In 1912 T.A. Hamilton witnessed the Brisbane general strike. He referred to the "wonderful crowds" on the second day of the strike when over 25,000 workers marched from the Brisbane Trades Hall to Fortitude Valley and back with over 50,000 supporters watching from the sidelines. Towards the end of February T.A. spent a few days in Woombye, where he attended Church. He seemed happy, when he returned, to outfish A. Cranston 3 to 1 at the Hamilton Wall.


Jan 1 1912: We all drove to Sandgate for our holiday with the exception of Fanny, who stayed with her Aunty Maggie. I called on Mr. J.A. Scott & signed new Sale Note Agreement re the allotments G. Couradi & I bought near Gordon Hall; I paid him 2/6 for stamp.

Jan 6 1912: I went with Hughie & Eddie to Sandgate jetty; they went by motor boat to Cock’s at Woody Point. I called on J.A. Scott, paid ₤2 deposit on 2 allotments adjoining Gordon Hall, balance ₤18 on terms. I got receipt & signed Agreement. Mr. Scott said he had purchaser for my property on lower esplanade for ₤125. I gave him some particulars of my Northgate property; ₤700 the lot or ₤100 each, promised to give him full particulars later. He asked me to try & get purchaser for Mr. Scott’s Kedron store as a going concern for ₤900 & he would give me some of the commission. Mr. John Scott gave me 9/2 rent for Mr. J. Wadley.

Jan 10 1912: Mr. Bulling paid me for E.J. Emery, 3 weeks payments up till 6th inst. ₤2-12-6, also 16/- for paddock due Jan 1st. I gave Mr. Bulling 2/6 commission.

Jan 11 1912: I called at Isles Love & Co. & told Mr. Waldron I had withdrawn my Northgate property & sold my property on Flinders Parade Sandgate. I sent particulars of Northgate property to Mr. J.A. Scott, Sandgate, price ₤700 the lot; Mr. G. Couradi took the note. I gave price to Campbell Bros. for lorry 11ft 6ins x 5ft 6 ins to carry 2 ton 10 cwt. M.P. axles 2” & built fairly light; my price is ₤45. They are to send me word what they decide to do. I could not promise it inside of two months from receiving order.

Jan 12 1912: Mrs. Knudsen came out & asked me to go in tomorrow evening and accompany her to see Mr. Coffee re sale of her Terrors Creek property.

Jan 13 1912: Sent 9/2 to Mr. Wadley from Mr. J. Scott (rent) by his daughter today. I drove in and accompanied Mrs. Knudsen to see Mr. Coffee re her property. He stated he was an agent & had a cash purchaser at ₤8 per acre. Mrs. Knudsen promised to accept that offer on condition Mr. Coffee divided the commission with me, which he promised to do in Mrs. Knudsen’s presence. The commission is to be 5% on the full sum & Mrs. Knudsen said she is willing to pay that amount. We arranged all to meet at Mr. Coffee’s next Monday at 2p.m.

Jan 15 1912: Mrs. Knudsen & I met at Mr. Coffee’s as arranged. On the way there Mrs. K. said she thought the 5% commission was too much & she was not willing to pay it. When we got there Mr. Coffee said he had lost the buyer, but had another who would give ₤2,800 for the place & he would reduce the commission to 3% as an inducement for her to sell, if I was satisfied. He had a letter written, giving him authority to sell for that amount and him to receive 3% commission. I asked him to state in the letter that I was to receive half of the commission, which he said there was not the slightest necessity for doing, but after considerable persuasion he done so. Then I let Mrs. Knudsen know that the price in the letter which he wanted her to sign was a trifle under ₤4-10-0 per acre. She considered that was too little, so I asked him for two days for Mrs. Knudsen to consider. I drove Mrs. K. to her home and after talking matters over; she decided not to sell for less than ₤5 per acre, so we drove back & told Mr. Coffee. He said he might get a buyer at that price, so Mrs. K. said she would pay 4% commission to be divided equally between us if he got a buyer at that price. I left Mrs. K. in the Valley.

Jan 16 1912: Mr. Coffee rung me up this morning & asked me to bring Mrs. Knudsen and meet at his house at 3p.m. We done so; he wanted Mrs. K. to sign Note of Authority for him to sell; also rough draft of Terms of Sale, as he was prepared to pay ₤20 deposit & would have ₤980 within one month and balance of ₤2,125 within 3 years. I suggested that Mrs. K. would rather go at once to see her Lawyer and receive the deposit & get things fixed up. After a lot of persuasion, Mr. Coffee consented to go. We all went & got Mr. Crawford in his office. After talking matters over, we arranged to meet with him at 9a.m. tomorrow & Mr. Coffee was to have a deposit of ₤100. A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall & Rocks fishing; A.C. 3, myself 1.

