The work is divided into eight chapters each one beginning at a significant date for the story of Chermside.

Chapter 1 deals with a very brief overview of the original inhabitants and their incredible lifestyle which lasted for some 40,000 or more years. Unfortunately, they left little in the way of permanent remains to examine and so this is the shortest chapter. However they did evolve a sustainable lifestyle, something that we, the present inhabitants are desperately trying to achieve.

Chapter 2 begins in 1824 when the first Europeans landed in the area to found a jail and ends in 1864 when the land surveys were done giving a paper title to individual blocks of land. This extinguished or erased or abrogated the native title of clan and tribal ownership of land; the notorious or noxious terra nullius.

Chapter 3 begins in 1865 when the bridge over the South Pine River at Bald Hills was opened and allowed wheeled transport direct access to the northern frontier. It closes in 1900 on the eve of Federation. This marks the end of the local phase in the story of Chermside and the beginning of the international phase. The slow transition from a Colony of Great Britain to a State of the new nation of Australia now begins.

Chapter 4 begins in 1901 with the nail-biting Federation referendum and ends with the close of the First World War that ushered in the modern world in an ocean of blood and a world wide Influenza pandemic which cost even more lives.

Chapter 5 begins in 1921 with the post war recovery and ends in 1945 with the unconditional surrender of Japan in the second round of the war that began in 1914.

Chapter 6 begins in 1946 with the post war building boom and the change of Chermside from a semi-rural settlement to a suburb of a growing city. It ends in 1969 which is sometime about the beginning of the age of information technology, a rather misty marker.

Chapter 7 begins in 1970 when the information technology age gathers pace with the computer starting to play a role in society, the start of the internet and big changes in communication. It ends in 1989, a rather arbitrary date, but it had to end somewhere.

Chapter 8 begins in 1990 when the Consumer Society began to ‘blossom’ with easy credit and easy debt accumulation by consumers and governments. The slogan ‘Shop till you drop” emerged and culminated in the global financial melt down of 2007-8. Meanwhile, Global Warming, a much more serious problem had been brewing for decades but only became prominent towards 2000.