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1914: The original All Saints' Church
1914: The original All Saints' Church

1950: Fancy Dress in School of Arts
1950 Fancy Dress in School of Arts. Front: Bev Burnett (Lee), K Sinclair, Alma Burnett. Back: P Moreton, Ray Spry, Brian Spry

1950s GFS with banner
1950s GFS with their banner at Norman Drive parade

1950s Sunday School Teachers' Picnic
1950s Sunday School teachers get together for a picnic in the park.

1950s Sunday School
1950s Sunday School in the old army hut Hall. The hall was a very basic building and the roof leaked in later years.

1952: Mock Deb Ball
1952: Mock Deb Ball - boys and girls change places. Fr Grayson in normal suit.

1954: CEYMS
1954: CEYMS Ken Pollard and Fr Grayson

1956: First Dinner Giving invitation
1956: Invitation to first Direct Giving Dinner

1956: Fr Chum Grayson in front of church
1956: Fr Chum Grayson in front of All Saints' - the porch was added in 1927.

1956 Hostesses Finneys Dinner
1956: Hostesses Finney's Stewardship Dinner

1956 Sunday School
1956: Sunday School for the very little ones in the old army hut hall. All in their best clothes.

1956 Sunday School
1956: Sunday School in the Church for the older children. The wall clock was a prominent feature.

1956 Sunday School
1956: Sunday School at Myra Tranberg's home in Main Avenue, Wavell Heights.

1959: Fr Anthony & Bernie Smith
1959: Fr Anthony and Bernie Smith

1961 Fr Grayson farewell
1961: Wardens and Sub Wardens farewell Fr Grayson on his departure to Maryborough.

1961 Reynolds & Townsend GFS
1961: Margaret Reynolds & Michael Townsend - GFS

1978 church
1978: All Saints' with 1960 front and the newly-built Hall

1983 Parish Retreat
1983: Parish Retreat with Arch Grindrod

1983 Stanton & Chesney CEBS
1983: Bronwyn Stanton & Murray Chesney - CEBS

1987 Sanctuary with red curtain
1987: Sanctuary with red backdrop curtain

1990 Closed St Thomas Church
St Thomas' Church, Wavell Heights, closed for services 1990, many of the parishioners transferred to All Saints'.

1990 St Thomas Closure
1990: Fr Nolan, Christine (Tranberg) and Bishop Browning at the closure of St Thomas' Wavell Heights.

1990 Wed Fellowship Outing
1990: Wednesday Fellowship Outing

1996 confirmation
Kate, Adam Brideaux, Paul, Jillian Butler, 1996 Confirmation Fr Cowdell

2004 new sanctuary
2004: New sanctuary with the Saints in Glory covered for Lent.