About Chermside and Districts

Kedron Shire

Chermside & Districts, or "the old Kedron Shire area"
The Society would like to record and archive as much information as possible about the old Kedron Shire area. This area now contains the suburbs, or... 

Chermside & Districts History

Chermside a journey through time (video)
A Brisbane City Council Lifelong Learning project bringing together Craigslea High School students and multimedia production company Big... 

Chermside & District History Precinct

Chermside Historical Precinct
The Chermside Historical Precinct is a small, about 2,845 square metre section of 7th Brigade Park on Kittyhawk Drive. It was created by the Brisbane... 

Delamore, Kedron in the distance

Delamore, Stately Home to Convent to Retirement Community
Delamore not only looked impressive, it was and is impressive. Built for a large family and as the home of a very prominent Brisbane identity, it was... 

Aerial view Gray property taken from SW corner of Ben Lomond Street looking towards south to Horn Road and across to the neighbours. This would now be Candlebark Street

Gray's Farm 1962
Dad had been shown how you could get rich from gherkins from a bloke he met at the pub. We checked out this one and a quarter of an acre lot and saw... 

Sketch of Judge Lutwyche_140_1859

Judge Lutwyche and Kedron Lodge
Alfred James Peter Lutwyche (1810-1880) born in London son of a leather merchant, died Brisbane, a Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland.