In 1911 T.A. Hamilton was elected Councillor. His business running the shop, manufacturing vehicles, real estate and property development appeared to be thriving. There are few mentions of Church and no Bible classes; his interest seems to have turned to fishing with his friends Mr A. Cranston and Mr A. Bunhill. Mr Bunhill was only an accasional fishing companion and not as good as T.A. or Cranston, who seemed about even in numbers caught over the whole year. On July 1 he fished in the Bay off Sandgate with four others. Together they caught 182 whiting.


There are no entries in the diary for January. The first entry is Tuesday, February 7th.


Feb 7 1911: I attended the Annual Meeting of the Kedron Shire Council; the first meeting since I have been elected Councillor for No. 2. Dinner at 12 noon, General Meeting from 2.30 till 4p.m.

Feb 8 1911: I paid C.J.H. 2/- for this book tonight when I came from practice.

Feb 13 1911: 6a.m.Eddie & I getting ready to go to Warwick Show & from there to Mr. Mayers; Eddie going to stay one month on holidays. I intend to inspect small farm at Toowoomba; I have ₤4-15-3 with me, Eddie about ₤3. We got to Warwick about 3p.m., got board & lodgings at a Mr. Thornton’s in Grafton St., next door but one to Mrs. Osborne’s. We called & seen J. Hewitt at Mr. Fliteroft’s Coach Factory. After tea we met J. Hewitt and we went to see Kings pictures. I got ₤3 from Hughie.

Feb 14 1911: After breakfast we went to see the Show. It is judging day, very nice weather and a fairly good Show. We came out of Show about 1 o’clock & decided to get back to Toowoomba with the 2.15 train. Got to Toowoomba about 5p.m., called on Mr. deGruchy. He came with us & seen that we got lodgings at Railway Copper Palace. It was awful foggy & wet all night and had been so all day.

Feb 15 1911: After breakfast we went to Mr. deGruchy’s place; he hired a cab & we drove out to inspect Mr. Tully’s property about 1 mile from Mr. deGruchy’s place. We had dinner together in a restaurant, then Eddie & I went to Kingsthorpe and got to Mr. Mayer’s place about 4p.m. I stayed the night at Mr. Mayers.

Feb 16 1911: I got home from Warwick Show & Toowoomba about 7.45p.m. I called on Mr. deGruchy at his office on my way home; he gave me particulars of two properties which I intend showing to Mr. J. Youatt’s friends from home, according to my promise to Miss Youatt before I went to Toowoomba. Mr. deGruchy promised to divide the commission if we done any business.

Feb 17 1911: Mr. Griffiths paid 30/- on a/c of his pony dray, which leaves a balance of ₤3-10-0.

Feb 22 1911: I cashed a cheque for James Hamilton, his own cheque for ₤5, gave 5 sovs. for it.

Feb 23 1911: M.J. & I drove to Nundah. We called to see if Mrs. Youatt was any better; there is no change for the better. I gave Miss Youatt copy of particulars of property which I got from Mr. deGruchy; she promised to let their friends have them at once and they would likely arrange with Mr. deGruchy to inspect them. I called on Mr. Bulling re A. Burchardt, but Mr. Bulling was not home.

Feb 24 1911: I wrote to Mr. deGruchy telling him I had given the particulars of property to Miss Youatt & he would likely hear from their friends.


Mar 8 1911: Got telegram from Mr. deGruchy to say Eddie would leave Toowoomba by midday train for home. Hughie & I met him at Central Station 6.28 tram.

Mar 10 1911: I paid W. Walker ₤7 for doing our half dividing 4 barb wire fence between Mr. Campbell’s place & ours. We provided wire & nails & let him get the posts in our paddock; also paid him 10/- for brushing one acre as agreed.

Mar 13 1911: I drove Hughie to Central Station & caught 7.50a.m. Sydney Mail Train. He is going on a trip to his cousins.

Mar 18 1911: Mr. G. Bulling gave me ₤5-12-6 from Mr. W. Willbrandt, being ₤4-16-0 interest due March 13th & insurance 16/- due March 1st. This leaves Mr. Willbrandt to owe me ₤180-5-9, term commencing last Monday. Mr. Bulling told me he had a letter from Mrs. Willbrandt, saying the doctor said that Mr. Willbrandt could not live more than 24 hours from the time she wrote.

Mar 27 1911: I paid 30/- to Eddie which Mr. Griffiths gave me Feb. 17th on a/c of pony dray which Eddie sold to him.

Mar 28 1911: No entry.

Mar 29 1911: Fanny & Clara got home from their Aunty Ann’s place today. Eddie met them at Zillmere with horse & wagonette, midday train.

Mar 30 1911: I sent back to sister Maggie with Alex, the Deed she lent me to take to Title Office when I was making out Transfer for Charlotte Jane Hamilton of the 2 allotments which Mr. Sebroides is going to occupy; also the 2 description papers and copy of the Transfer.


Apr 1 1911: Mr. Griffiths paid ₤3-10-0, being balance in full for Eddie’s pony spring dray; I gave Eddie the money. Eddie & I went to F. Sheehan’s sale at Tewantin & bought a pair of black fillies off Mr. J. O’Bryan at the sale for ₤10. He is to take them home with him & break them in to single & double harness & saddle for ₤3 the two and bring them home in about a fortnight.

Apr 4 1911: Eddie lent me ₤4 this morning to bank with my money.

Apr 10 1911: Eddie lent me ₤4 to bank with my money; this makes ₤8 I owe to him. I sent cheque for ₤12 to Hughie, drawn in favour F. Orme’s order and crossed, letter registered to Hughie.

Apr 29 1911: Sold Hughie’s & Eddie’s old sulky to J.A. Ireland for ₤6-10-0. Eddie told me to bank it with my money, this leaves me to owe ₤11-5-0 to Eddie in all and ₤3-5-0 of this is Hughie’s money for half price of old sulky.


May 5 1911: Sold Hughie’s pony Dick to Joe Barker for ₤13. Banked money with mine, this leaves me to owe Hughie ₤16-5-0 altogether.

May 6 1911: Mr. G. Bulling paid me ₤2 for W. Willbrandt & ₤4 rent from Mrs. Mackay. I paid him 4/- commission for collecting rent from Mrs. Mackay. Mr. A. Burchardt has forfeited this property through arrears, according to our agreement and I have taken possession since March 1st last. Eddie told me to bank his ₤3 wages with my money, this makes ₤14-5-0 I owe him. Mr. Bulling told me he had a likely purchaser for the property Mr. Burchardt forfeited and arranged that I should meet Mr. Emery at his place next Saturday. He agreed to accept ₤15 for his commission if we affected a sale.

May 8 1911: Mr. Lloyd Williams gave me cheque for ₤18, payment for the two black pony fillies I sold him on the 4th inst. Fanny & I went to Mr. J. Carr’s little girl’s funeral. I called on Mrs. W. Gray, got order for new sulky; bent shafts, rubber tyres, spring cushions, duck trimming (D. Green) iron driving rail & handles ₤28-10-0, paint D. Green & Black. I called on Mr. G. England re new sulky, straight shafts, spindle or bent panel tray, plain tyres painted or varnished, 1.1/8 M.P. Axle, hand made wheels, 3 springs, folding hood ₤28-10-0.

May 11 1911: M.J., Eddie, Alex, Hector & I met Hughie at Central Station. He arrived about 9.50p.m. after his holiday down south. We gave Mr. Cranston a ride in and out; he went to see horse doctor. We all had dinner at Grandma’s place next door when we came home. Mr. Emery called on me re property at Northgate and we agreed to meet at Mr. Bulling’s place next Saturday afternoon as arranged by Mr. Bulling before.

May 13 1911: Sports & concert in aid Chermside School of Arts. I had too bad a cold to sing in Glees. I bought iron grey filly off Mr. R. Mann for ₤9-10-0 including ₤1 commission to him for sale of 2 black fillies to W. Lloyd Williams. I sold property at Northgate which A. Burchardt forfeited to Mr. & Mrs. Emery for ₤390, got deposit of ₤20, balance to be paid 17/6 every Saturday; balance in full to be paid on or before May 13th 1915, interest 6% on half yearly balance at commencement of term. I arranged to draw up the Agreement and meet Mr. & Mrs. Emery at Mr. Bulling’s place next Tuesday evening and sign Agreement in Mr. Bulling’s presence at 8p.m. P.M. Campbell & his granddaughter came to see us this afternoon; he brought me the present of a nice book “The Treasure of Heaven”.

May 15 1911: Hughie started work in shop today, after his holidays down south.

May 16 1911: I met Mr. E.J. Emery at Mr. Bulling’s place re signing Agreement as arranged. Mrs. Emery did not turn up, so I drove Mr. Emery & Mr. Bullings to Mr. Emery’s place and we signed Agreement & Mr. Bulling J.P. witnessed our signatures. Mr. Emery paid me 2/6 for to stamp the Agreement.

May 19 1911: I got Sale Note stamped re E.J. Emery purchase of property at Northgate.

May 22 1911: Cousins Janie Lucas & baby and Magdalene Prentis called to see us this evening. Hughie, Fanny & Clara took them to Albion tram in wagonette.

May 31 1911: Mr. J. Bulling called; I paid him ₤15 by cheque, commission for sale of Northgate property to E.J. Emery. He stated he had not got any money from Mr. Emery or from Willbrandt and that he had a likely buyer for 2 allotments next to Mr. Emery’s, if I would agree to build a house on them. I am to meet the gentleman (Mr. Martin) at Mr. Bulling’s place next Saturday morning between 9 & 10a.m.


Jun 1 1911: M.J., Hughie & I drove to town in wagonette & met cousins Hanna & Fred about 12 noon at A.N.& N. Wharf. They have come up from Melbourne on a fortnight’s holiday.

Jun 2 1911: A. Cranston & I drove to Sandgate. I got order from Mr. Gargot for new Grocer’s Van. We got a boat & went up the Pine fishing for 2 or three hours; we got about 24 nice fish.

Jun 3 1911: I met Mr. Martin at W.J. Bulling’s place according to promise re purchase of property at Northgate; done nothing definite. I drove Mr. Martin to inspect 20 acres, Mother’s place, he gave no answer. Mr. J. Scot gave me 9/2 to hand to Mr. Waddley, being his rent due June 4th.

Jun 5 1911: I wrote to Mr. G. Herman the second time, telling him his wheels & forecarriage was ready for him. Mr. Herman came for his wheels ec shortly after I posted his letter. I gave Mr. Bick half a sovereign to pay Mr. Waddley 9/2, Mr. J. Scott’s rent. Mr. Bick asked me to remind him to give me the 10d change, as he had not got it on him. He was with the boy in the cream wagon & ordered new tyres to be put on the old spare wagon; front tyres to cost 27/6, hind tyres 32/6; offside hind wheel to have new rim.

Jun 10 1911: Eddie & I settled up accounts and we are now clear with each other.

Jun 12 1911: Mr. G. Bulling called today and paid me ₤3-10-0 on Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Emery’s a/c due last Saturday 10th; also ₤7-10-0 on Mr. W. Willbrandt’s a/c and 10/- from Mr. Mackay, rent of dwelling at Northgate which Mr. Emery has purchased.

Jun 15 1911: Mr. John L. Smith of Bowen Hills left his spring dray for tyres to be cut 8/-, nave hoops 4/-, put axle over springs 7/6, new leaver brake 40/-, straighten quardirons ec 1/6.

Jun 19 1911: J. Todd rung me up & said he forgot to ask me last Saturday what my charge would be for acting Trustee in his Father’s Will. I told him I would leave it to his Father’s or his discretion. M.J. & I drove to town with Queeny, called on Mrs. W. Gray, seen her new pony.

Jun 24 1911: Mr. Bray of North Pine or Lawnton called & ordered a new spring cart while I was away from home. He want s a bent rail in front; other particulars as he gave me on the 16th inst., price ₤16.

Jun 30 1911: I paid J. Hamilton 16/- for insurance on house at Northgate occupied by Mr. E.J. Emery.


Jul 1 1911: Fanny, Clara, Rebecca & I drove Eddie’s turnout to Sandgate, called on Mr. G. Couradi, He made us welcome to use a boat he has charge of, so he came with us and we had a good afternoon on the whiting patch. We caught 182, then had tea with Mr. Couradi & got home about 8.30p.m.

