very quickly.

There has been at least one attempt to burn part of Kid Space but the alarm was quickly raised and the damage was minimized.