Some 20 years after the first diary Thomas Andrew Hamilton was building and selling wagons, buying and selling land and building houses. In March he bought four blocks of land at Sandgate for a total of £20. He regularly fished at the Hamilton Wall on the Brisbane River, catching up to 30 at a time, mostly bream. He spent a lot of time chasing money owed to him, and at one point arranged a £500 overdraft with the bank.


Jan 1 1910: Eddie went to Sandgate on bike this afternoon. We stayed about home all day; I finished taking stock in shop. Nice cool day, some light afternoon showers.

Jan 2 1910: Mr. Mathews preached this morning & Mr. Conrads evening. Mr. J. Duncan & Mr. Mathews had dinner with us. Light shower.

Jan 6 1910: I advertised for blacksmith, to apply to L. Spencer. They rung one up this afternoon, as they had a reply. He is to turn up to see me in the morning.

Jan 7 1910: L. Spencer rung me up this morning, as he had another reply to advert. late yesterday evening and was to call on them today again for particulars. Rung me up a little later; I spoke to blacksmith through their phone and arranged that he would come out at once and see me. He came out & I engaged him to start next Monday for 1/- an hour. He is to board & lodge at Mr. Cranston’s. I rung up Spencer & let him know I engaged him.

Jan 9 1910: I went to church morning & evening & to school afternoon.

Jan 10 1910: Mr. A. Bumbill, blacksmith, started work for me today.

Jan 12 1910: Frances & I went to town this afternoon. I called on Mr. McCollough, Bowen Bridge, re his broken down van. I told him I would give ₤3-15-0 for his old van & Mr. R. Barrett’s old hansom cab delivered at my place. He promised to see M. Barrett.

Jan 15 1910: P. Lester tomatoes 5d. W. Hamilton knocked off work for a few weeks to have his eyes attended to.

Jan 16 1910: I spent nearly all day with Mother, it was extremely hot. Went to church at night.

Jan 17 1910: Extremely hot. M.J. & I went to town; called & had tea with the Hasties and called to see W. Hamilton in regard to his eyes.

Jan 18 1910: Extremely hot. It is reported that 15 horses died with heat today in and about Brisbane.

Jan 19 1910: Uncle Frank brought Rebecca home today; Eddie met them at Zillmere at 12.30. He had dinner with us, then Eddie drove him to town & back. He had tea with us, then him & I walked up to see the Hacketts. Thunderstorm & light rain. Extremely hot, many people sunstruck & several died.

Jan 20 1910: I transferred my 5 shares in Bailey Motor Co. to W.E. Sammells & he transferred his 4 to me. M.J. & I went to town; I bought Buffle portable forge ₤5 and drilling machine ₤3-5. at Isles Love sale for Percy Carseldine.

Jan 21 1910: M.J. & I went to see W. Hamilton; he is suffering a good deal with his eyes. I called to see if Mr. Andrew Wagner was any better; he was able to be up & out. M.J., Hughie & Clara went to town this evening for boots ec.

Jan 23 1910: I went to church morning & evening & to school in afternoon.

Jan 25 1910: Frances & I went to town this afternoon. I ordered 6 cast wheels at Harveys Foundry, Margaret St.; 15 ½ high, 2 ½ tread, 2 ½ centre with 1 1/8 hole; price to be 5/6 each.

Jan 26 1910: Rev. Thurlow preached this evening. Short practice at service of song. Decided to put off practice next Wednesday on account of Church of England entertainment in School of Arts that night.

Jan 27 1910: Mr. H. Burgess drove Mrs. H. Kruger over to inspect W. Hudson’s wagon; she offered ₤24 for it. Meeting of blacksmiths held in Chermside School of Arts this evening. There were present Messrs. Barron, Maunsell, Rojahn, Ballanger, Westphal, Buck, Carr, Vallnagel, Murr & Hamilton. There were a great many questions asked as to the truth of statements made by the public in regard to prices charged for shoeing & many were proved to be extreme. There was only one smith who it was considered had broken the arrangement in regard to price to be charged; he was not present. It was decided to continue at the prices already arranged and not to lower the prices without calling another meeting. (T. Cock had tea with us). N. Ballanger appointed Sec. and Treas. Received subscriptions, most gave 1/- each. Him to pay rent 2/6, printing 4/-

Jan 28 1910: I wrote to W. Hudson, submitting Mrs. H. Kruger’s offer for wagon. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Albert called to inspect W. Hudson’s wagon. They liked the wagon, but would not interfere with Mrs. Kruger’s offer. If her offer is accepted, I am to build them a new wagon about 2 ins. wider as soon as possible for ₤35. Mr. Hudson called this evening & told me to let Mrs. Kruger have wagon. I drove Mr. Sammells to Bailey Motor Co. Annual Meeting; he was appointed a Director. Showery.

Jan 29 1910: I wrote to Mrs. H. Kruger letting her know she could have wagon and to Mr. H. Albert, telling him I would proceed to build his wagon at once. Very wet day.

Jan 30 1910: I went to church morning & evening & to see Mother in the afternoon. Cloudy & cold wind all day. Mr. & Mrs. W. Packer had tea with us.

Jan 31 1910: Mr. W.J. Bick left his wagon for repairs; new hind wheels 1 ½ spoke (service) both axles 3/8 hind & 1.1/4 front, front spring & all necessary reps. I attended Lodge meeting. Heavy showers all day, cold wind.


Feb 8 1910: M.J. & I went to Mrs. Hack’s (Snr) funeral from Clayfield to Nundah this afternoon.

Feb 9 1910: M.J., Fanny & I went to town.


Mar 7 1910: Mr. H. Vanstone asked me to put a For Sale board on his paddock at Bald Hills & to try & sell it for him. There are about 34 ½ acres fenced in & water on it, price ₤5 per acre.

Mar 8 1910: A.W.Travis called & ordered spring cart with butcher’s top, to be done this month if possible, ₤18 & me to allow ₤8 for his spring cart. P.M. Campbell met me in Valley, to make him up a second hand pony van, something like the one we made for his son in Toowoomba. W. Willbrandt paid me ₤8 on a/c of property, including interest to date.

Mar 9 1910: Mr. P.M. Campbell & I drove to Sandgate to inspect 4 allotments he has for sale. I promised to buy them at ₤20, which amount he asked for them, me to call on him this week to fix up transfers ec.

Mar 11 1910: Mr. G. Bulling called & asked what I would take for 2 acres in the Northgate Estate & build a new house, similar to Mr. Willbrandt’s, also fence it in. I said I would undertake to do it for about ₤400. Mr. Bulling said he would be satisfied with 2 ½ % (₤10) for his commission if he effected a sale at that price, or if he got ₤420 I am to give him the ₤20 for his commission. This should have been written for Saturday 12th.

Mar 12 1910: As above.

Mar 14 1910: I drove over to Mr. Willbrandt’s place this morning, was introduced to Mr. Cripps. He told me the Willbrandt’s had decided to let their place, as the client who wanted to purchase it had not a sufficient deposit to lay down. I gave Mr. Cripps a ride to town, called at Heath’s and P.M. Campbell’s. Mr. C. had not looked up the Deeds of the Sandgate property, but would look them up & let me know in about a week’s time, as he is very busy this week.


Apr 4 1910: I went to Mr. G. Bullings’s place this evening to see Mr. Arthur Burchardt re purchase of ground ec in Northgate Estate. He paid me a deposit of ₤10; the Agreement to be drawn up & signed within a week or two.

Apr 14 1910: Hughie & I bought an old bay horse from W. Cranston for ₤6-10-0 (Sargent).

Apr 15 1910: M.J. & I drove to town today with Jack. I went to sale at dry dock and bought some blacksmith’s tools for P. Carseldine 23/- & left them at his brother Arthur’s shop. Called at P.M. Campbell’s & paid him for Sandgate property (₤20).

Apr 16 1910: I went to see Mr. Hackett this afternoon. I went to Mr. Bulling’s place this afternoon, saw Mr. Arthur Burchardt, showed him plan of proposed house & read part of specification, told him of any difference to plan & he seemed quite satisfied and signed the Agreement for purchase of property, after hearing it read & explained. Mr. Bulling was present & witnessed signature. M.J., Fanny & myself had tea at Hackett’s this evening.

Apr 20 1910: Sold old bay horse that we got from Mr. Cranston last Thursday to F. Morrison for ₤7-10-0. M.J. & I went to town. I met Mr. P.M. Campbell at Watson & Fergusons. He signed a Transfer for the property I bought off him at Sandgate. I got it stamped 7/6, left it in the Titles Office for Registration 10/-, got Agreement Form stamped between Mr. Arthur Burchardt & myself re Northgate property 2/6. We met Frank Morrison in town; he came home with us, rendered song Violets Sweet Violets in church. Mr. Thurlow read.

Apr 23 1910: Bought old chestnut horse with white spots for Hughie, price ₤3-10-0.

Apr 25 1910: Mr. G. Bulling called this morning & paid me 10/- for Mr. Willbrandt, for which I gave him receipt. He offered me one pound 20/- from Arthur Burchardt as per agreement, but I asked Mr. Bulling to receive and keep the 20/- per week till his ₤20 commission was paid and Mr. Bulling agreed to accept his commission that way. I paid A. Cranston ₤3-10-0 for Hughie’s horse & 5/- for him putting him in harness.

Apr 26 1910: P. Carseldine sent me letter containing P. Order for 23/-, payment for tools I bought for him at sale on 15th.

Apr 29 1910: I went fishing on H. Wale, caught 32, took A. Maggs, he caught 31.

Apr 30 1910: Mr. Bulling called & gave me ₤1-0-0 on a/c W. Willbrandt; I gave him receipt. He stated that Mr. A. Burchardt had paid him 20/- as per Agreement and 2/6 cost of stamping Agreement.


May 2 1910: Eight Hour Day. We drove to Sandgate with Hughie’s chestnut horse in wagonette; Eddie took Frances with his pony in sulky. James, Charlotte & Janie drove & took Beckie. We camped on our allotments and pulled out weeds. I posted copy of Agreement to Mr. Charles Baker re building house at Northgate.

May 3 1910: I went fishing on H. Wall, caught 22.

May 4 1910: Alex & I went to Strathpine for Mr. E. Pigott’s bread cart, got home about 8.30p.m.

May 5 1910: I went fishing on H. Wall, caught 17.

May 6 1910: Received letter from Mr. W. Willbrandt, acknowledging receipt of my statement ec.

May 7 1910: Mr. G. Bulling paid me 10/- on a/c Mr. Willbrandt. M.J., Hector & I went to town.

May 8 1910: Mr. & Mrs. McNevin (Snr) were burned to death in their bed this morning about 6 o’clock. Eddie & I went to Albert St. Methodist Church this evening. We all got up & saw the comet about 4a.m.

May 9 1910: M.J. & I went to Mr. & Mrs. McNevin’s funeral this afternoon from Bald Hills to Lutwyche Cemetery. We saw the eclipse of the sun through smoked glass between 4 & 5 p.m.

May 10 1910: Fanny & I went to Mr. Bevan’s funeral & took Mr. Sammells with Jack & sulky; then went on to town, got refund of 3/8 from Palings for Chermside Sunday School. Fanny gave it to C.J. at Grandma’s next door when we came home. I went to H. Wall fishing this evening; caught 2 good large bream.

May 16 1910: A. Cranston, A. Bunhill & I went to H. Wall fishing this evening. A.C.3, A.B.1, myself 15 small fish.

May 17 1910: Mr. Charles Baker called this evening & stated he had started building the house at Northgate & that Mr. Bulling had put a peg for front of building 66ft from front line; also that Mr. Burchardt prepared the wing kitchen on North side of house. We agreed to same & J.H. promised to go over and inspect stumps ec Wednesday afternoon. I attended School of Arts Committee Meeting.

May 19 1910: M.J., Rebecca & I went to town this afternoon. I called at Isles Love & Co., gave particulars of property for sale at Northgate, Sandgate & Zillmere, on condition no sale, no commission, or if any other Agent got a purchaser they (Isles Love & Co.) would not take commission. Halley’s Comet tail was to sweep the earth this afternoon between 1&2p.m.

May 21 1910: Sports & Concert for School of Arts. Good attendance at both events, the enlarged hall was crowded.

May 22 1910: Mr. J.E. Moore called this morning & asked me to have his timber wagon ready for the end of July. He apologised for coming today, as it was impossible for him to come any other time.

May 28 1910: Mr. G. Bulling called & gave me 20/- on W. Willbrandt’s a/c and showed me Mr. Arthur Burchardt’s had amounted to ₤6, which I allow Mr. Bulling to retain on a/c of his commission.

May 31 1910: I borrowed Mr. Cranston’s S. Dray & drove old Spot to Poultney’s Sawmill, ordered a load of old dry timber at 35/- delivered; also 6x6 blocks for timber wagon and 20ft centre pole 5x5. He lent me a pattern for back sweeps. I went on to town, seen V. Bunkers at shop, met F.J. Moore in town; asked me to make his brother’s wagon as light as possible, to carry about 6 tons. Got rubber tyre wheels for G. Packer’s new sulky, left pattern of wagon sweeps with G. Gray. Met Rev. Dunning in town.


Jun 3 1910: G. Packer paid me for his set of wheels & I paid Packer & Knox’s a/c for dyeing 2 wool mats 2/- & 1 bazel 2/-. I went to see Mrs. Bevan & promised to give her 30/- for her old cart & to try & get her tip dray sold.

Jun 9 1910: I gave Mr. F. Hackett mortgage on 2 allotments and a house at Northgate Estate Nos. 58 and 59; mortgage is for ₤250. He gave me ₤200 and promised to give me the balance of ₤50 next July and to allow me 10/- off the first interest on account of not having it all at present. Interest 6% to be paid half yearly, Dec. 9th & June 9th; principal to be paid June 9th 1912, or Mr. Hackett said he would pay the cost of renewal if required, Stamp cost 12/6. I have option to pay off ₤25 or upwards on any date interest falls due; interest will be reduced accordingly.

Jun 18 1910: Mr. C. Baker called for draw on house in course of erection at Northgate; I gave him cheque for ₤100. Mr. W. Williams & Mrs. Williams called & made arrangements for their son Ernest to commence next Monday morning; one month trial for apprentice to the blacksmithing. Hughie & Eddie drove Jean to N. Pine Show.

Jun 20 1910: Ernest Williams commenced this morning for one month’s trial for apprentice to the blacksmithing.

Jun 23 1910: I got telephone message from Woombye asking me to meet Mr. W. McClintock at station; they said all was well. I met him at Zillmere (young Willie) at 12.15p.m. He told me he had been strained out and intended seeing a doctor & having a spell. Fanny & I went to practice at Nundah tonight “May Queen”.

Jun 24 1910: I took W. McC. to Dr. Clowes, then to Mr. Hodge in George St. A. Bunhill, cousin W. & I went to H. Wall fishing. A. Bunhill caught 1, cousin none, myself 9.

Jun 25 1910: Mrs. Youatt called tonight for Fanny & I to witness her signature.

Jun 27 1910: I went to see Mr. Bulling re insurance of new building at Northgate. He was satisfied for me to get J. Hamilton to insure it, although he had intended to insure it for me. He gave me one pound ₤1 for W. Willbrandt.

Jun 28 1910: W. McClintock & I went to town.

Jun 30 1910: M.J. & I went to town. I called on P.M. Campbell according to appointment by telephone last Tuesday evening. He ordered a spring dray similar to one we built for him when he had the jam factory at West End. He said his son would send me details by telephone later. I attended a meeting of the shareholders of the Mount Tutzel Gold Mining Co. They decided to make a special call of 3d. per share for purchase of machinery; I paid 2 calls today 16/8. Fanny & I went to a practice at Nundah tonight, “May Queen”.


Jul 4 1910: I drove cousin W. McClintock (young Willie) to Dr. Clowes then to Mr. Hodge in George St. Cousin W. McClintock & I went to the H. Wall fishing, I caught 24 nice bream & W. caught 3.

Jul 11 1910: Mr. Leaver from Jms. Campbell & Son of the late J.D. Campbell called this morning & ordered a block tip dray for bread carting ec.; particulars entered in order book, price ₤15-0-0. I sent to Mr. Rigby for 4 lbs. couch grass seed to sew on about 1 acre, which has been ploughed for cricket ground by Mr. Harris.

Jul 12 1910: I took Hughie to Dr. Clowes with sore foot & hand. The doctor said his blood is out of order and gave him prescription. We went to town, looked at T.J. Moore’s pony at James St. shop. I ordered iron at Swellies & they sent it out this afternoon. Called to see Mr. Atthow re Miss L.C. Marks money, he promised to attend to it. Ordered wheel shiff ec at D. Gray’s.

Jul 13 1910: I paid J. Hamilton 18/- premium on insurance of house built at Nundah for Mr. Arthur Burchardt; he gave me receipt from office.

Jul 14 1910: Mr. G. Bulling called & paid me 20/- on a/c for W. Willbrandt.

Jul 15 1910: I went to Helidon by morning Sydney Mail, met Mr. deGruchy, was walked to a Mr. Cungford’s orchard to inspect it, then walked back to station & I got the 2.30p.m. train home. Mr. Hackett gave Eddie ₤50 for me, being balance of mortgage money promised last June 9th. I got home from Helidon between 7 & 8p.m.

Jul 16 1910: M.J. & In drove over to see new house at Nundah; it will not be finished for another week or two. Called to see Mr. Bulling, who had his outhouse, stable, cowshed ec burned down early this morning, also his horse & a lot of valuable fowl.