Jul 3 1911: Mr. W. Voysey paid me 35/- for boys saddle.

Jul 8 1911: Mr. J. Scott gave me 9/2 to hand to Mr. J. Waddley, being his rent due July 4th.

Jul 11 1911: I gave Mr. W.T. Bick 9/2 to hand to Mr. Waddley, J. Scott’s rent due July 4th. Mr. Bick gave me the 10d change he owed me from the rent the month before.

Jul 17 1911: Mr. J. Bulling called & gave me 40/- from Mr. Willbrandt rent, 17/6 from Mr. E. J. Emery rent & 19/6 from Mr. Meise for paddocking. Mr. J. Taylor of Virginia, new arrival (relation of Mr.[Pro] started work with us as General Blacksmith.

Jul 25 1911: Mr. Bulling called & gave me 17/6 from Mr. E.J. Emery. Leonard Robinson, son of John Robinson, Chermside, started work with us today as Improver to Blacksmithing (on trial).


Aug 4 1911: Mother-in-law died this evening at 10.10p.m. James, Tillie, Mary, Ann, Maggie Jane and myself were with her when she fell asleep and breathed her last. She was quite conscious and speaking, about half an hour before she passed away.

Aug 5 1911: Mother-in-law was buried at Lutwyche Cemetery by Cannon & Cripps this afternoon at 3.30p.m. Rev. E. Brown & Rev. T.R. Thurlow officiated; there were between 20 & 30 vehicles. Mrs. P. Knudsen came to see us and to ask me to sell her property at Terrors Creek, or to get a tenant for it. I arranged to drive her up next Monday morning & to inspect the property with her. M.J. & I drove her home this evening. Mr. J. Scott left 9/2 rent for Mr. J. Waddley. I handed it to Mr. Waddley when he was out at the funeral.

Aug 6 1911: Mrs. P. Knudsen came out about 9.30p.m. to stay the night so that we will get an early start for Terrors Creek in the morning.

Aug 7 1911: M.J., Mrs. P. Knudsen & I started for Terrors Creek at 6.45a.m. with Eddie’s “Queeny” and Hughie’s rubber tyred sulky. We got up to the commencement of her property at 10.30a.m. There is 620 acres all in the one Deed and clear of encumbrance; all fenced & subdivided into about 5 paddocks, with permanent water in each paddock; a good 5 roomed dwelling with 3 verandahs on high stumps, good dairy & milking shed with 24 bails, price about ₤5,500. Would accept reasonable deposit and leave balance at 4% or would give lease at ₤100 per year. Mrs. Knudsen asked me to get her a caretaker till something was done with the place; one who would repair fences ec. I saw a Mr. W. Rippon, who promised to call on Mrs. Knudsen and arrange to go. I gave him a letter to Mrs. Knudsen.

Aug 8 1911: M.J. & I drove to town. I called on Mrs. Knudsen and showed her an advertisement I was going to put in the “Telegraph”; she said it would do very well. I put it in for 12 insertions; it cost 14/-. I told her Mr. W. Rippon promised to call on her tomorrow.

Aug 9 1911: C. Wright, A. Cranston, P. Carseldine, Hughie, Eddie & I went to Exhibition in our wagonette & “Tommy”.

Aug 10 1911: Alex, Hector & I went to Exhibition with Queenie & rubber tyred sulky; put up at livery stable; went to sale at Isles Love & Co., bought 6 sets sarven wheels ₤16-17-6. Mr. W. Rippon called & told me he had seen Mrs. Knudsen and they had bought what tools he required for repairing her fence ec. He said she bid him ask me if I could drive them to Terrors Creek & she would pay me. I asked him to let her know that I was sorry I could not possible manage it.

Aug 11 1911: I borrowed Mr. Sammels spring dray and brought home the six sets of sarven wheels I bought at Isles Love & Co. yesterday. I called on the Curator of Interstate Estates ec and gave him a balance sheet of Mr. W. Willbrandt’s account re purchase of property from me at Northgate, up till 18th March last.

