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Changing Face of Industry in Chermside & District

The original industry in the district was Primary, Timber was harvested but small farming predominated, mainly to supply the Brisbane market with foodstuffs.

The earliest Secondary (Manufacturing) Industry was probably the local Blacksmith and Carriage Builder, Andrew Hamilton. Others followed such as Saw Milling, Slaughter Houses, Tanneries, Fellmongers, Wool Scouring, Fuel (Wood & Charcoal) Suppliers,

The earliest Tertiary (Services) Industry was probably John Patterson's General Shop on Gympie Road near Banfield Street.

All of these have gone, although the Hamilton Carriage Works continues in Kedron under different ownership. One Tannery, Packer's, moved to Narangbar in 1972 and the last Blacksmith in Chermside, Vellnagels, moved to Brendale in 2004. They are all still going with the last two still run by their original families.

Today, 2014, there are no farms and only a few manufacturers left. Examples include Hamilton's Motor Body Works at Kedron, ALL KIND Joinery Works and Cedar Creek Colonials.

Alonzo Sparkes - 140.jpg Thumbnail

Alonzo Sparkes - Master Butcher and Grazier. 12 Aug 2014
Alonzo Sparkes parents were: William Jackson Sparkes - Merchant - Shopkeeper and Mary Ann Sparkes nee: Bowers - they landed in Sydney in 1839 and... 

Show Time at Chermside

Bowser and Lever
Bowser and Lever originally had a quarry at Windsor, on the corner of Lutwyche and Newmarket Roads. The land was resumed for the Australian Navy to... 

Box & Beck - Local Footware Manufacturing Part 1.
Arthur Box migrated from England in 1922 and settled in Queensland. In 1940 he began working under his house as a saddler (concentrating on harness... 

Brooks' Joinery Works
On 30th September 1933 the name was changed to Brooks' Joinery Works when William Brooks, father of Maurice and Les, joined the firm. This name... 

Butts Label Tropic Isle 3 140

Butt Family Cannery
Francis Gustavius Butt was born in St. Peter Port on the Channel Island of Guernsey on 6th September 1858, a son of Nicholas and Harriet (nee... 

Chesney Caravans
Francis Gustavius Butt was born in St. Peter Port on the Channel Island of Guernsey on 6th September 1858, a son of Nicholas and Harriet (nee 

Horse Collar Making 14 May 2014
This is the part that is seen when the collar is in place around the horse's neck. Different types and thicknesses of leather were used for the... 

Hutton's taken from the railway line - Thumbnail

Hutton - J C Hutton Pty Ltd - Zillmere
Joseph Walsh Lee bought a 73 acre block No. 5 between the present Beams and Zillmere Roads, crossed by Cabbage Tree Creek and later, by the North... 

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Packer and Knox
Joseph Packer came from Doynton in Gloucestershire and arrived in the Colony of Queensland in 1878 at age of 25 for a cost of one pound. He had... 

Pie, Bruce Pie Industries
This statement sums up much of the spirit and vision of Bruce Pie. He must have been a dynamic person who was able to set up successful new firms in... 

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Plunckett Carriage Builder & Blacksmith
James Vincent Plunckett was born in Somerset, England, 7th June 1864. He married Charlotte Ann Tovey in Bristol, just prior to sailing to Australia. 

Simpson's Sawmill
Robert Ernest Stevens arrived in Chermside about 1930 and built a sawmill on land between Gympie Road and Century Street, now Buruda Street. He had a... 

Tanneries of Kedron
Before World War II (1939-45), leather was one of the most frequently used products in society. It could be used as hinges on doors and windows,... 

Thumbnail image of the old forge.

Vellnagels - the last Blacksmith in Chermside.
The blacksmith is one who smites the black iron and moulds it using forge, anvil and hammer. One of the oldest trades, the Smithy goes back at least... 

Woodland Woodworks - Byrne Ford - McDonald's
In 1947, James Wayper moved an ex-army shed on to the eastern side of the section marked 17 on the above map and commenced Woodland Woodworks. The...