Jul 18 1910: W. McClintock (Jnr) came back from his Eagle Farm friends this morning. I drove to see Mrs. G. Phillips about order for new buggy & to inspect her cutunda buggy according to promise (took W. Mc with me). Mrs. Phillips had gone to Sandgate. I showed Mr. Phillips photo of phaeton, price about ₤45 and would allow ₤14 for their cutunda buggy, or would sell it for her, or lower it for about ₤10 and allow for the hind wheels.

Jul 19 1910: Chermside Methodist Choir rendered service of song “Violets Sweet Violets” in Bald Hills Methodist Church this evening. Very strong cold westerly wind all day & early part of night. Mr. G. Phillips called & said Mrs. Phillips would get me to build her a new phaeton & to sell her cutunda buggy; I could not promise it much before Christmas.

Jul 23 1910: Mr. C.W. Ihan called about his wagon today and agreed to wait till the end of August for it. Mr. C. Baker called & I paid him ₤122, being balance in full for house at Northgate & sawn fence with gates ec (₤7). The Annual Meeting of Chermside School of Arts held this evening. Very pleasant Social, games ec.

Jul 26 1910: Mr. & Mrs. G.H. Houghton ordered cutaway springcart today with Pagnel (or Whitechappel top rails) if procurable ₤17, or without top rails ₤16. Paid ₤2 deposit, cart to be fit for use at Christmas. Mr. C.H. Hopwood ordered new tip-dray ₤14 to be done in about 2 months from this date. I attended the first meeting of the new Committee, Chermside School of Arts. They persuaded me to continue Treasurer for the Chermside Penny Savings Bank. I gave Mr. G.A. Phillips 2 photos of Physicians Phaeton to show Mrs. Phillips, who is ordering something of that style of trap. Price with leather trimming, spring cushions, child’s seat, good lamps, folding hood ec. ₤45.

Jul 27 1910: Mr. G. Bulling called & paid me ₤1 for Mr. W. Willbrandt.

Jul 29 1910: I arranged with O. Hauff to do some wire fencing at Nundah and to get the stuff in our paddock.


Aug 1 1910: I wrote to Mr. T. Heilbron, Clemitis St., Gympie, asking him if he could get purchaser for secondhand bus; I would accept ₤12 clear for it. Also German Wagon, almost equal to new for ₤19 & I would pay commission. Mr. O. Hauff got about 50 posts out of old dry log below Mr. Quinn’s fence in our paddock.

Aug 9 1910: I drove “Jack” to Albion & took B. Manager to look at my Nundah property, then I looked at some he had for sale at Northgate, then drove around Virginia & Hamilton Road to Chermside. He looked at our property and had cup of tea, I drove him back to Albion, then I drove Jean to town in little van & got A. Sparkes wheels with new rubber. Eddie rode Jack to Moores for horses, then drove him to Zillmere Station to meet cousins W. & R. McClintock (Jnr). I called to see Mr. Atthow this afternoon, went to see Mother at night.

Aug 10 1910: Hughie & Eddie & their 2 cousins McClintock, William & Robert, went to exhibition. I worked at shop most of day putting felloes on Campbell’s red spring dray wheels ec.

Aug 13 1910: Eddie, W. McClintock & I went to town with Jean & little van, called at Mr. Gallagher’s, then went to his son-in-law Mr. T. Brosnan at the Hamilton Hotel. He ordered a pony van ₤11 to be done as soon as possible. I left Deed of place that Mother lives on at W. Atthow’s office; he was not in. Gave price to Swellie for heavy timber wagon to carry 5 iron pipes 28ft long & 4ft diam., 3 ton each ₤75. Mr. Roper to give me answer later. I brought Mr. Hently’s tool box to shop; called on Mr. Bullings re Willbrandt. Cousins Archie & Johnnie were here when I got home.

Aug 15 1910: Mr. J.R. Hewitt started work in our shop this morning as general wheelwright.

Aug 19 1910: M.J. & I went to town; I called on Mr. Atthow re Miss L.C. Marks. He said the Manager of Albion Q.N.B. had been to see him and if I could not do business with him to go & see Mr. J. Robinson in the Valley. I called at bank; Mr. Kelso said they were willing to advance ₤30 to Mr. Willbrandt to enable him to pay me out for Northgate property.

Aug 20 1910: I got letter from Manager Albion Q.N.B.; could not do business.

Aug 22 1910: I drove to town, Fanny with me. I called on Mr. J. Robinson, he asked me to give him particulars of property in writing.

