Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do research for individuals?

No but we can help you do your own research.

Can visitors attend your meetings?

Visitors are welcome to our monthly general meetings.

Do you supply photos and documents?

Yes if the material is not subject to copyright we will supply copies for a fee plus postage where applicable..

Can I do research work using your archives?

Yes, we are open every Second and Fourth Saturday between 2pm and 4pm. appointments can be made by contacting the persons listed on our Website Home Page under Contacts.

Is it possible to rent your meeting room?

Not at present.

How does one contact the CDHS?

Our website contains our contact details.

Do you conduct tours of the local district?

Not at present but we will consider the possibility if people show interest.

Can anybody go on your bus trips?

Yes, provided there is room on the bus - early booking is advisable.

Do you give talks to outside groups or organisations?

Yes, these can be organised by contacting us.

Do you present displays at local functions and how much do you charge?

Yes displays can be arranged by contacting our Archivist. We do not charge unless there is some unusual circumstance.

Is the CDHS a museum?

No, we only have limited space so we only keep historical documentation, photos and other records.

How do I donate material to the CDHS?

Simply contact the Archivist.

I have some documents which I want to keep but I would like to donate a copy to the CDHS. Can the society help?

Yes. Just contact the Archivist and copies can be made.

Do you accept unsorted but relevant documentation?

Yes, we would require that you sign over the ownership of this material to the CDHS so that we can make it available to the public, put it on display or use it in publications.

How do I leave a bequest to the CDHS?

You would have to consult with your solicitor; we accept bequests and our Treasurer would be the responsible person.