Aug 12 1911: Mr. G. Bulling called and gave me 17/6 from Mr. E.J. Emery due 5th.

Aug 14 1911: I called on Curator of Interstate Estates ec and let him know I had received ₤9-10-0 from Mr. W. Willbrandt from March 18th last till now and there will be ₤4-10-0 interest due September 13th next. He said he would write & let Mrs. Willbrandt know. I took pair wheels (Mr. G. McPherson’s) to L. Spencer’s for them to get rubber tyres put on; also Mr. W. Gray’s new sulky sent to get trimming on it.

Aug 16 1911: Mr. G. Bulling called & gave me 17/6 from Mr. E.J. Emery due 12th inst.

Aug 21 1911: A. Bunhill & I went to the Hamilton Wall fishing. I caught 8 bream & Bunhill 2. This was the first time this season.

Aug 24 1911: A. Cranston & I went to the Hamilton Wall fishing this evening. Cranston caught 23 bream & 1 small mullet; I caught 15 bream.

Aug 29 1911: A. Cranston & I went to the H. Wall fishing this evening; neither of us got a bite.

Aug 31 1911: Mr. G. Bulling called & paid me 17/6 for E.J. Emery due 26th inst.


Sep 4 1911: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing this evening & A.C. did not get a bite, I got 2 small bream. Mrs. Knudsen called and paid me 14/- for advertisement which I had put in “Telegraph” and 6/- for myself, also 14/- for to renew advt. in “Telegraph”.

Sep 6 1911: Mr. G. Bulling called & gave me 17/6 for E.J. Emery & 32/6 for W. Willbrandt.

Sep 7 1911: Councillors Flemming, Krimmer & myself inspected Slaneys outlet, Barnett & Shaws Road, after which Councillors Flemming, Wallin & I drove to town & called on McLennan’s Swelie’s E.S.C.A’s & Well Boring Co. to get information re road roller, stone cracker ec. I went to Zillmere for Cr. Flemming and drove them around. A. Cranston & I went to the Wall fishing; I caught 1 bream & 1 jewfish, A.B. 1 starfish.

Sep 12 1911: A. Cranston, A. Bunhill & I went fishing this evening to Hamilton Rocks & Wall. A.C.15, A.B. 5, myself 15.

Sep 14 1911: A. Cranston, A. Bunhill & I went to Hamilton Rocks & Wall fishing; A.B. 2, A.C. 5, myself 7.

Sep 18 1911: A. Cranston & I went to Hamilton Wall & Rocks fishing. A.C. got 6, I got 9.

Sep 21 1911: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing. A.C. got 16, I got 10. Len Robinson gave me 2/- paddock money for his brother’s horse at Northgate.

Sep 22 1911: Mr. W.E. Thomas (Agent) sent a Mr. Branford to inspect Mother’s property with view to purchase it at ₤550. He said he might see me later on if he did not get better suited.

Sep 23 1911: Mr. G. Bulling gave me 17/6 from E.J. Emery due 16th inst. & ₤4-10-0 from Mr. W. Willbrandt due 13th inst.

Sep 26 1911: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall & Rocks fishing; A.C. 26, myself 15.

Sep 28 1911: C. Wright, A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall & Rocks fishing; A.C. 3, C.W. 2, myself 6.


Oct 2 1911: A. Cranston, A. Bunhill & I went to H. Wall & Rocks fishing; A. Bunhill none, A.C. 4, myself 2.

Oct 4 1911: Mr. Lemon introduced Mr. Clayton to me, who represents Kopp & Co. (soft drink company). He ordered a new lorry for the firm; to send me dimensions by telephone, time about one month or as soon as possible, price ₤46. He would have given me an order for 3 lorries if I could have promised to have them done in 4 or 5 weeks. I would not promise. Laycock & Littledyke ordered new spring dray as per dimensions given me by Mr. Blair last Monday, to be done as soon as possible. Price for plain sides ₤22, lamps 20/- extra or double plant board 20/-. Hughie Hamilton gave me 40/- to give to J.H. & I gave it to him at the team meeting in our church this evening. Willie Hamilton & I drove to town this afternoon to look at Kopp & Co. lorries & found that there were none of the sort they want built in use here. Photos shown us were Sydney lorries.