Jan 17 1912: I drove in and called for Mrs. Knudsen. We went to Mr. Crawford’s Solicitors office; Mr. Coffee was there waiting and had ₤100 to pay down as deposit on Mrs. Knudsen’s property. We fixed an appointment to all meet Mrs. Cruice (Snr) & her Solicitor Mr. Knight at the Exhibition Hotel, Leichhardt St., Valley at 1p.m. We met as appointed & Mrs. C. paid ₤100 deposit to Mrs. K. and promised to pay the full balance of purchase money ₤3.025 within 2 weeks from date. I drove Mrs. K. to savings bank & she deposited the ₤100.

Jan 18 1912: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing; A.C. 12, myself 6.

Jan 20 1912: I now owe Hughie ₤5-18-0, including today’s wages & Eddie ₤8-14-0. Eddie drove Mr. G. Couradi & I to Sandgate with Trilby & Hughie’s sulky. I paid Mr. John A. Scott quarterly instalment on 3 allotments near Gordon Hall ₤3 & 13/- interest on same, also 2/6 for stamp of Agreement for other 2 allotments adjoining same.

Jan 22 1912: Mr. G. Bulling called and gave me 17/6 from Mr. E.J. Emery due last Saturday. We arranged to meet at C. & S. Building Society at 10a.m. tomorrow for me to receive settlement and sign Transfer of Northgate property to Mrs. Willbrandt. A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing; A.C. 2, myself none.

Jan 23 1912: I met Mr. G. Bulling at C. & S. Building Scty. at 10a.m. as appointed yesterday. I signed all documents re Transfer of Northgate property to Mrs. T. Willbrandt. She took over my liability in Society and paid me a cheque for ₤37-9-1 through the Manager, as settlement for my interest in the property. I met Mr. Clarkson of Sandgate (Agent); he invited me into his office. I gave him particulars of my Northgate property; price for the 8 allotments ₤700, terms not less than ¼ cash; his commission to be 5% on ₤500 & 2 ½% on balance. I promised to try & let him have particulars of other properties.

Jan 24 1912: Our cow Nigger had nice heifer calf this morning. Eddie took his pony Queenie to Delavin Wilks at Messrs. Rice & Foleys.

Jan 25 1912: Mrs. Knudsen came out to see if I had any word from Mr. Crawford or Mr. Coffee re the balance of her money for Terrors Creek property; I had received no message.

Jan 27 1912: M.J. & I went to town; I called on Mr. Crawford, he was not in the office. I gave his boy my address, also number of telephone.


Feb 1 1912: Great general strike on. Wonderful crowds, shops all called over Tramways trouble. I received a letter from Mr. John A. Scott, Sandgate, containing cheque for $18-15-0, being balance of deposit money on property on Flinders Parade, Sandgate, after deducting his commission of $6-5-0. I drove in, called on Mrs. Knudsen, drove her to Mr. Crawford’s; arranged to meet at C.B. of S., Valley at 2.45p.m. Met as appointed with Messrs. Coffey, Crawford, Krupp & manager of bank; received cheque for $3,025 balance in full for Mrs. Knudsen’s Terrors Creek property; arranged to go in tomorrow, bank money at G.S.B, settle commission ec at Crawford’s office 1p.m.

Police and special constables in King Georges Square, 1912 Brisbane General Strike.

Feb 2 1912: I drove in & took Mrs. Knudsen’s cheque with me; called for Mrs. Knudsen, drove to G.S.B., met a mob of disturbers of the peace being dispersed by the police. Assisted Mrs. Knudsen to bank cheque for $3,025 & to draw $175 to settle commission & other money she required; met Mr. Crawford at his office. He came with us to Q.N. Bank where we cashed G.S.B. cheque for $175. Mr. Crawford counted money after I had counted it; gave me $52-10-0, my share of commission after keeping $10 I promised him, then he gave Mrs. Knudsen $50 and retained $52-10-0 for Mr. Coffey & the $10 that Mr. Coffey promised him. This finished the transaction.

Feb 8 1912: T. Cock went home at dinnertime, as he did not feel very well.

Feb 10 1912: Miss Willis called at our shop & left word that T. Cock had been taken to the hospital with abscess in his throat.

Feb 11 1912: Hector came into church just after me & said there had been a telephone message to say T. Cock was dying. Mr. Willis got his pony & we drove straight to hospital; we did not get in to see him (only at a distance). Rev. E. Brown got in while we were there. We got telephone message to say T. Cock died about 3p.m.

Feb 12 1912: T. Cock’s funeral left Kent Road, Wooloowin for Nundah Cemetery at 3.30p.m. I called on G. Bulling; he paid 52/6 for 3 weeks payment on property due 10th inst. and 8/- for paddocking due 1st inst.

Feb 15 1912: Willie McClintock (Jnr) came to see if I could let one of our blacksmiths work for his father till I advertised & got them a man & lad; A. Bunhill consented to go. W. McClintock & I went to town & I put an advert. in “Telegraph” apply L. Spencer, paid 1/- for 3 times.

Feb 16 1912: Mr. A. Bunhill went to Woombye with W. McC. this evening; Eddie drove them to Zillmere Station.