Aug 23 1910: M.J. & I drove to Sandgate. I called on Mr. Best re bus, gave Mr. Best number of telephone and postal address. Called on Miss L.C. Marks.

Aug 24 1910: M.J. & I drove to town. I gave Mr. J. Robinson full particulars of Portion 573 & 571; he asked me to call when in town next Friday. I called on Mr. Atthow; he asked me to call next Friday when in town & let him know how I got on with Robinson. A message came from Mr. Atthow by telephone, asking me to ring him up when I came home, but I was too late home.

Aug 25 1910: I rung Mr. Atthow up this morning. He told me the Head Manager of the Q.N. Bank had decided to give me the O.D. asked for. I rung up J. Robinson as Mr. Atthow directed me and asked him to go no further with the business. A. Cranston clipped Jack.

Aug 26 1910: Called on Mr. Atthow, but could not get to see him.

Aug 29 1910: I was in Q.N. Bank Albion, when going out the Manager asked me didn’t I want to see him or had I not a message from Mr. Atthow. I told him all that I knew and had done in the matter. He promised to examine Deeds & Titles and I was to call again.

Aug 31 1910: In Albion bank today, seen Manager. He told me the documents had been handed by Mr. Atthow to the bank solicitors for examination and he would know the result in a day or two.


Sep 2 1910: In Albion bank today. The Manager said the bank solicitors regretted that they could not recommend the securities to the bank and gave Mr. Atthow their reasons. I gave the Manager particulars of my Nundah property and applied for an O.D. of ₤450. He promised to do his best in the matter and appeared to think I would get it. I called on Mr. Atthow; he explained matters to me & told me he had ₤500 waiting for me, but I was to let him have my Nundah Deeds as well as what he had.

Sep 3 1910: I wrote to the Manager of Albion Bank, withdrawing my application made yesterday afternoon, sent the letter with Eddie this morning.

Sep 5 1910: M.J. & I drove to Nundah; I saw Mr. Bullings, he promised to drive over & see me Tuesday morning next. I took the four Deeds of my Northgate property to Mr. Atthow, as part security on the ₤500 he is getting to pay off Miss Marks. He promised not to register my Deeds and would arrange to let me have them if I sold. He is to ring me up when documents are ready. I got suit of dark clothes at McWhirters 32/6.

Sep 6 1910: Mr. G. Bulling called today; gave me 18/- insurance premium for A. Burchardt. I gave him credit for ₤10 from A. Burchardt in his book, ₤9 of which he retains for balance in full of his commission and ₤1 he owes me. I sent receipt to Mr. A. Burchardt for ₤10, which makes ₤30 he has paid off till last Saturday and now owes ₤390. I got letter from Manager Albion bank asking for cheque ₤1-11-6, Flower & Hart’s Bill of Costs, examining documentation ec. Sent letter & cheque & got receipt. C.W. Ihan got his new German Wagon.

Sep 7 1910: M.J. & I drove to town. I called on E. Benck & got paid for German Wagon (F. Sheehan’s formerly) then we went to hospital and both of us went to see W. McClintock; he is getting on nicely. Then I went to Yorstons & looked at new Butchers Wagon which he is building with louvres.

Sep 8 1910: Mr. Fred Mears sent for the two old scales I got from Mr. Abrahams; he bought them from me for ₤8. I paid A. Cranston ₤1 for old horse he got from Mr. Joe Albury; I bought him for Hughie & Eddie.

Sep 9 1910: Got documents from Mr. Atthow in sealed envelope per favour Mr. Willis. M.J. & I went to Mr. & Mrs. Mackie’s party, opening their new residence at Zillmere this evening. About 80 present, very pleasant evening.

Sep 10 1910: Mr. Bulling called today, paid me ₤1 for Mr. Willbrandt and ₤7 for Mr. Burchardt, also the ₤1 which he owed me from last payment. Mr. C. Hopwood took his new tip dray home today.

Sep 13 1910: Mr. Adsett drove over to Mother’s place and witnessed all our signatures to documents Mr. Atthow sent out. Mr. Atthow sent me word with Miss Willis to call at his house with documents, as he is not well enough to attend his office. I paid Mr. J. King 3/6 for year’s subscription to Dairy Bulletin.

Sep 14 1910: Fanny & I drove to town. I called at Mr. Atthow’s house & saw him in bed; he was rather better & left documents with him; he said he would send them in tomorrow.

Sep 15 1910: I got telephone message from Atthow & McGregor’s office, asking if I would get Mr. Adsett to call & initial some [ ] in documents. I sent word I would call for them in the [ ]and bring them to him. Fanny & I helped in rendering of “May Queen” at Nundah.