Oct 10 1911: I introduced Mrs. Knudsen to W.E. Thomas, Commission Agent; she gave him some more particulars of her property at Terrors Creek. I got deposit of ₤5 from Mr. C.F.W.Pietsch on Mrs. Knudsen’s property at Aspley; about 14 acres at ₤11 per acre, balance to be paid in two weeks from date. A. Cranston, L. Herman & I went to H. Wall & Rocks fishing; A.C. 21, L.H. 6, myself 5.

Oct 12 1911: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall & Rocks fishing; A.C. 5, myself 8. W. Hamilton & I went into town & got dimensions of lorry for Kopp Soft Drink Co.; body 10ft x 5ft.

Oct 13 1911: M.J. & I drove in to see Mrs. Knudsen. I gave her the deposit of ₤5 from Mr. Carl Frederick Wilhelm Pietsch who is purchasing her Aspley property, 16 ½ acres & 4 perches at ₤11 per acre. Mr. Pietsch & I are to go in tomorrow & settle up the purchase from her.

Oct 14 1911: Mr. Pietsch & I went to Mrs. Knudsen’s and got the purchase of Aspley property completed. Mr. Pietsch paid me ₤2 for filling in Transfer and attending to all the business in connection with the purchase. M.J. & I had tea with Mr. & Mrs. Youatt.

Oct 18 1911: Rained all day & night.

Oct 19 1911: Mr. A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing; A.C. 12, myself 8. I went to town on bus; called on Kopp & Co. They agreed to pay 15/- extra for all steel axles.

Oct 20 1911: Mr. A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing this evening; A.C. 15, myself 13. Mr. W. F. Shinley ordered fruit wagon ₤40. Mr. Fogg (Snr) ordered fruit wagon for one of his sons, to be something like the one we made for Mr. Arthur Fogg ₤32-10-0. I gave 9/2 to Mr. J. Waddley’s son, rent from Mr. J. Scott due Oct. 4th.

Oct 21 1911: Mr. G. Couradi & I drove to Sandgate this afternoon to inspect property with view to purchase. Bought six allotments near Gordon Hall from Mr. J.A. Scott (Commission Agent) for ₤90 on terms; ₤5 deposit & ₤6 quarterly, bearing 6% per annum with option to pay off at any time. I gave Mr. Scott the cheque for ₤5.

Oct 23 1911: A. Cranston, L. Herman & I went to the end H. Wall fishing; L.H. 12, A.C. 10, myself 17. Mr. G. Couradi gave me cheque for ₤2-10-0, being half deposit on allotments we bought off Mr. J.A. Scott, Sandgate. I gave him receipt.

Oct 26 1911: A. Cranston, A. Bunhill & I went to end of H. Wall fishing; A.C. 18, A.B. 1, myself 13.

Oct 30 1911: I owe Eddie ₤5-14-6 & Hughie ₤5-2-0. Eddie & I drove to Mr. James Anderson’s place at Bald Hills. I sold Mr. H. Vanstone’s paddock of 34 ½ acres for ₤157-10-0; he gave me a cheque for ₤37-10-0 as deposit. We then drove to Mr. H. Vanstone’s place & I told him I had sold his place and arranged for Mr. Vanstone to meet Mr. Anderson at his town office to receive balance of purchase money & sign Transfer. I told Mr. Vanstone my commission was ₤7-10-0 and he was satisfied.

Oct 31 1911: I called on Messrs. Laycock & Littledike; showed samples of colour for their new dray. Mr. Littledike decided on Roadcart Red for the body colour.


Nov 2 1911: Mr. & Mrs. Vanstone called this morning on their way in to meet Mr. J. Anderson, Surveyor, No. 43 Telegraph Chambers, Queen Street, re sale of paddock at Bald Hills. I handed Mrs. Vanstone cheque for ₤26-13-0, being balance of Mr. J. Anderson’s deposit on above property, less my commission ₤7-10-0 & our shop a/c ₤3-7-0.

Nov 3 1911: A. Cranston & I went to Millars Pocket fishing this evening; A.C. 9, myself 8, all small. Darkie was taken to Barkers.