Feb 20 1912: I called on Phillip Frankel’s & got oils & lead that was ordered about 2 months ago and the bill was sent in to me dated Jan. 1st.

Feb 23 1912: Hughie & I went to Woombye this evening; stayed at cousin Thomas’s place tonight, found all well. W.M. King was in same train; said he would be pleased to see us at Woombye Methodist Church Sunday evening.

Feb 24 1912: Hughie & I went to uncle’s place this morning, found all well. We went & had a look through T. Smith’s farm, then went to Mr. Pringle’s place, had long chat with Mr. Pringle, stayed at uncle’s place tonight.

Feb 25 1912: Cousin Willie drove us over to see Clein & cousin Margaret Snr, found all well. Got back to cousin Thomas’s, had tea there with W.M. King. We went to service & heard W.M. King preach a good sermon. We stayed at cousin Thomas’s place all night.

Feb 26 1912: Cousin T. lent us 2 horses & Johnnie McC. rode with us to show us the way to F. Morrison’s; we got there about 10a.m. Mary Ann, Eliza & I rode up to Montville & had a good look around. Johnnie & I came away about 6p.m. & left Hughie up there. I stayed with cousin Thomas till about 10.45, then cousin Willie (Snr) drove me to uncle’s place with old Sandy & sulky. I stayed at uncle’s place all night.

Feb 27 1912: Cousin Willie lent me horse & sulky & Dickie and I drove to see cousin Barbara Hungerford and got back to uncle’s place about 1.45. Johnnie drove me to Woombye station, met Hughie at Palmwoods station, got to Northgate about 5.30p.m., walked home from there.

Feb 29 1912: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing. A.C. 2, myself 6, all swell.


Mar 4 1912: M.J. & I went to Mr. Krimmer’s (Snr) funeral, from J. Krimmer’s place to Lutwyche Cemetery. I attended a special Board Meeting at Humpybong Bridge on Sandgate Road; Eddie came with me. Mr. R. Flemming & Mr. C. Willis attended also. There were six members & overseer from Toombul Shire. Amount due to Eddie including $13 deficient wages from Sept. 24, 1910 till Sept. 23rd, 1911, full amount $23-13-3 after he deducted for feed ec.

Mar 5 1912: I owe Hughie $11-14-0 wages, wheels ec to date, after he deducted feed ec. I attended Kedron Shire Council Meeting.

Mar 6 1912: I put advt. in “Telegraph” for smith & lad for cousin Thomas; paid 1/- for 3 insertions.

Mar 7 1912: A. Cranston & I went to end of H. Wall fishing; A.C. 6, myself 10, good sized fish.

Mar 8 1912: I gave 20/- to M.J. for Eddie. Councillors Flemming, Packer, Wallen, Mr. Willis & myself inspected quarry at Stafford & work done, also quarry at Kedron. We decided to commence work at Kedron quarry with new road-making plant when it arrived.

Mar 9 1912: A. Bunhill came home for a trip; Eddie met him at Zillmere.

Mar 11 1912: Eddie drove A. Bunhill to Zillmere station.

Mar 13 1912: Mr. A. Cranston & Hughie went to H. Wall fishing; A.C. 20, Hughie 18.

Mar 15 1912: A. Cranston & I went fishing to H. Wall; A.C. 24, L. Herman 16, myself 27.

Mar 16 1912: A. Cranston, J. Hamilton, J. Waiper & I went to H. Wall fishing; A.C 19, J.H. 7, J.W. 2, myself 13. Mr. Bulling called & gave me 17/6 from E.J. Emery.

Mar 18 1912: Eddie & I brought old tip dray (G. Wright’s) from Pearson’s. Alex, Hector & I went to H. Wall fishing; Alex 3, Hector none, myself 12.

Mar 19 1912: I called on Mr. Arthur R.Webb, Land Agent, 14 Kent Building, Adelaide St., Brisbane & gave him particulars of the 20 acres which Mother lives on; price $550. I gave J. Rice cheque for $4-4-0 on Eddie’s a/c & Delevan Wilkes, to Queenie. I gave $2 to J.M. on Eddie’s a/c since Mar. 8th.

Mar 20 1912: Local Option Poll for North Ward Sandgate taken today & carried by one vote of a majority.

Mar 21 1912: A. Cranston & I went to H. Wall fishing; A.C. 9, myself 14, good fish.

Mar 22 1912: I paid Mr. A. Wylie 30/- for feed, excluding today’s chaff. A. Cranston & I drove to Nundah, searched for 3 allotments which John A. Scott referred me to look at; we could not find them. Went to Parker Island & H. Wall fishing; A.C. 18, myself 15, small fish, left about 9p.m.

Mar 23 1912: Got 5/- from Treasurer, Chermside Methodist Choir (Janie Hamilton) & gave it to W. Hamilton to give to Mr. Neech for printing tickets for Mr. Girler’s lecture in School of Arts next Wednesday evening.

Mar 25 1912: Lodge dues paid for Hughie 17/3, also Eddie 17/3, also 2/9 cash each.