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The Parks of Chermside


The Parks of Chermside stretch from Virginia Railway Station west along Downfall Creek via Heinrich Gerns Park under Newman Road; into 7th Brigade Park to Murphy Road and into Marchant Park; over Webster Road to the very small Lions Park.

Downfall Creek is a wild life corridor enabling birds, land and water animals free movement along it from D'Aguilar Range to the Boondall Wetlands.

Combined Bicycle and Pedestrian tracks cover the entire area and completely circle around Marchant Park.

Exercise gyms, child play areas, BBQ stoves and Toilets are scattered along the tracks and two large off leash dog areas are provided.

Map of the Parks from Virginia to Aspley.

Heinrich Gerns Park.

Large Off Leash Dog park lies between Brickyard Rd. and Downfall Creek.

Play Area Magenta St. Wavell Hts.

Bike Track Magenta St. Play Area
This little people play area also has a BBQ stove, a shelter shed and a drinking fountain. There is plenty of shade, a good picnic area!


Track under Bridge Newman Rd.

Bike Track Newman Rd. Bridge
This is where the track gets down to the creek. And it floods.

After you go under the bridge you can go left (South) into 7th Brigade Park and towards Chermside or you can go right (North) and into 7th Brigade Park and towards Geebung.

7th Brigade Park

Children's Corner Newman Rd. & Delaware St.

Bike Play Area 7th Bdg. Park

This extensive playground has a variety of 'things' such as slippery dip, spinning wheel to hang on, nets to climb up and down, swings for the little ones and the bigger ones. For the adults there are a variety of gym exercise 'things'.

There are shelter sheds, BBQ stoves and drinking fountains.

The Toilet

Bike Tracks Toilet

This amenity stands a little apart from the rest of the area. There is another one at the other end of 7th Brigade Park at Kidspace off Murphy Rd.

Special Swing

Bike Track - Family Corner - Special Swing

This swing is able to hold a wheel chair and occupant in safety.

Marchant Park