Sep 16 1910: M.J. & I went to town. I called for documents, brought them & took them to Mr. Adsett & got them initialed.

Sep 17 1910: I went in on bus this morning & took documents to Atthow & McGregors office. Record show at Zillmere. Fanny & I went to Sandgate & helped in rendering “May Queen”. I bought horse from A. Cranston (J.B. Johnstones formerly) ₤5.

Sep 18 1910: I got message from Mr. Willis to ring up Mr. Atthow at 8a.m. sharp tomorrow.

Sep 19 1910: I drove over to see Mr. Atthow at his residence about 8a.m.; he is a great deal better. He wanted to know what date I paid Miss Marks last interest. Mr. Wittcombe & I drove to Mr. Spethmarin’s to look at his wagon. Mr. Wittcombe drove me up to see his yard this afternoon and showed me all over his paddock. He ordered a new wagon. Mr. Bunhill & I went to Hamilton Wall fishing; I caught 19 & Mr. B. 2.

Sep 22 1910: I went to town (Fanny also) called at Blocksedge & Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson said he had given Miss Marks ₤295 and would give her the balance of ₤155 & 2 months interest in a few days, would also square up with me in a few days.

Sep 23 1910: C. Wright, A. Bunhill, A. Cranston & I went fishing on the H. Wall. C.W. got 7, A.B. 8, A.C. 5, myself 15.

Sep 24 1910: No entry.

Sep 25 1910: George Fischer ran into motor car while riding his bike near N. Ballinger’s shop at Eagle Junction & Sandgate Road & got killed.

Sep 26 1910: A. Bunhill & I went fishing on Hamilton Wall. A.B. 5, I caught 20.

Sep 27 1910: Mr. Blatchford ordered a new fruit wagon like Mr. H. Vanstones. He would like double sweep springs on hind carriage or double sweep on front ends of hind springs. He would like forecarriage about 2” further back than normal and front wheels a little lighter, say 1.7/8 spokes, price ₤34. P. Randle’s son took their secondhand wagon home. I went to George Fischer’s funeral, from W. Homes to Lutwyche Cemetery. I gave Mr. Hardaker a ride there & back.

Sep 30 1910: Hughie & I went fishing on H. Wall; H. caught 5, I caught 17.


Oct 3 1910: A Mr. McDougall called and enquired for price & particulars of Mr. Vanstone’s paddock at Bald Hills. I promised to give him full particulars next Thursday when he promised to call. Mr. G. McPherson drove A. Bunhill & I to H. Wall fishing; McPherson 11, A.Bunhill 6, myself 16.

Oct 4 1910: Mr. C. Brown, fruiterer, Brunswick St. Valley took his new spring dray away today.

Oct 5 1910: Eddie & I drove to town with Jean & pony van. I got anvil 57 at Carloss’s sale, called on Blocksedge & Ferguson; they were out at lunch. I got a Semie Rotary Pump at sale also for 9/6. I bought 2 lengths of iron from Swellies 2.1/4 x 7/8, also anvil, pump ec.

Oct 6 1910: I got letter from Miss Marks, acknowledging final payment of mortgage money; I sent reply.

Oct 7 1910: I went to town, called on Blocksedge & Ferguson; got cheque for balance of mortgage after paying Miss Marks & their expenses ₤29-7-6. Their a/c was ₤20-12-6 including their commission ₤12-10-0 & Miss Marks interest to date. Wet all day.

Oct 8 1910: I got James H. to repair ceiling at Mother’s place. I rung up Mr. W.T. Atthow to ask how he was; he is getting on first class, but not fit for work. Wet all day.

Oct 10 1910: James H. & I settled up with each other to Oct. 1st.

Oct 12 1910: M.J. & I went to town. I called at hospital & seen Mr. A. Wyley who got his arm hurt with bull last Sunday; he is getting along very well. I went to Swellies & ordered a bending machine to bend tyres, up to 6” x 1 ½ , price ₤13-10-0 less 10%. F.W. Perry got his new spring tip dray today ₤16. Hughie sold the pony he got from P. Robinson to J.W. Raymont for ₤10-10-0.

Oct 13 1910: Fanny & I went to town today. I banked money, ordered large brake blocks at Albion Mill, called on A.H.W. Clarkson in answer to postcard re my Sandgate property; he was not in; (I wrote to him this evening). Called on Mr. G. Rainey, also C. Brown re spring-dray, called on Mr. A. Heath, he settled his a/c, & at Albion Mill on my way home at Mrs. Shackson, got ₤3 from her for Mrs. Laws a/c.