Nov 4 1911: Mr. J. Scott paid me 9/2, Mr. J. Wadley’s rent due to date.

Nov 6 1911: I took sister Maggie to Doctor Clowes. We went in and got medicine in Watkins.

Nov 7 1911: Paid to Mr. J. Wadley 9/2 rent due to him from Mr. Scott, at Council meeting tonight. Sister Maggie appears worse today.

Nov 8 1911: I gave Mr. A. Cranston 15/- from Mr. G. McPherson for chairs ec. I called on Doctor Clowes and had long conversation re sister Maggie. His advice is a thorough change to Toowoomba or that direction and quietness & rest.

Nov 10 1911: I gave Mr. J. 20/- of Eddie’s money. I now owe Eddie ₤4-14-6.

Nov 13 1911: I rung up Doctor Clowes this morning; he came out about noon to see sister Maggie and promised to come again tomorrow. She is very weak.

Nov 14 1911: Mr. G. Bulling called & gave me, from Mr. E.J. Emery, 16/- paddock money, 17/6 weekly payment & ₤11-2-0 interest due yesterday 13th. I went to town with Mr. Bulling to arrange for Mr. Willbrandt to take over Building Society liability and pay me out for Northgate property. The Manager had not got Willbrandt’s Naturalization Papers, but had written for them and would send word to Mr. Bulling when he got them. I came home on bus.

Nov 15 1911: Doctor Clowes came to see sister Maggie; he says she is very ill indeed and will require great care.

Nov 16 1911: I gave Mr. A. Morris 5/- towards new piano for State School at Aspley. I gave Hughie ₤6-10-0 to pay G. Couradi for set new harness; this leaves me to owe Hughie ₤3-14-0.

Nov 17 1911: Eddie gave Mr. Hopper 10/- on my a/c.

Nov 18 1911: I refunded Eddie 10/- given to Mr. Hopper yesterday & gave Hughie 10/-. Dr. Clowes called to see sister Maggie & says there is a considerable improvement.

Nov 20 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see sister Maggie this afternoon. He says she is holding her own very well, but cannot say she is improved.

Nov 23 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see sister Maggie. I gave M.J. 20/- on Eddie’s a/c.

Nov 25 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see sister Maggie. I am to ring him up tomorrow morning & let him know how she is about 9a.m.

Nov 26 1911: I rung up Dr. Clowes; he promised to come & see Maggie tomorrow.

Nov 27 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see sister Maggie 12.15 today. I went in to see him about her this morning about 10.15 & got prescription dispensed at Curtin’s Albion.

Nov 28 1911: Miss McNellie came out to stay and help to attend sister Maggie. She brought her little niece with her.

Nov 29 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see Maggie about 12 today and prescribed fresh medicine.


Dec 1 1911: Dr. Clowes rung up today to say he could not get out today, but would come tomorrow morning. I went to town, ordered load D. pine & load H. wood & brought some pine with me. M.J. & I drove to Nudgee; called on Mr. Robinson re his dogcart & called on Partridge. I went to see Maggie when I came home; she is keeping a little better than she was.

Dec 2 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see Maggie shortly after 8a.m.; he said she had improved & he would likely come out next Monday. I paid T. Hackett ₤6 interest on Police Station now due and ₤7-10-0 interest on Mr. E.J. Emery’s house at Northgate due on the 9th inst.

Dec 4 1911: Dr. Clowes came out to see Maggie about 11.30a.m. & says she is improving. Miss McNellie left for home today with her little niece. I drove them to Central Station as she had business to do in town & would go home from there. I called on D. Gray & Sons re price of lorry stuff & wheels ec; called on Mr. W.T. Atthow & gave price for 2 or 3 new lorries for “Kops Queensland Limited”, same as one I have built already, ₤46 each. I called & seen Mr. Clayton (Manager, Kops Ltd.) He spoke very highly of the lorry we built for them & stated it is the best lorry they have had built in either Sydney or Brisbane & he would give me a testimonial.

Dec 6 1911: Mr. W.T. Atthow rung me up this morning and asked me to proceed at once with building 2 of the lorries for Kops (Queensland) Limited and he would likely order another within a few days.

