Only January has been transcribed for the year of 1914. T.A. Hamilton continued building houses in Sandgate. Unlike in 1890, T.A. rarely commented on the weather in the years 1910 to 1914.


Jan 1 1914: Thursday. Mr. A.C.M. Campbell of Chermside was drowned at the mouth of the North Pine this evening when net fishing; swam to recover boat which had drifted away & got exhausted.

Jan 2 1914: I met Mr. G.C. & his family at Nundah railway station with his mare & spring dray about 8a.m.; helped him & Mrs. C. to pack their furniture into two rooms of their house, as he has let it for 5 years to Mr. A.W. Travis. They had dinner with us & I drove them to Nundah station about 4p.m. Lizzie Hamilton called & had dinner with us. Mr. Campbellís body recovered about 8a.m. today.

Jan 3 1914: I set & sharpened circular saw for J. & G. Lemke 2/6. Mr. A.C.M. Campbellís funeral took place this morning at 10.30a.m. to the Lutwyche Cemetery. There was hearse & 2 mourning coaches, 44 vehicles & 8 horsemen. M.J. & I drove in to see Mrs. Knudsen; no-one home.

Jan 5 1914: G.H. & I worked full day at A. Messengerís second house. I left at 3.30 & came home by Nundah; got timber at Attewell & Proctors. I took G.Cís two little hand carts & sewing machine to Sandgate. Mrs. Williams from Charters Towers came to see us today. M.J., Tillie & Fanny met her at boat & they came out by train & bus. M.J. & I drove her to the boat this evening about 10p.m. M.J. paid P. Maggs for hide leather he supplied to me for Joseph Wirth 27/-.

Jan 6 1914: I took timber, little cot ec to Sandgate for G.C. G.H. & I worked full day putting in stumps for Mr. Conradi Snrís new house. I attended Council meeting this evening.

Jan 7 1914: G.H. & I worked full day putting in stumps & cutting off for Mr. Cís house. I took 2 panel doors & piece R. pine about 9ft 24x1 to Sandgate for second house with Twinkle & Mrs. C. Snrís spring dray. I gave sister Charlotte a ride home from Janies place this evening. Attended choir practice in church.

Jan 8 1914: G.H. & I finished levelling & cutting off stumps for Mr. C. Snrís house about 11a.m.; worked remainder of day at Mr. Mís second house. G.C. full day at second house. I took from J. Hamiltonís for G.C. 12ft. 3x1 architraves & P. pine 6x1/4 1/12. Took hoe & pears to Janie from C.J. & piece architrave from Mr. Reed to Jack. Went to see Mother & Maggie this evening. Took grubber handle from Earlyís to G.H.