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This archive forms the History of the Historical Society. It is a running catalogue of the events, in chronological order, in which the members have participated. These moments can be recalled and used as guides for our future activities. We can repeat the activities which have been successful and avoid the failures or mistakes of the past.

The Beginnings

The first General Meeting of the Society was held in April 1998 and the first Newsletter of three pages was issued in October 1998. It consisted of a Report from the Management Committee, a news release about the proposed Chermside Historical Precinct, an interview with the Hannah family and mention of the speaker at the previous meeting.

Subsequent issues followed this format in a double or triple page issue with varying mastheadings. These early issues outlined the teething problems of the new Society, the use of various meeting rooms in the Library and later as the membership grew, in the Kedron-Wavell Services Club and the acquisition of the old Chermside State School's first building.

The pioneer editor was Adrian Turner one of the founding members of the Society. Adrian used his computer to produce the newsletter which was then photocopied at the local Councellor, Terry Hampson's office.

The current logo first appeared in mid 2001 using Adrian Turner's sketch of the Marchant Park Memorial Gates. In that year the newsletter became a bi-monthly issue.

The Society did not have a logo and it was a search for names that found one. There was almost a hundred names of local First World War soldiers missing from the Marchant Park Gates. The Society after a long search, mainly on the internt found the names. Then we realised how important the Memorial Gates were to the history of Chermside. We had found our logo which became our masthead.

Change of Editor

In May 2001 Adrian Turner finished as editor and Carol Cunningham took over till July 2003. The following newsletter was edited by Patrick O'Shea who introduced photos into the text and the format became a standard four pages and the heading had more information on it.

In the April-May issue 2005 a fifth page was added for the photos. This was further improved by digitally photocopying the photo sheet which gave much greater clarity to the images.

This masthead in modified form was in use by mid 2004. After the new Kittyhawk Drive was completed in 2006 our physical address changed from Early Street to Kittyhawk Drive.

Change of Masthead

The logo is now digitally developed and more formalised while the wording is more prominent. The new masthead was first used on the August-September 2009 issue which was about the 70th newsletter of the Society. This copy shown in the photo is a little later when I put the website URL on the banner.

This new masthead was simply an update of the old one. It was for the website and marked a new phase in the history of the CDHS with our excursion into a website.

It also marks a new phase in the format of the newsletter in that a full six pages are used. The photos are now included in the text rather than on a separate page. We are trialing the improved photocopier at the Ward office which can print photos better than in the past. This enables us to bypass the previous digitised photos printed on a separate sheet.

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