Dec 7 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see Maggie & said she is improving. A. Cranston & I went to the Hamilton Rocks & Wall fishing; A.C. 2 small bream, myself 1 large bream.

Dec 9 1911: Mr. J. Scott paid me for Mr. J. Wadley’s rent 9/2.

Dec 11 1911: Dr. Clowes came to see Maggie & says she has improved considerably.

Dec 12 1911: I gave Mr. J. Wadley 9/2 rent from Mr. J. Scott (at bus meeting in School of Arts). I took Laycock & Littledike & Co. secondhand van home, which we repaired & painted and brought another back to be repaired & painted. I took Mrs. Knudsen’s tank, bedstead & table home & I wrote 2 letters for her, one to Moreton Rabbit Board & one to Mr. H. Rick of Terrors Creek, giving him use of grass on Mrs. Knudsen’s property for taking care of same and preventing timber being removed, till such time as she may get a purchaser or a tenant. She gave me 12/6 for taking things in ec.

Dec 13 1911: Mr. Bulling called & paid me 35/- for E.J. Emery & 16/- from him for rent of paddock; also ₤2 on a/c for Mrs. Willbrandt. I paid him 5/- commission for collecting paddock money.

Dec 14 1911: Eddie & I drove “Twinkle” to town in Hughie’s sulky open bridle. I called on W.E. Thomas re Mrs. Knudsen’s property; he strongly advises that it be cut into about 4 farms. I called on Mrs. Knudsen, but she decided not to cut it up at present.

Dec 15 1911: I wrote to Mr. W.E. Thomas & let him know that Mrs. Knudsen is not disposed to cut up her property at Torrens Creek, but will consider any reasonable offer for it in one lot. Mr. W.T. Atthow rung me up today & ordered another lorry for Kops Queensland Limited. That makes 3 he has ordered for them to be done as soon as possible. I let Mr. Barrett’s farm wagon to Kops Queensland Limited for 12/6 per week. Dr. Clowes came to see Maggie this afternoon & says she is doing splendid; gave new prescription.

Dec 18 1911: I owe Eddie ₤9-7-6.

Dec 19 1911: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing. A.C. 2 bream & 1 flathead, myself 3 flathead & 2 bream.

Dec 20 1911: Mrs. Knudsen came out & told me that Mr. Tealy of Terrors Creek had a cash buyer for her property up there at ₤3-10-0 per acre, but he thought he would give ₤4 per acre. She decided not to accept that offer at present. I promised to try & see Mr. J. Reid, to see if he could do anything with it.

Dec 21 1911: We drove to town in wagonette, all except Hughie & Eddie. I called on Mrs. Knudsen & told her I had rung up Mr. J. Reid this morning re her property & he said his Company were not open to purchase any property up there at present.

Dec 23 1911: M.J. & I went to Mrs. Perry’s funeral this afternoon. Mrs. Knudsen & Mr. Kenman (Jnr) came out to see me re Mrs. Knudsen’s paddock at Terrors Creek. I wrote letter to Mr. R. Kenman, allowing him use of grass in her silkyoak paddock on south side of Terrors Creek Road for one month from above date, on condition he repairs fence & leaves it cattle proof. Mrs. Knudsen signed letter. Also wrote letter from R. Kenman offering to repair fence & leave it cattle proof for use of grass for one month. Mr. Kenman (Jnr) signed letter for his father. I drove them to Newstead with wagonette. Dr. Clowes called on his way to Redcliffe and asked how Maggie was getting along. He was glad to hear she was improving & promised to call & see her next week.

Dec 25 1911: Christmas Day – no entry.

Dec 26 1911: We drove to Sandgate in wagonette; I saw Mr. J.A. Scott, Agent, Sandgate; gave him particulars of my property on Flinders Parade, Sandgate, price ₤125. I gave him cash offer of ₤66 for 2 allotments joining Gordon Hall, Sandgate. Saw Mr. Clarkeson; he has for sale in Slaughter St. 4 roomed house, 1 kitchen & about ¼ acre ground ₤400. Also ½ acre adjoining Brighton Road boarding house ₤110.

Dec 27 1911: Dr. Clowes called to see Maggie & gave prescription.