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A timeline is a shorthand version of the history of a topic, in this case, Chermside and Districts. This Timeline is divided into sections that follow the chapters used in the book The New History of Chermside.

In general each section is named after some important characteristic of the period, starting and finishing with important events which define the period. For example the second section, called The European Take Over, starts with the arrival of the first white settlement of convicts and ends with the first land surveys in the local area which effectively ended any claim of the Indigenous people to their land.

These were two revolutionary changes in the thousands of years of history that had already passed and would have immeasurable consequences for the native owners.

Aboriginal Flag

Aboriginal Society the Original Owners
The Aboriginal people did not keep written records on paper like the whites. They used carvings on trees, mounds of earth, burial sites, sacred... 

First survey by Huxtable in 1864

1824-1864 The European Take Over
11/9/1824 First convicts arrive in Moreton Bay (Fitzgerald p. 71) First settlement at Redcliffe but moved to Brisbane - Free settlers had to keep 50... 

First Methodist Church in Downfall Creek

Expansion 1865 - 1900
10/5/1865 Governor Sir George Bowen opened the Bald Hills bridge which was the first bridge on the South Pine River (Carseldine p.7) (BHG)... 

1901- 1920 Federation - WWI - The Pneumonic Flu
16/10/1901 Perseverance Lodge, a branch of the Protestant Alliance Friendly Society of Australia, was founded in Downfall Creek on 16th October (Teague p. 60). Isdale, on p.21, notes that Thomas Hamilton joined the new branch, the Per. Lodge in 1901. 27/3/1903 Packer & Knox, Fellmongers &... 

1921-1945 Post WWI - Depression - WWII
1921 Population of Chermside 1131 (POP) 1921 Vellnagel moved forge to the present site (CDHS Archives - Vellnagel Files) 9/9/21 George Marchant... 

Bruce Pie sawtooth roof Thumb

1946-1969 Post WWII - Rapid Expansion - Social Change
1946 Bruce Pie bought Dave Barker's land in Kedron and builds a large bedding factory; built Maundrell Terrace residence on acreage (1941 - Jack... 

Kedron-Wavell Community Hall

18/12/70 Kedron-Wavell Services Club RSL began operating on its present site and was officially opened on 6/3/1971 by Brisbane Lord Mayor Clem Jones... 

1990-2009 Consumer Society and Beyond
1990 Last stages of housing estates in Stafford Heights completed - Aspley Crest (RSC)   1991 Population of Chermside 6,329 (POP) 1/8/1991... 

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Reference List and Sources of Data
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