Oct 17 1910: Mr. J. O. Meise put horse in paddock at Nundah today.

Oct 21 1910: Mr. C.A. Walz, plumber, of Nundah, put up new tank 1000gal at our dwelling for ₤4. Mr. J.O. Meise sent a letter to say he had put his horse in my paddock at Nundah last Monday.

Oct 22 1910: I got an a/c from Atthow & McGregor, cost of preparation of two Bills of Mortgage from myself to Mr. McDougall ₤5-5-0. These mortgages were given to enable me to pay off Miss L. Marks mortgage.


Nov 3 1910: I caught 12 fish & Hughie 7 at H. Wall.

Nov 4 1910: Mr. J. S. Barker took Mr. J. E. Moore’s new timber wagon to Roma Street Railway Station for me with his two horses, he charged ₤1. They promised to load it on the truck this evening & get it sent away in the morning.

Nov 9 1910: Mrs. H. Kruger called; she will not take less than ₤24 for her wagon as it stands. I sent word to J. Smith, Cedar Creek. I got a letter from J. E. Moore saying he got my letter & wire, but the wagon had not arrived yesterday 8th. I rung up Roma St., they said the wagon was sent away at 4a.m. this morning; I wired to J.E. Moore.


Dec 8 1910: Mr. Taylor & his man started painting our house about 10a.m. this morning. He is to give the house & 2 kitchens 2 coats outside & the house 1 coat inside for ₤16. kitchen & new boys room.

Dec 9 1910: James H. knocked the old kitchen down this morning and commenced to rebuild it for a boys bedroom. Mr. Taylor & his man worked at home all day. I paid T. Hacket half year’s interest now due on mortgage of property at Northgate.

Dec 10 1910: Too wet for J.H. or Taylor to work at our place today. State School Picnic today. Mr. G. Bulling brought me 7/- for paddocking money at Northgate.

Dec 11 1910: Constant rain all day, no service or school.

Dec 12 1910: Mr. Taylor & his man painting house all day.

Dec 13 1910: Mr. Taylor, his son & two men painting all day.

Dec 14 1910: Mr. Taylor & his 2 men painting all day.

Dec 15 1910: Mr. Taylor’s man only, painting all day.

Dec 16 1910: Mr. Taylor & his 2 men finished painting today, excepting the new room for the boys, which James H. could not get built in time.

Dec 19 1910: Hughie & Eddie settled with me for their knockabout sulky today & I now owe Hughie ₤10 & Eddie ₤6-12-0.

Dec 20 1910: M.J., Hughie & I went to Central Station to meet cousin Emma Orme; she arrived about 9.40p.m. James, Willie & Hugh Hamilton were there to meet her also. We took a wagonette & the horse (Tommy) we bought from Mr. Hinton; James will board with us.

Dec 21 1910: Eddie settled with me for his pony spring dray & I settled the ₤6-12-6 I owed him.

Dec 23 1910: M.J., some of the children, cousin Emma & I drove to town this evening in the wagonette to see the town light up.

Dec 24 1910: M.J. & I drove to town this afternoon with Fanny & old dogcart, got home about dark.

Dec 26 1910: We all drove out to Millers Pocket; we took cousin Emma with us in the wagonette & Tommy. Hughie & Eddie took the things with Dick & the gig, James & C.J. went also. We got two boats from Mr. Riley for 10/- and had a good time fishing ec.

Dec 27 1910: We went to Sandgate with Tommy & wagonette; took cousin Emma; James & C.J. went also. We had a good day, got home about dark. Mrs. C. Murr called after we came home & told us a Mr. Smith from Toowoomba had called & wanted to see me about his farm. He left a letter of introduction from Mr. deGruchy & promised to call tomorrow.

Dec 28 1910: Mr. J. Smith from Toowoomba came out on mail bus. I drove him to see my Northgate & Sandgate property. He said he would allow what I was asking for them ₤700 if I made a deal for his farm at Goombungee. I went up to Toowoomba with him & stayed at Mr. deGruchy’s place for the night.

Dec 29 1910: Mr. Smith drove me out to inspect his farm; I called & saw Mr. & Mrs. F. Murr & family. We stayed at Mr. J. Smith’s farm for the night.

Dec 30 1910: Called & seen Mrs. Chris. Murr on our way to Toowoomba this morning; got to Toowoomba about 10a.m., got mid-day train to Brisbane, caught 6.30 bus & got home 7.30.